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Is your relationship and your life in pieces?  Alone and in despair?  Unsure which way to turn?

Discover The Proven Steps I Took To Get My Soulmate Back.  You Can Too!  Follow My Step By Step Plan And Get Your Partner And Life Back On Track.

It's likely your confidence is at an all time low.  I'll help fix you.  Then you will be in a stronger position to fix your relationship.

Did This Happen To You?

Have you come home from work with a letter waiting for you from your partner, telling you they couldn't stand the endless bickering, arguments and put downs, and so have moved out? Or, like me, get a heart-stopping phone call from your partner telling you they are with someone else and they hang up? You discover an email on your computer where your partner is professing endless love to your bestfriend? Your partner has joined a social network site, reconnecting with an old flame and, against all reason, they decide to walk away from your present loving relationship, leaving you devastated?

Do you have some of these
Break Up Symptoms?

You are distraught and alone? Friends have stopped returning your calls, leaving you feeling isolated? Agonising over what your partner is up to? Pleading with your partner to come back? Can't eat, can't sleep, can't function properly? Beating yourself up and thinking that it's all your fault? There is no one you can turn to?

Take my hand and follow the steps I took to win back my partner, soulmate and life!

Hi, I'm Raymond Bork

I too have experienced what you are going through and my heart goes out to you.  For me it was the worst experience of my life.

I thought I was in a happy, stable relationship with my wife of 10 years, when she left me for someone else!

Back then, I was a part-time songwriter/producer, writing songs about relationship problems, falling in and out of love, break ups, etc.  The usual 'pop' song formula stuff.  I would never have believed that my words would prove to be so prophetic, as when my partner walked out on me.

My songs didn't usually have a happy ending, but what happened next in my life certainly did!
Maybe you would like to join me and discover how you can get your partner rushing back to a more wiser, stronger, confident you!

Raymond Bork

From the opening pages of 'Fix Your Relationship' I will put you at ease.  You will quickly realise I really have felt your pain and we will go through this together.


I show you how to fix yourself before you can even think of getting your ex back - essential for improving self esteem and confidence

Run through my 7 Foundation Blocks - plus one not-so-secret ingredient.  It's a blueprint for a happy, lasting relationship

I'll show you how to build a 'Tension Free Zone' when you need to initially communicate with your ex.  This should help keep those 'Anger Gremlins' in check and your blood pressure low!

I will show you simple techniques to refresh you, clear your mind and so aid restful sleep

The 'Instant Mood Enhancer' - so simple, so effective, it worked on me - it should work for you - enabling you to feel so much better

What to eat to lift the spirits and nourish the body

They think they are helping you, but find out why it's sometimes best not to seek the advice of family and friends!

Work on the 12 Point Action Plan and soon you will be relieved and delighted to have your partner back in your life

If you're stressed or depressed, you may not feel much like eating a meal.  So grab some cereal bars, they can contain vitamins and iron, and are a source of fibre.

Try a mix of fruit, like apples, oranges and grapes.  These will contain dietary fibre and a range of vitamins, including A and C.

Indulge in a small bar of chocolate to help lift your mood.  Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases endorphins in the brain to make you feel good!

Testimonial 1 How Moved I Was Reading Your Personal Experiences!
Hi Ray

I've just finished reading 'Fix Your Relationship' and I felt compelled to write how moved I was reading your personal experiences.  Along with the related facts and advice, helped it all sink in so much more.

In one way, I wish I'd had this information years ago.  The pain it could have saved me from!

There are times when armed with the knowledge you share, I could have taken so many short cuts to the actions I've taken and they would, I'm sure, have saved a lot of unnecessary heartache!

Frankly, I would recommend your book not only to people going through a difficult time, and in need of help, but also to those who are happy and content, but want to ensure things remain that way.

Thanks to both you and Diane for sharing this.

Randy Smith

Testimonial 2 It Will Help You To Heal In the Most Incredible Way!

If ever there was a book that everyone simply must read then this is it!  Ray has brought together all of his painful experience and shared it openly in order to help others to heal.

I believe everyone, whether you are in a relationship or not, should read this book because you will learn from it.  It will help you to heal in the most incredible way if you have had a relationship breakdown, but it will also teach you things to look out for in the time leading up to a relationship breakdown.

We can, and should, all be prepared to learn something amazing from this insightful book.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us Ray.

Mandy Allen

Testimonial 3 Everyone Should Have This Book In Their Library!

What a wonderful, timely book 'Fix Your Relationship' is.  Chock full of hurtful situations and how to repair them.  Life is full of pitfalls that everyone goes through.  So in reality this book would always be timely.

With the state of the economy as it stands, there will be an increase in breakups.  It's a perfect time for this book to be published.

This is a must read book for every family and everyone should have this book in their library.

Great job Ray

Jay Mueller

Testimonial 4 Very Powerful Stuff!

Hi Ray

Just read your eBook right through, very powerful stuff!  You are a man who can truly learn self development, and knows when to listen, and that makes you a very compelling teacher.

Your writing style is honest, open and no preaching.  I can't believe how much of yourself you have put into this eBook.  I really like the way it is laid out, with a mix of expert findings and theories, it is very powerful.

I would not hesitate to recommend this eBook to any of my friends.

Susan Owen Thursfield

Check This Out!

Here's an opportunity not to be passed up!  Receive my 6 part mini course on the reasons why some relationships fail. What don't you check it out by entering your name and email address below.

