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Cutting Edge Kinah Making Guide Shows You The Top Secret Strategies You Can Legally Use And Generate Up To 17,000 Kinah an Hour Or More in Aion Online, Without Any Hacks or Cheats!

Never Wait Another Second to Get Your New Wings, Armor, or Upgrades. Millions of Kinah Are Yours for the Taking! 

From: Ryan Williams

Aion – now here’s a game that knows how to make you work. Hours every day poured into this game to get your level up to 50, and your Kinah stash up to a few million. Who has the time or the energy to get that kind of cash? It takes forever and it doesn’t get any easier with the hardcore players out there rubbing your face in how slow you’re going.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Williams and I’ve been playing this game since I first heard of it. Who wouldn’t? It’s got everything you could possibly want in an MMO. There’s just one problem. It’s FREAKING HARD! It takes forever to get anything done if you don’t do it just right and even then, you’d better not get in the way of the big, powerful legions who could buy and sell you a hundred times over.

That’s how I felt when the game first went live in September of 2009. I didn’t have a chance against these guys with their multi-million Kinah stashes and fancy big wings.

But, then I had an epiphany. Why did I need to be in the mud? I’m a smart guy. I can play with the best of them – there’s no reason I should stand by and watch the Kinah flow everywhere but to my Cube.


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So, I Started Digging

That’s when I started asking around. I checked out what the so-called gurus were buying, spying on their Private Stores, watching them farm, getting their craft lists from other players. I felt like an industrial spy sent in to steal the secrets to some great new machine.

And that’s exactly what I did. I took the notes out from under their nose and started putting together the biggest, best, most streamlined Kinah making process on the planet.

I’ve tested this strategy again and again, making sure every single step is dead on, that there is serious Kinah making potential in everything I do.

A few weeks later, I’m rolling in Kinah – so much of it I don’t know what to do with the extra. You could go and spend $500 on Kinah from a Gold Seller and I would still have more Kinah than you do, and plenty to spare. Players come to me for advice, beg me for a loan, try to follow me around (but I’m too smart for that now).

Why Keep it to Myself?

But, then I started thinking – why should I keep these strategies to myself? I worked my butt off to find the basics when I got started, but why should you have to do the same thing when I have everything outlined so perfectly. So, instead of keeping it all to myself I started drafting up a guide.

I had a perfect image in my mind – the ultimate Kinah guide. One that would showcase EXACTLY what you need to do to get rich in Aion without stumbling around aimlessly like the other noobs. And now my dream has come to fruition. The guide is done and I want to offer you the chance to get in on the ground floor of an opportunity that will turn into huge piles of Kinah for you.

"Introducing Aion Wealth..."

Aion Wealth takes everything I have learned in my months of playing this game and distills it all down to the most basic, easiest tasks you can perform right now in game to make huge profits for your efforts.

There are other guides out there that promise the same thing – that tell you they will get you to massive piles of cash in no time flat, but only Aion Wealth will actually show the exact blueprint a real Aion Guru has used to get there and then go above and beyond to build your Kinah stash.

Just to give an idea of the HUGE volume of information I’m including for you, here is a taste of what will come in your Aion Wealth guide:

Learn Every Gathering Material You’ll Need and Where to Find them For Both Races

Unlock the Secret Code to Making and Converting Enchantment and Mana Stones for HUGE Profits

Learn Exactly where to Grind for Everything You Need in Game

Every Profession Laid Bare so You Know EXACTLY which Professions to Choose and How to make Kinah with Them.

How to Make Huge Profits from Items that only LOOK Good.

Master the Trade Broker with Your Eyes Closed – Make Huge Profits with Any level 10 Character

Create the Ultimate Private Store to Boost Your Profit Potential Through the Roof

Where to Set Up Shop, When to Sell, and How to Buy Back for Big Profits

Much, Much More!...


That’s just getting you started. You’re never going to want or need for content again. When Aion gets updated, your guide gets updated. When I find a new Kinah making strategy, you will have a new Kinah making strategy. For the life of this guide, if I ever provide an update, you will get it completely free, delivered to your inbox. It’s as easy as that.

