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PARENTING TOOLS to design the family of your dreams! What does your dream family look like?

Celebrating 9
Years of Service to Parents Online!






Do you feel like a bad parent?
you have tried everything you know how to do with very little success?
aren't alone. Many of today's parents feel frustrated and helpless.
can find the answers you need now...all for less than you would pay for
dinner at a nice restaurant!
From the Office of
Ron Huxley, Marriage and Family Therapist
& Author of "Love
and Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting":
Dear Parent,
if you could change your families frustration into fun in just ONE DAY?
Would you want that?
I have spent years working with parents from every walk
of life collecting thousands of tools that you can use TODAY to regain control
of your family and start having fun again.
The exclusive
Parenting Membership specializes in giving modern-day
parents the right tools for the job and the know-how to do it!
The best part is that you
get over 3000 power parenting tools, tips, and support for the rest of
your families natural life with no renewal fees! You heard that right.
Pay once and use the ParentingToolbox for every parenting problem that
comes up today and tomorrow.
You could foolishly
go out to a fancy restaurant and pay $60, 70 or even 100 dollars (or
more) and forget about your families problems. Or you could start taking
advantage of our fully guaranteed Parenting Membership System now.

If you want
to join Exclusive ParentingToolbox Membership System and Be a Better
Parent Today, click here now!


"The Parenting
Toolbox is a great resource for parents who want to avoid the 'worst-case
scenario' with their kids." The Parenting Toolbox was a contributor to my new
"Worst-Case Scenario for Parents Handbook."  
- Joshua Piven,
Author of Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Series


 "Parents learn the SYSTEM of walking
in a new way!"
Parenting in today's society is different from when most parents grew up. The
rules have changed and the dangers to our children have increased. In
desperation, parents go to the "experts" for help and what do they tell them to
do? Put their child in time out! As Dr. Phil says: "How's that working for you?"
But don't blame the professionals.
They are products of society too. They grew up in the same system of parenting
as you did. The truth is that many don't know what to do different either.

What we all need as parents today
are the tools and the know-how walk in a new way and find new hope and
happiness. Sound too good to be true? It's not.
The system is simple and quick.
Work it and it works for you! Are you ready?

"Ron  Huxley has broken
new ground with his ever-expanding toolbox full of strategies,
information, and support for anger management and parenting issues. His
is a unique method of providing long-term, affordable support for families."

Michael Fenichel, Ph.D.

"Parents get HELP for life - for
a one life-time fee!"
Challenges will occur at different
times throughout the life of your family. As your child grows and changes, new
problems will come up. We want to be there, to help you, for each and every
>> Will your two-year old have the
same issues as your twelve year old? 
>> Are non-traditional families
exactly the same as a two-parent traditional family? 
>> Can you predict what tomorrow
will be like or ensure that your family will not encounter some serious problem
in the future?
The ANSWER is no. That is why we
are here for you! You don't have to have all the answers for every situation,
for every problem that has or will come up. WE DO IT FOR YOU.

Think of us as your On-Going
insurance policy for parenting!
Best thing about that is you
also pay ONLY one life-time fee.
Never renew. Never renew. Never
renew. You get it right?
Take out your "PARENTING

"I've been subscribing to Parenting
Toolbox for some time now.  I value the articles and
advice...they are life changing - - both for me and my girls."

A warm thank
you from a loving (but weary) mom.


"NonTraditional Parents finally find
Modern parents come in all
shapes and sizes. The nontraditional family of yesterday is the traditional
family of today.

Who can benefit from this
online membership?

Traditional Two Parent

Divorced or Separated Families

Single Parent Families

Step Parents Families
(including ex's!)

Foster Home Families

Adoptive Parent Families

Grand-Parenting Again Families

and all types of
nontraditional homes...

Today's parent looks quite
different and requires specialized knowledge and experience to help them have
the family they deserve. Do you deserve a happy family?

Take a peek at just a few
of the specialized tools for Nontraditional Parents:

NEW: Summer Time Strategies for Custodial Parents!


Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Becoming Your Child's
Emotional Tutor
High Heat,
the Assessment and then Court

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