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eBay Affiliate Plugin for Wordpress



WP EASYBAY™ is a Wordpress plugin for affiliates of the eBay
affiliate Network (ePN) enabling web publishers and bloggers to
quickly and easily add rich eBay auction listings to Wordpress powered
web site sites in a matter of minutes. Create high quality SEO
friendly eBay affiliate blogs for your niche market and begin building
a monthly affiliate income.


* A Wordpress powered web site
* PHP 5 (standard on most modern web hosts)
* Wordpress version 2.8 or greater
* an

It's truly built for simplicity which means that you can have it up
and running in just a matter of minutes without any programming
knowledge what so ever. If you know how to write a post/page in
Wordpress you will be able to add rich eBay auction listings in a
couple of seconds! It's that easy!


The easiest way to add auctions to your blog posts and pages is to
just add the easy easybay tag in either HTML or Visual Editor modes
like this:

Use more keywords for more specific results like this:

Add negative keywords to remove auction results you might not want
for better results. In this scenario be careful to make sure there is
NO space between the dash - keyword (doing so will eliminate all
keywords and bring back no auction results):


Once the plugin is installed you can enter default options for
simple keyword tags to use such as:

* TRACKING PROVIDER: choose from Be Free, Affilinet, TradeDoubler,
MediaPlex, DoubleClick, Allyes, BJMT, or eBay Partner Network
* AFFILIATE ID: enter your affiliate or campaign ID number
* EBAY SITE: choose from 16 countries
* SELLERID: include and/or exclude sellerid's to list your own or a
specific seller's eBay auctions
* BID COUNT: minimum and/or maximum bid count to filter auctions by
* ITEMS LOCATED IN COUNTRY: choose which country for items to be
located in by default
* ITEMS AVAILABLE IN COUNTRY: limit auctions to those available in
a particular country
* POSTAL CODE: limit auctions to a particular postal code (only
works with Max Distance)
* MAX DISTANCE: only show auctions with xx miles or kilometers of a
postal code
* NUMBER OF ROWS: number of auction rows to show by default
* COLUMN OR ROW DISPLAY: display auctions in columns, rows (or
* IMAGE ONLY: only show auctions with images
* SHOW BUY IT NOW: shows buy it now links when available
* DATE FORMAT: choose up to 5 date formats when displaying auctions
* LOCALIZATION OPTIONS: Translate the words "Bid", "Bids", "End
Time", and "Buy It Now" to your language if necessary
* ADVANCED PROGRAMMING OPTIONS: any parameter can be passed to
EASYBAY tags using POST or GET allowing you to setup specific advanced
search forms where visitors can enter their own specific search
parameter(s) (such as zip code or bid amount). See below for live


WP EASYBAY™ has more features than any other eBay affiliate plugin
for Wordpress on the market - but WE'RE NOT STOPPING HERE!! Remember
WP EASYBAY™ has FREE Premier Upgrades - so in the near future you
will be getting:

* a visual editor button to automatically add the WP EASYBAY™ tag
to posts and pages
* GeoIP targeting
* Ability to restrict by by eBay category
* Ability to create groups of pages from categories and
sub-categories to create niche stores

Also - in the very near future we will be releasing plugins to
complement WP EASYBAY™ for other niche based API's, such as Amazon,
Clickbank, Overstock, YouTube, flickr, Shopping.com, etc.



In the EasyBay plugin options screen you can set many default
values. But what sets WP EASYBAY™ apart from other eBay affiliate
plugins is the ability to override or add additional parameters within
a blog post or page for laser specific results!! In other words, the
settings you initially create in your plugin admin options will apply
to all eBay auctions added to posts and pages, BUT - you can override
them at any time by using additional parameters in the WP EASYBAY™
tag. Imagine the ability to create separate posts or pages with
auctions of different amount, different bids, column and row layout on
the same page, or restrict by zip code or country?

Here's an example of a tag showing 10 auctions with a minimum price
of $50, in column layout, restricted only to items for sale in the zip
code 90210:

You can add as many parameters as you would like by adding a colon
followed by the parameter = value (and then another colon) as in the
last example.

Here are the different parameters you may use within EASYBAY tags
after keywords (int stands for "integer" or number):
* layout: int (0 (zero) for rows auction layout and 1 (one) for
* rows: int (number of rows in auction list, this parameter will
override the parameter "Number of rows" in the admin page)
* siteid: int (eBay site ID where to get auction entries from). You
can get a list of siteid's here: http://tinyurl.com/5q77gw
* sellerid: int (only list auction entries from this eBay seller ID)
* excludesellerid: int (exclude auction entries from this eBay
seller ID)
* bidcountmin: int (minimum number of bids)
* bidcountmax: int (maximum number of bids)
* itemslocatedin: string (country ISO2 code), US - United States of
America, SE - Sweden, you can find a list of values here:
* itemsavailableto: string (country ISO2 code), US - United States
of America, SE - Sweden, you can find a list of values here:
* postalcode: string (note this value DOES NOT work without
* obfuscateurl: true or false (whether or not to mask URL's and hide
rover links)
* minprice: int/float (note: no currency symbol)
* maxprice: int/float (note: no currency symbol)
* showbidcount: true or false
* dateformat: 1-5 (matching the date format list in the admin page)
* showgalleryonly: true or false

You can even change the localization in the admin settings page OR
on a page or post basis. This is great if you have sections of your
site that are multi-country or multi-lingual. Use the following

* strbids: string
* strbid: string
* strendtime: string
* strbuyitnow: string

Last but NOT least - you can change the tracking provider in
addition to tracking tag in any individual page or post per tag. This
allows you to have a section of a Wordpress site tracking auctions
through eBay Partner Network, and another section tracking through
AffiliNet or BeFree, or any one of the 8 available tracking providers.

**BONUS** - Display Your Auctions in a sidebar widget (see our


One of the features listed above is WP EASYBAY™'s "Advanced
Programming" feature. It's hard to describe what kind of POWER and
FLEXIBILITY this gives you - so what's better than showing you a live
example! We have already showed how you can add "advanced parameters"
to the WP EASYBAY™ tag in a Worpress post or page to override the
plugins default settings for just about anything.

What the "Advanced Programming" feature actually does is allow you
to "pass variables" from a form INTO THE TAG, and allow users to
modify or refine the actual auction results on your pages and posts.
Like this live example we've built:

You can actually as well, if you like. The exact code used for that
example page is contained within the howto.txt file when you purchase
WP EASYBAY. You can customize it to your liking to create any kind of
form for auctions.

Imagine the kind of flexibility this provides! Create a drop down so
users can switch countries, enter zip codes, bid amounts, buy it now
auctions, or any advanced parameter! Create a musician's site allowing
people to find instruments close to their home to save on shipping.
Create a site for restaurant or industrial equipment. Allow people to
find auctions with no bids, or only things in their country with no
image. The possibilities are endless!


* You have an
* You are using Wordpress 2.8+
* You have a webhosting account with PHP 5.x+


*DISCLAIMER: This site and the products and services offered on this
site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by eBay
and WordPress, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by eBay
or WordPress.

"ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware
corporation. WP-EASYBAY.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in
any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any WP-EASYBAY.com
product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of
any of the statements made by WP-EASYBAY.com in the materials on this
Web page."

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