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Looking For A Proven System To Make Consistent Stock Market Gains?

Welcome To All About Trends
We Trade What We See, Not What We Hear, Think or Fear

[Free newsletter ](freenewsletter.html)reveals how to make [significant short-term gains](performance.html) in stocks.  [Sign up today](freenewsletter.html)!

“After being in the markets for 12 years, I can see how valuable your knowledge, info and trading style is…just seems like a winning combination.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.  Your work is greatly appreciated,” Jay – Salt Lake City, Utah

In today’s market, there are only three things you need to know:
[Uptrends](uptrends.html) and how to trade them [Downtrends](downtrends.html) and how to trade them [Changes In Trends](changesintrends.html) and how to identify them.
And to achieve success you need a plan and you need to trade your plan.
Want a plan for buying/selling stocks based on trends and changes in trends? Want a current watch list of stocks poised to potentially deliver significant short-term gains? Want to be notified when a new trade triggers and when we are locking in profits?

Just sign up for our [free newsletter](freenewsletter.html).

If you like what you see, become a [paying subscriber](subscribe.html) to get our current watch list and trade trigger alerts.

“Your newsletter is a godsend.  I took your free trial and then two weeks ago subscribed.  Your entries and exits are right on.  I am up substantially in my account.  Keep up the good work,”
Florence – Greenfield, Wisconsin

Our subscribers have their buy lists ready, do you?

[Paid Subscribers](subscribe.html) Receive:
Weekly newsletter of set-ups BEFORE they trigger ([view sample](../../docs/samples/12-22-08_Newsletter.pdf)) Mid-week newsletter summarizing market, our current positions and featuring new set-ups ([view sample](../../docs/samples/All_About_Trends_Mid-week_newsletter.pdf)) Email alerts when a set-up triggers and when we are closing out our position ([view sample](../../docs/samples/trade_trigger_alert.pdf)) A free bonus ebook "How To Make $10,000 A Month In Stocks" immediately upon [subscribing](subscribe.html)
We provide all of this to you because we want you to be successful. And success in today’s market means having a plan and trading your plan.  Our [paid subscription](subscribe.html) is just $29.99 per month and the first two weeks are free. 

“I like your work…Your style of trading appears to really work in this choppy market and I agree that four or so good trades a month will make a big difference in my portfolio,”
Bob – Aiken, South Carolina

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