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The Power Pack - Learn Everything! - Notes in Spanish
* "Learn ALL the Real Spanish Youll Never Find in a
Text Book or Classroom"

The Notes in Spanish "Power Pack" brings you our entire worksheet
collection, including full transcripts and essential vocab and grammar
notes for _every one of the 130+_ Inspired Beginners, Intermediate,
and Advanced episodes, meaning you _Double_ the amount you learn from
our audio.

PLUS, you get the unique "Real Spanish Phrase Book and Audio Guide"
AND "Real Spanish Control"!

From: Ben and Marina in Madrid


Here's what owning the Notes in Spanish Power Pack will do for you:


This carefully designed system will take you right up to the highest
level, building on every aspect of your Spanish knowledge and fluency
with this huge grammar and vocabulary resource.


Not only do you learn so much more from our Advanced audio, but you
get the benefit of being able to dip into the extensive archive of
real Spanish words, phrases, and grammar reviews also included in the
other levels.

No matter what your level, YOU WILL LEARN MORE REAL SPANISH when you
have this wealth of Spanish learning materials in your hands. "Even
better than I had expected"

Buying the worksheets turned out even better than I had expected. My
Spanish has improved so much over the last year. But it's worth saying
it didn't take a year to see the improvement!



The Power Pack includes every great worksheet we have created to the
present date, including:

- Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginners 1 to 30
- Notes in Spanish Intermediate 1 to 46
- Notes in Spanish Advanced 35 to 96*

*Note: Advanced podcasts 1 to 34 do not have associated worksheets

Thats over 130 worksheets PACKED WITH THE REAL, GENUINE SPANISH we
love to teach at Notes in Spanish!
"You must buy the worksheets"

If you are serious student and want to get the most you can from
this program, you must buy the worksheets. The written reinforcement
from the translations and the vocabulary make this a great learning

JAMES, Los Angeles

Plus You Get The "Real Spanish Phrase Book and Audio Guide"

With 90 Minutes of Exclusive Audio, The "Real Spanish Phrase Book"
Is Your Ultimate Guide To Speaking Real Spanish.

With over 100 carefully explained phrases, the text and exclusive
audio files cover everything from being really fed up, to crying,
lying, crazy people, typical Spanish sayings, addictions, food and
drink, the weather, and much more!

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced
Spanish student. You can only improve by using more of the authentic
Spanish spoken every day by real Spanish speakers, and included in
this unique guide. "It helps you sound really fluent - fast!"

The Real Spanish Phrasebook helps make conversations fun! The
phrases are easy to memorise and I find myself using them in all sorts
of situations. Instead of just saying a carefully (mentally) crafted
sentence, I can embroider it with the Spanish that makes up real
conversations rather than textbook exchanges. It helps you sound
really fluent - fast!


AND You Get "Real Spanish Control"

This brand new program covers the exact techniques you need to
understand Spanish people no matter what speed they are speaking at,
and hugely expand your vocabulary in the process.

Its 6 key modules are designed to help you dramatically increase
your Spanish listening skills, CONFIDENCE, and vocabulary, all at the
same time.

Most people claim the one hour bonus audio included with this pack
(the infamous 'One Hour Private Lesson With Ben and Marina' Audio)
should a) be banned on grounds of decency, and b) is worth the price
of the program alone! _NOTE: This early-bird bonus is only available
until Sept. 25th!_ "Indispensable"

I'm deep into my Real Spanish Control studies and loving every
minute of it. It offers plenty of indispensable guidance and
information, and I think just about any fan of Notes in Spanish can
benefit from it.

LINDA FINEMAN, North Carolina

What exactly is included in each worksheet for the main levels?


You get all the key vocabulary from each episode, a full transcript
and translation of our Spanish conversation, a vocabulary building
exercise, and some extra cool Spanish phrases at the end.

This gives you a complete record of all the Spanish language we
teach, actively helps you remember it all, and means YOU GET FLUENT IN

_Also included_: access to audio flashcards for Inspired Beginners 1
to 20, plus a special bonus, our _Spanish Learners Tips and Tricks_


Each worksheet includes a full transcript of our conversation, an
explanation of the most invaluable, real day-to-day vocabulary and
phrases used in each episode, two useful exercises, and inspiring
discussion questions.

This will help you learn far more than if you just listen to the
dramaticly improve fluency. "I'd recommend this to everyone"

I'd recommend this to everyone who is learning Spanish! I use the
podcasts and worksheets from Notes in Spanish especially for my
listening and comprehension skills. It's also a good way to learn
grammar rules in a fun way!

