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Don't pay a lawyer, keep 100% of your settlement!

Stop the Insurance Company From Making Ridicule Low-Ball Offers!

Dear Injured Consumer,

WOW - Over delivered!

The adjuster was stuttering when I applied the techniques taught here.

The offer to settle my claim went from $1,200 to $5,600 almost overnight! Buy it! You have nothing to lose.

Lara Wear
La Mirada, CA

Read It Over a Weekend

Friday at 3:00 PM the adjuster called me to discuss settlement of my injury claim.

I was at work, so I had to wait until Monday to discuss how much I would receive for my pain and suffering. It had been a long and drawn out process and the "best" offer was $750.

I felt that we were not even close of what I would considered would be fair for my injuries. I bought Settle Your Own Injury Claim and read it over a weekend.

On Monday, I was fired up! I was able to question the adjuster on the spot. He did not what to say. Suddenly, the "best" offer was now $2,000! I ended up settling my claim for $18,500.

Karen Connerley
Topeka, KS

Knowledge is Power

I was hit by a drunk driver. I was trying to make money out of this situation. I simply wanted to be properly compensated.

The adjuster was so offensive and aggressive that I almost settle for less than $2,000. After reading Hector's book and following his tips, I ended up settling my injury claim for $48,000.

I can honestly tell you that this was one of the best investments of my life!

Bruce Tyndell
Austin, TX

Only Asking for What It's Fair

A lady plowed into my truck, giving me a lower back and neck injury.

I use my truck for work (I am contractor), so I knew that I would missed out in several work assignments. The insurance company did not want to pay me for my lost income.

They kept asking for paper work. There was always some kind of snag on the process and I never got any money. After reading this book, I learned how insurance companies operate.

I wrote couple of letters to the right individuals and demanded payment for my injury and lost wages. I settled both to my satisfaction! Thank you.

Marc Levesque
Big Falls, MI

I Was Offended by the Adjuster's Offer!

My car was totaled. The air bags deployed. I was taken by ambulance and had follow up care for about 11 weeks.

First Offer = $250. Two hundred and fifty bucks because according to the adjuster I was not employed.

I Bought the book and settled the claim myself for $13,750 plus all my medical bills!

Katherine Stoque
Salt Lake City, UT

I Did Need A Lawyer!

I read the materials. I tried to settle the claim myself but the adjuster's best offer was simply not acceptable.

I read what Mr. Quiroga had to say about how to hire and negotiate attorney's fees.

This information saved me thousands in legal fees.

Not only was I able to successfully reduce my legal fees and cost, but I knew a lot about injury claims, which came handy in litigation.

After a jury trial, I compared what my fees would have been if I did not use Mr. Quiroga's tips.

The difference was a whooping $125,890.73 in attorney's cost alone. Not to mention the deductions on interest and other associated expenses.

Well worth the investment.

Erica Pederson
Spring Valley, NV

50 Bucks for My Injury?

I would probably have settled for $500, but when the adjuster offered me $50 buck to settle my lower back injury, I knew I had to fight.

No lawyer would listen to me because my accident was considered a low speed impact, so there was no money in it for them.

I decided to buy this information and I settled my claim for $1,750.

Dustin Haspe
Seattle, WA

Tried to Jack Up My Rates!

15 minutes after buying the book, I followed the steps to ensure my insurance company would not raise my payments because of an accident that was not my fault.

Sure enough!

They tried to do it but I had printed the evidence how this book outlined.

They had to lower them back to where they were supposed to be.

This means that this book and information saves me money every single month, for years to come!

Charles Zelenski
Portland, OR

You were involved in a car accident and now you have to fix your car, get a rental, lose time from work, and deal with medical providers, all on your own!

Simply put: this is very unfair - We can help!

The person that hit you did not have any real consequences... you have to deal with an adjuster and hope that they treat you right!

Here’s the story…

Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Consumers Like You

      They know that if you want to get legal representation, a lawyer will take anywhere from 30 to 50% of your settlement!

In fact, if your case goes to trial, they will take at least 60% to account for "legal cost"! 

You would end up with less money than your attorney!

But, insurance companies know that if you are not represented, you will likely settle for SUBSTANTIALLY less than you are ENTITLED TO.

They know that you do not know your legal rights and thus cannot stand up for them.  

This would be true if you did not have access to specific information regarding how to settle your own injury claim!

With this information, you can ask for all the damages you are entitled and substantially increase your settlement award!  

Most Unrepresented Parties Do Not Know That They Are Entitled to Future Pain And Suffering.

This tip alone will cover the cost of these materilas, many times over.

Stop being trampled by the insurance company. Defend and protect your rights!

Learn how I, an attorney, and all the lawyers in my firm settle injury claims and keep the entire settlement award. No need to share it with anyone else.

You will have the tools you will need to start and finish the settlement process without a lawyer. You will learn what to ask for, what documents you will need, and how to get them!

Hit the Adjuster With More Knowledge Than They Though You Had!  


This is not a 50-page eBook with general information about injury claims. This is a 225-page eBook with an in-depth analysis on how personal injury claims work and how they are settled.

You will learn how to calculate your own pain and suffering, how to negotiate a fair settlement, and how to avoid the traps insurance adjusters will lay for you.

Get thousands more for your pain and suffering by simply following the proper steps to document your claim!  

Stop arguing with the adjuster over facts. Document your claim and there will not be a dispute! Your case will settle because you have the proper evidence to back up your demands.  

Get an insider view of the process and establish what you are rightfully owed. Don't take a penny less!