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And There's More!

Check out the audio by my partner, Diane.  At over 13 minutes long, she gives a no holds barred summary of her reasons for having an affair!

Find out why social network sites should carry a government health warning!

Why you should forgive, even when it is the ex who is wrong!

I interview a charming couple who have been happily married for 50 years, discover how they did it.

The actual, straight from the heart, letter I wrote to convince my partner to return to me.

An audio track of one of the songs I wrote and produced.  It's an essential jigsaw piece to my story.

A mathematical formula that can evaluate if your relationship is heading for trouble!


Indifference - A Relationship Killer

You have noticed it creep up on you over time, your partner's growing indifference.  They don't care how you look and are uninterested in your opinions.  Communication is fractured and physical contact ceased a long time ago.  Your pain is bottled up inside and you feel total frustration.

Hopefully, it isn't too late to save your relationship.

Try changing your home life routine.  Do it subtly and in stages, for example, change your appearance, show interest in your partner's interests and hobbies.  If you and your partner never go out together, suggest dinner or a film they might be interested in seeing.  You have to introduce something that triggers pleasure for your partner.

Indifference = Boredom!

Involve your partner, share with them and keep on communicating.  Remember the early days, when you were getting to know each other, and take action to save your relationship.

Testimonial 5 This Is A Must Read!
Hi Ray

'Fix Your Relationship' is one of the best eBooks I have ever read.  It's target audience is for people who have been unfortunate to have ended a relationship.  But, this book is perfect for every couple, irrespective of age, gender or time together.  There is something here for everyone.

Raymond wears his heart on his sleeve when he shares his personal experiences with you.  It's hard not to be sucked into the whole situation and I found myself hoping for a happy ending.

This is a must read!

Steve King

Testimonial 6 A Wonderfully Warm And Intuitive Self Help Guide!

Ray's 'Fix Your Relationship' is an absolute 'Must read' for anybody suffering relationship problems.  He uses his own experiences to help you understand and heal the rifts in your own personal life.

This is not some dry text book, but a wonderfully warm and intuitive self help guide.  Well done Ray for having the personal courage to put FYR together.

This book will really make a difference.

Stuart Turnbull
stuart-turnbull.com Testimonial 7 Recommend To Anyone In A Relationship!

Ray has written a very moving account of the breakdown of his marriage and the journey undertaken by both him and his wife to rebuild their relationship.

This is a very readable book, with the author moving seamlessly between his story and practical advice on how to deal with the afternath of a break up.

Ray presents, thought provoking advice, on many relationship issues in an open and friendly fashion.

Although this topic is a rather heavy and serious one, the book is interspersed with personal anecdotes, music and even recipes, so it does not make for difficult reading.

It is a book I can recommend to anyone in a relationship and not just a break up situation.

Ann O'Leary

And There's Even More!

If you act now I'll add some fast mover bonuses!  

I Believe In Me - Raising Self Esteem

There are many reasons why we can lose our feelings of self worth, that inner confidence that gets us through our day-to-day life.  Believe me, everybody has experienced it sometime in their life.

This report provides a lot of information that will help you think and, hopefully, act on.  To help raise your self esteem and make life worth living again!

Value $27, yours FREE!

Marriage Saver Strategies

Inside this eBook you will find some very useful tips and advice that will help guide you to taking the steps needed to address problems that are jeopardising your relationship with your partner.

Sometimes, you just can't see that there is a problem until it's too late!

Reading this eBook will help focus your mind on saving your relationship, after all its your happiness, life and everything.

Value $37, yours FREE!

I want you to be totally confident about investing your hard-earned cash in my eBook 'Fix Your Relationship'.  So you're going to get my 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

There is no risk on your part, all the risk is on me!

If you don't feel I have helped you to raise your deflated spirits and lift your confidence and if I haven't inspired you to take action to get your loved one back with you, then I will return your money, no questions asked.

Raymond Bork

And One Final Word From Me!


Yes, Raymond

I want the total experience that 'Fix Your Relationship' provides.  Which includes an audio file where your partner gives her own uncensored views on where it all went wrong.

You include 2 bonus books worth $64, absolutely FREE!

You also include an audio of one your own, original songs!

There's also your '12 Point Blueprint' on the exact steps to take  to get my loved one back with me, and so much more besides.

Yes, I understand that you even encourage me to stay in touch long after I have successfully followed your advice in 'Fix Your Relationship'.  I value the fact that you'll be there when I need you!

You've made it a very easy decision and I know I've nothing to lose with your 100%, iron-clad, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee and I'm ready to invest in
'Fix Your Relationship'

Yes, I want the total experience that is 'Fix Your Relationship'.  This could easily sell for $97 (and it would be worth it) you are letting me download it for a value-packed

Please have your credit card handy, so when you click the orange 'Order Now' Button, you will find yourself on the secure payment page.  Enter your details, and in a few moments you will download 'Fix Your Relationship' onto your computer, after payment.


Access is instant, 24/7!

The eBook is PDF Format and so you will need free Adobe Reader v9 to play back audio and video.  It's easy, there's a link in my eBook.

PS      You get my proven 12 Point Plan.  The exact steps to get your ex back with you.

PPS    You also get my commitment.  I'll be there for you if you need me.

PPPS  Don't forget, you get my 100% money back guarantee.




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