"Aion Wealth's Private Club"

"The Gurus Are MAD"

As if taking their secrets and using them for myself wasn’t bad enough, I’m really drawing the anger of the Aion Gods down on my head by offering this guide to you. Their secrets, which they worked long and hard to establish and keep hidden, are now on full display for anyone with a computer.

As you can imagine, I’m under a LOT of pressure to pull this thing off the market, or to disappear entirely. I’ve received angry emails and in-game attacks all aimed at keeping me from sharing this information with you. And I don’t plan on backing down anytime soon.

What Can a Guide with So Much Cost?

I knew you’d ask this question and I want to show you exactly how much it is worth before you even start to think about price.

A guide like Aion Wealth does so much more than just show you how to make some quick Kinah here and now. It changes how you think about Kinah so entirely that you will be able to continue making HUGE piles of the stuff in the future unaided.

Consider the alternative – those cash for Kinah gold seller sites that are always spamming you. For just 10 million Kinah, you would need to pay nearly $160 of your hard earned cash. And that Kinah is only going to last you for a couple of weeks.

Instead of throwing your hard earned real world cash down the toilet, you could learn how to make Kinah on your own, using the revolutionary strategies in Aion Wealth for only $37.

Here are what some of the other Aion Online players have to say about making Kinah using the Aion Wealth System:
The Most Jam Packed Aion Kinah Guide I've seen!
Ryan!, You lied to me!
There's more than just a few Kinah strategies in this guide =]

I have gained enough Kinah to literally own whatever I want in game, which is pretty insane! Well worth the money, it kicks @ss!

-Jack Petrucci
man this ebook is simply amazing.  way too cool. Thank you for giving me the strategies.

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Simple & effective Kinah guide.
"Before I first bought your product, I was a total newb at making kinah, but that changed once I read your Aion Wealth Kinah guide. "

"Simply breathtaking, I recommend this to all you is serious about Aion Online and want to take it to the next level."

-Dexter Edison
"HOLY S#!& !!!"
Dude this is the most DETAILED Aion guide EVER. After going through and apply these strategies & tricks, i've been able to earn more than 90,000 to 100,000 Kinah PER DAY! totally awesome! Thanks Ryan!

- Ruben (Level 35 Ranger)

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I would ONLY recommend this guide.
I've tried all of the Aion guides out there, and all of them are JUNK. After testing out your product, I honestly can say that I will recommend this guide to all my avid Aion Online gamers.

-Jess Tanner
From 12,451 Kinah to my first million in less than a week!
...had forgotten the URL to login and
see the guide. If you can send me the URL, i would be greatly appreciated.

PS : You have an AMAZING guide. I just hit level 22, and made my first million! A BIG Thanks


This is a very special price that I’m only offering for a very limited time. The pressure is strong right now but I can hold out, but the Aion Gurus are trying harder and harder to keep me silent so at any time I might need to raise this price back to $57 or possibly even remove it from the market completely.

If you don’t act fast, you could miss out on your one and only chance to have the ultimate Kinah guide at your disposal.

My Guarantee to You – 60 Days Risk Free

Worried about the guide you’re about to receive? Don’t. If you order the Aion Wealth Kinah guide today and do not get EXACTLY what you had in mind, I will refund your money any time in the next 60 days, no questions asked.

I don’t play games with your money. If you don’t like my guide, I don’t want your cash. It’s that simple.


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It’s Time to Act

The Aion Wealth Kinah guide is the only tool you’re only going to need to build your in-game currency empire. If you don’t act now, someone else will and it will be that much harder to build the Kinah stash you need to truly compete.

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Don’t waste another minute – order today and join the ranks of the ultimate Gurus once and for all.  

Best Gaming!

Ryan Williams
Ryan Willams

P.S. Get INSTANT access before we raise the price to $57! This guide focuses solely on making tons of Kinah using the most effective methods. Forget the filler & generic instructions, dominate the Kinah cartel with Aion Wealth today!

P.P.S. Never forget – I don’t want your money if you’re not happy. Order today completely risk free and if you’re not happy in the next 60 days, send the guide back and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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