Think about it, insurance adjusters handle thousands of claims per year. This is probably your first insurance negotiation. You will be at a substantial disadvantage if you do not learn and put these techniques into practice.

Insurance companies will use dirty strategies to get you to settle for substantially less than you should.

They will cut your rental car short, they will prolong the negotiation process so you get desperate and settle, and they will let some of your bills go unpaid so collectors call you. These are among the few illegal strategies they will use to get you to settle.

In fact, some adjusters will call your boss and ask very intrusive questions so the accident looks like it is your fault!

Not only that, adjusters will try to get a recorded statement from you the day of the accident (or as close to the day of the accident as possible). They will use this against you later on to dispute later claims. You have an absolute right to decline taking this recorded statement!

These materials will teach you how to decline unresonable adjuster's requests, but will empower you with the proper arguments to move the claim forward!

Here is the table of contents of Settle Your Own Injury Claim for your review


But Why Should You Believe Me?

Because I have been involved with injury claims for more than 15 years!

Not only as an attorney, but also as an adjuster, investigator, mediator, arbitrator, paralegal, legal clerk for a federal judge and even as an injured party myself.

I have been in every single aspect of a claim. I have investigated, decided, and settle fault in thousands of claims. I have arbitrated claims as an injury adjuster against other insurance companies.

I have coached hundreds of people in their Small Claims Court arguments. I have trained several people like you (paralegals) to collect evidence and to settle claims against insurance companies.

As an injury adjuster, I had settlement authority up to $90,000. I dealt with thousands of casualty claims and hundreds of fatalities.

However, before I was promoted as an injury adjuster, I was an adjuster for the liability, property damage, and total loss unit. I investigated coverage, fault, property damage, coverage disputes, and total loss. I have seen thousands of different scenarios and I understand how insurance companies work from the inside.

All insurance companies secrets are revealed here with only one aim: to increase your settlement to the maximun amount possible without having to hire an attorney!

As an attorney, I have identified the most common arguments adjusters use against unrepresented parties and turn them around against the insurance company! This only means that you will be able to get more money for your settlement.

[To order, please click here.](http://1.autoclaim.pay.clickbank.net/)

With this information you will ...

• Know how to present the facts and be empowered!

• Successfully defeat the insurance adjuster "best final offer."

• Learn proven techniques to out negotiate the most season adjusters.

• And a lot more...

[Buy Now](http://1.autoclaim.pay.clickbank.net)
You not only get Settle Your Own Injury Claim, you also get ALL the FREE Bonuses below!

You will have more than 15 years of experience at your finger tips!

You will be able to talk to the insurance company with all the information and forms that benefit you! Not them.

In addition, you will have every single form you could possibly need. Including the Settlement Demand Letter that I use with incredibly results!

If you order today, you will also get:

 How to Write a Settlement Demand Letter
Get Results Like a Pro!

This is a complete guide to how you must approach letter of demand! If you are not even thinking about writing a good and persuasive letter, you will be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

As an adjuster and learned what letters resulted in higher awards and which ones would actually decreased settlements. I am giving you everything I use as an attorney to settle top dollar injury claims!

If you get my ebook, you will learn the following:

• What format to follow

• When to prepare your settlement demand letter

• How to ask top dollar for pain and suffering

• How to ask for compensation for unpaid medical bills

• What NOT to say or write about! Some statemenmts will devalue your claim.

• How to defeat insurance and adjuster's defenses even before they are made against you

• What documentation you must include with your letter

• What evidence you should highlight so your settlement is increased

• What the adjuster will be looking for so you can provide it and smooth the negotiation process

•When and how you should deliver the letter

• What to do subsequent this letter to get to a better settlement!

•  Plus much, MUCH MORE!

This just scratches the surface of what I've put into this book.

The real question is: how much is it worth for you to know everything about bedwetting that you've always wanted to know?

With your order today, you will also get:

The Claim Briefcase
All the Forms I use to settle claims


You will access to every single letter, worksheet, formula, and other documents so you can use them settling your claim on your own.

However, not only you will have access to the documents I use as a lawyer, but the also to the documents I used as an adjuster to evaluate claims like yours!

You will have an insider adventage as you will be able to see how an adjuster ads (and substract) value to your claim!

What is included in The Claim Briefcase? Here you go:
Letter / Form MS
Word Adobe Reader 1
Adjuster Evaluation of Injury Claim

Adjuster Pain and Suffering Formula 

After the Accident until Settlement Checklist

Agreement and Release

Authorization to Release Records

Car Accident Checklist

Contingent Fee Agreement

Counter Offer

Fault Analysis Worksheet - DBCD

Hold Harmless Agreement

Independent Medical Examination (IEM) Objection

Injury Claim Records Dates and Descriptions


Personal Injury Claim Checklist

Jury Questions

Lawsuit Checklist

Letter of Denial - Non Payment of Premium

Letter of Denial - Non Permissive Use

Medical Report Request to Doctor

Medical Request Letter to Medical Providers

Medical Treatment Worksheet

Non Special Damages Summary

Notice of Claim to Liability Carrier

Notice of Claim to PIP Carrier

Notice of Claim to Responsible Party

Offer to Insurance Company

Order for Discovery

Overview of Entire Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim Checklist

PIP Record Correction Letter

Police Report Request

Release of Any and All Claims

Request for Production of Documents

Sample Demand Letter

Settlement Demand Checklist

Settlement Negotiations Summary

Setup Checklist

Summons and Complaint

Total Special Damages Summary

Wage Disclosure Form

Updated Medical Records and Bills Request

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