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"A beginner's guide to meeting and establishing relationships with any KOREAN WOMAN you could want."

Dear reader

I welcome you to my website, but I must warn you:

Korean society does not want you to continue reading.

In fact, The Korean media is ruthlessly working on holding you back from websites like these: as they [will closely scrutinize websites which harm citizens of the Republic of Korea.](http://koreabeat.com/?p=5044)   If you're still seeking what you first came here for, read on...


My name is BlueMystery and I am a professional dating coach that has been helping men in Korea for two years. I'm also certified in NLP and do actively practice, have invested more than $5000 into my own education on the arts of dating women, have learned from famous PickupArtists such as 'Juggler' and 'Kid44'. I've traveled and picked up women in Japan and Hong Kong and have lived in Korea for more than two years.
Now I want you to sit back, and take a nice deep breath...we're going to play a game, but first...hear my three tales...

Once upon a time, there was a typical average guy named "Dan". He was your typical neighbor, friend, drinking buddy, and even confidante. Well, while Dan was quite eager and confident to confine to you about his love for Asian women, especially single women from Korea... he wouldn't confine to his reasons for being stressed, and anxious about things.

DID YOU KNOW? According to Wikipedia, Prolonged sexual inactivity leads to being stressed and anxious regularly....even agitated!

Read on....here's another story...

Then, there was a young man named Steve. Steve was a Canadian who, out of a sense of adventure and ambition, took the chance to come to live in the Land of the morning calm...Korea. With his high hopes of starting a new life in a new world and hearing about the beautiful Asian Ladies he was excited as he set out to talk to single women attract a Korean girlfriend, and maybe even a Korean wife. Sadly for Steve, after months and even years of searching...he's been left with no one to share his joy with, nor his passion for learning new things....he's been left....feeling lonely...again...and again.... can we get some empathy for Steve? Can you relate?

DID YOU KNOW? A physical absence of meaningful people around a person causes loneliness, depression and even.....suicide?

Finally, there was a middle-aged businessman named 'John' who has found himself happy and proud as he begins his regular business trips to and from Seoul, Korea. To his delight, he found himself amazed by the culture...but even more so...the women. He' was so fascinated by them, that he eventually dated, and married his dream Korean woman. However.....due to his lack of understanding of Korean culture, and even understanding her....this dream Korean woman .slowly...but surely..became part a living nightmare. Can we get some empathy for John? Can you relate?

DID YOU KNOW? Cultural differences are among the main reasons for divorce?

What do these three men, whom we've met in our daily lives, or if not in the mirror, have in common?

ANSWER: They don't know how to attract the Korean women they want yet!
Well now they have a solution.

After two years of talking to and forming relationships with Korean women, I've finally cracked the code to getting YOU in a relationship YOU want with Korean women. I've been through harsh rejections feeling frustrated, separations that left me feeling jealous, and months of work AND professional talking to and learning about Korean women and culture, feeling confused...so that YOU don't have to.

Let's be honest here. Getting the relationship we want with Korean women , let alone ATTRACTING them long enough to listen to our advances (and if you don't know how to make moves, don't worry. My e-book covers that for you to be able to meet ANY Korean woman and having a solid chance of getting more INTIMATE with her) is like getting out of the forest. It's hard work, and I'm HAPPY that it's hard work.

You see, anything of worth requires work, an open mind and patience. If you have those, then my help will take you FAR beyond what you've thought possible.

If you've been lost as to how to attract and meet Korean women, my e-book, "How to form relationships with Korean women" will be YOUR personal road map as you learn about:

What to say to a Korean women to get her attention WITHOUT even speaking her language. How to make sure you know the STEPS to take to SMOOTHLY advance the interaction Both Korean culture and how Korean women view foreigners The biggest myths that can HURT you and how to avoid them. How to get her phone number and set a date in less than 3 minutes! How to start a conversation with her that WORKS everytime! How to deal with the rejection that comes with talking to women. Know exactly what to say to set up dates that YOU want! Guaranteed! How to avoid the pitfalls of Korean culture so that YOU look sophisticated!
"I did pay special attention to your pages on logistics. I got the most out of that section."

Bachata, Japan

The e-book How to Date all the Korean Women you could ever want, a 80+ page e-book designed to help you to attract the Korean women you want that will not only help you deal with Korean culture and language barriers, but will also teach you how to set yourself up to attract the women YOU want, both physically and mentally. No joke. You'll learn truths you need to know both about women and Korea, then goes into a step-by-step plan that will IMMEDIATELY increase your chances of attracting the women you want BEFORE you even meet them. Then you will learn on how to meet them, as well as being able to set up a date that YOU control, but you'll also learn on where to take it from there.

This e-book, which has a value of $50 and took me both time AND money to educate myself, practice and then provide you with the information, will be yours for only $37.00.

You'll receive the e-book instantly via email as soon as the payment is completed. from [BlueMysteryPUA@gmail.com](mailto:BlueMysteryPUA@gmail.com). The book will be in a PDF file for your convenience. For you to be able read it, if you can't already, simply download "Adobe Reader free "at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html (for mac) or http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=windows&product=10 (for pc)

"Well, how do I know this book will help me?"

- I know it will. If you read it and still feel like you didn't get the value you were expecting, you WILL get your money back, guaranteed. Not only that, but for the next 60 days after buying the book, you'll have e-mail access to me and I WILL coach you and make sure that you're on the right track towards dating the women you want to be dating.


"well, why should I read what you have?"

I agree. As much as I would love to say that I'm skilled as a pickup artist, I have to have credentials in this. You can read what PROFESSIONAL and REPUTABLE Pickup Artists have to say about me

Like I said before, I'm also certified in NLP, have invested more than $5000 into my personal development, am the current leader and one of the founders of the relationships group in Korea called KoreaLair. I've been in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan and have lived and dated in Korea for more than two years.

"I don't know, 20 bucks is a lot of money"

- I agree. It can seem like a lot of money. That's the price of a good DVD, or even gas money. That being said, how much money will it save you? Instead of going out for one night to "get lucky", read this book and get confident. How much grief will it save you? Well, would you rather grief over not having any women? Or because you're calendar is filled with so many women that you don't have time for yourself? Or even better...how much happiness will it bring you? I can tell you one thing for sure, there's nothing like holding that special girl in your arms, knowing that she likes you for who you are and what you've made of yourself.
"Well, this book is only for Korean women. I like Japanese women. Can this book still help me?"

- Definitely. You see, women , especially single in every country are really the same: They are attracted to the Alpha male. What this book will do for you will share with you the mindset of the Alpha male AND familiarize you with Asian and Korean culture, so that you will be armed with BOTH tools that you need to have Korean girls dating YOU.

As additional bonuses, you'll also have a free e-book that focuses on Korean culture when meeting and dating Korean women, AND a basic Korean language e-book that will give you THE 100 most important words in Korean and that will give YOU the impression of being fluent in that language. You'll also get FREE access to me for 30 full days AND an e-book that will help you get started with meeting Korean women in Korea, Korea Town, and about anywhere!

All that for the mere price of a T-shirt!

"BM, I finally am getting around to reading the supplements to your Date Korean Women book, and I got to say that they are very informative. Well done and thanks!"



Get your own copy of "How To Get All The Korean Women You Ever Wanted" today!

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