MARIEL, Amsterdam

I've been in a rut with my spanish for a while, looking for a new
course or class. Notes in Spanish has helped for several reasons. With
a set length, and beginning and end, I know I can do them each day.
Having got on well with the podcasts the transcripts were great as
well - I just dip in and out of different pages at random to test
myself/refresh my memory. That works too. I'm already recommending
Notes in Spanish to people who want bite sized ways to learn - and a
real structure to follow.

NEIL, London

I'd recommend this to anyone serious about leaning Spanish and
especially to anyone learning on their own.

DENISE WARD, New Zealand

I started from zero with Spanish Courses from Audible which gave me
a good start but NO idea of accents or of how to listen - I needed
REAL SPANISH. The podcasts were great but I still didn't "hear"
properly. A second listening with the transcripts and tips in the
worksheets really helped. I would recommend them to anyone who wants
to learn usable Spanish - my husband is already a convert and I'll be
singing your praises to my new Spanish Class.

LORNA, Scotland.

The real key to moving forward has been the worksheets. I am able to
check my audio comprehension with the exact dialogue, and then
practice and  test myself with the accompanying exercises...


Instant Digital Delivery Straight To Your Inbox

The Notes in Spanish "Power Pack" materials are delivered digitally
in universal PDF and Mp3 formats. You will be able to start using
these materials within minutes of purchase, when you are automatically
sent a download link straight to your inbox.

Special Bonuses Inlcuded In This Pack (Worth Over 100 US Dollars)!

* Bonus 1: How to Sound Really Spanish Mp3 - This exclusive 20
minute audio file and accompanying pdf explain the 10 Spanish words
and phrases that will let you fit in with the locals _IN SECONDS_.

* Bonus 2: Tips and Tricks Podcast Mp3 - Top Secret (and highly
effective) ways of learning a lot more Spanish, a lot faster!

* Bonus 3: Inspired Beginners Audio Flash Cards - Explode your
vocabulary and pronunciation with these exclusive audio flashcards.

* Bonus 4: Errant In Iberia - The full length book (145 pages).
Discover how Ben moved to Spain without a word of Spanish... and ended
up bilingual and married to Marina!

* PLUS: Limited Time Bonus 5 (Only Until September 25th): The
infamous 'One Hour Private Lesson With Ben and Marina Audio' inside
Real Spanish Control (included in this pack). Many say this bonus
should a) be banned on grounds of decency, and b) is worth the price
of this Power Pack alone!

"Our Simple, No Hoops To Jump Through,
100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee"

If after 60 Days (2 whole months!) you dont think that using these
materials with our audio has really helped to improve your Spanish,
just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. We are so
convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your
Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 60 Day total money
back guarantee.
3 Good Reasons To Get This Pack

* You learn absolutely everything we've got to teach you
* You get a vast, real Spanish language and vocabulary resource
* You end up much more fluent in Spanish, faster



Inspired Beginners Super Pack

Intermediate Super Pack

Advanced Super Pack

Real Spanish Control

Real Spanish Phrase Book



NORMAL TOTAL PRICE for these products: $359.00 US DOLLARS
WHAT YOU PAY TODAY for the Notes in Spanish "Power Pack": $97 US

That's A SAVING OF $262 US DOLLARS on current prices (plus you get
bonuses worth over 100 Dollars, PLUS you get to learn more Spanish
than anyone else!)

WHY DO WE OFFER THIS CRAZY DISCOUNT? Because we just want our Real
Spanish materials to help as many Spanish learners as possible, it's
as simple as that! Invest Now Risk-Free And Get Instant Access

YES Ben and Marina, please send me the "Notes in Spanish Power
Pack", plus the exclusive bonuses, right now! I understand that with
your unbeatable 60 Day 'No Hoops to Jump Through' Guarantee this is a
totally risk-free investment!

_OK! Here is what we want you to do next:_

Just click the Add to Cart Button below, complete the payment
process, and you will receive download instructions in your Inbox
_within minutes_:

List Price: $359
Today: $97.00 US Dollars
(Excluding 16% VAT for EU customers.)

Yours for total Spanish fluency,

Ben and Marina "I'm very pleased with the purchase"

It finally occurred to me that people who put together such an
engaging podcast would likely put together good extra materials. I
figured that even if I didn't quite like the materials, buying them
would be a way to thank Ben and Marina for the best Spanish audio
around. As it turns out, I'm VERY pleased with the purchase.


_If you have any difficulties with your purchase, contact us
directly _

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