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What Every
Business Owner
Needs To Know!&copy

You need this book if you want to be
Starting a new business! Improving or expanding an existing business! Securing your position in a company!

Learn to become INDEPENDENT!
You can not depend on a government! You can not depend on large corporations! You can not depend on working for others! You CAN develop a business of your own! You CAN build a business by working with others! You CAN be more flexible for changing times! You CAN by joining others around the world who
have learned to become self-sufficient!

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know is of great value for individuals and small businesses to become successful. It features general business information and techniques for anyone to become proficient in marketing, sales and business development. The principals within this book also apply to Internet based businesses. This is a must for anyone who is planning their own business or working with others!

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The founder of Affiliated Marketing Group, Inc first started in 1958 with marketing and direct sales. His experiences have followed many types of marketing and sales businesses through the years. His accomplishments have been involved with business ownership, consulting, marketing, sales training and management.

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