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New for 2008! Version 2.3 of the revolutionary Law School Admission guide is now available.

Discover the Precise Strategies That an Average Guy, With Average Grades, From an Average University, Used to Get Into 11 of the Nation's Top Law Schools - Without Getting a Single Rejection Letter!


STOP. If you're thinking of blowing your hard-earned money for an expensive law school application service, or if you've ever wondered whether you have any chance at all of getting into a decent law school, then you need to read this letter now...


...Because you've been conned and deceived, force-fed thousands of pages of misguided information in the hundreds of cookie-cutter law school admission books, the same information that is directly preventing you from getting into the law school of your dreams.


I know, because I have been there.  Just a few years ago I broke free from the constraints of the same information everybody else reads and learned to leverage my personal assets, limited though they were, to discover the "Covert Tactics" that nobody else is teaching, and that the so-called law school admissions experts refuse to even discuss.  What I found out explains why most prospective law students struggle to get into mediocre law schools, while a select few - regardless of their GPA's and LSAT scores - watch the law school admission letters roll in.  Frankly, some of the tactics may surprise you with their simplicity while others may shock you for other reasons, but the information had to come out sooner or later...

I want to expose the hidden formula that a select group of prospective law students have been using for years to beat the competition and get into the law schools of their dreams, and let you copy this law school admission success formula...

...and I am only able to do this because I not only figured out some of these secrets to help my own cause when I applied to law school, but I have spent the last 10 years studying the strategies used by other extremely successful law school applicants.


I've spoken with dozens of law students who were able to exceed their law school expectations by learning the simple principles that separate failure from unmitigated success.


At the end of the day, it took me much longer than the few months of my own law school admissions process to realize the truth hiding behind the secrecy of the tight-lipped admissions counselors and the false promises of the big-money law school application services.  Over the past 10 years I've developed a proven blueprint used to change the future of hundreds of failing law school applicants.  I can prove this works, but first let's see if you're like I used to be...


Have you fallen victim to the lies and misconceptions?  Now, be honest with yourself...

Do you believe that a poor GPA and/or LSAT score means that you have no chance to go to the law school of my dreams; or alternatively...


Do you believe that a good or great GPA and/or LSAT score means that you are guaranteed admission to the law school of your dreams...


Do you believe that you need to spend hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dollars to hire someone to prepare your law school applications, write your personal statements, etc....


Do you believe that if you don't go to a "prestigious" undergraduate school you can't go to a "prestigious" law school...


Do you believe that only a "prestigious" school can be the law school of your dreams...

If you've fallen victim to such thinking, then prepare yourself for a surprise...


Covert Tactics

for Getting Into the Law School of Your Choice

Discover the secrets of law school admissions success...

Learn how to time your application to maximize your chance of success;

Learn to differentiate yourself from the crowd, even when you think you're just like everybody else;

Learn why you may be targeting the wrong school;

Learn how to keep others from derailing your chances while you're not looking...

So, are you ready to discover the secrets that this year's most successful law school applicants are already using against you?

From: H. Jefferson Jr., Esq.

Friday, 10:30 PM

Re: The Covert Law School Admission Tactics That Will Change Your Life


Dear Future Law Student:


I'm not sure how you ended up here, but if you're like me and the vast majority of people heading to law school, I probably do know a few things about you.  Specifically, you've spent dozens of hours trying to decipher the secrets of [ law school admission](http://www.coverttactics.com), you wonder whether [ law school rankings](http://www.coverttactics.com) really mean anything, you wish your [ LSAT](http://www.coverttactics.com) score was better (or, if you haven't taken it yet, you're scared to death of that infernal test), you're beginning to doubt if getting into law school is something you can do and, if so, just how exactly does one get into law school if they don't have a 4.0 GPA and 175+ on the LSAT.


How do I know so much about you?  Well, I've been there.  I figured out the answers to most of those questions - at least the ones that can be answered by mankind - and I succeeded:

I got into Cornell University Law School, then the University of Notre Dame Law School, Boston College Law School, New York University (NYU) School of Law, University of Arizona College of Law, Brigham Young University Law School, Southern Methodist University School of Law, McGeorge School of Law, U.C. Davis School of Law, Arizona State University College of Law, and the College of William and Mary School of Law.


And here's the kicker:  Those are the only schools I applied to - I didn't get a single rejection letter!

Although most of these schools are ranked in the top 10-50 of the U.S. News and World Report rankings, I wish I had aimed even higher.  I didn't know it then, but I had discovered the secret to getting into great law schools despite less-than-stellar credentials.  And now I can teach you:

How an Average Guy from an Average College with Mediocre Grades and LSAT Scores got Accepted into All 11 of the Law Schools Where he Applied!

Look, it took me seven (7) years to graduate from Podunk State University and I had to take the LSAT's twice.  Even then, I was left with a mediocre GPA and mediocre LSAT scores to work with.  But I figured it out.  I applied to and was accepted by 11 of the top law schools in the country - because I tricked them into thinking I was the type of student they were looking for.  You can do it too.  They won't figure out you're a pretender until its too late. 


Or maybe you're not a pretender. Maybe you're a real person like me that had a job, a family, and other responsibilities that kept me from getting straight A's and padding my resume with "service projects" like all the rich kids.


Whatever the case, I look back now at the $110,000+ starting salary paid to me by a big law firm, largely because I went to the right law school, and laugh all the way to the bank.


AND HERE'S A WARNING: Don't deceive yourself into thinking that your grades and LSAT scores are so good that you don't need to worry about how to properly prepare yourself and your application for the law school admission process.  Have you looked at the statistics about the applicants to top law schools - a lot of students with excellent credentials are being denied.  Don't be one of them.


If you are willing to do what it takes to go to a great law school, which can lead to a very lucrative career, then you'd be an idiot for not reading on.


Using the tactics I used to go 11-0 in the law school admission game, almost ten years ago I wrote a little book called:


Covert Tactics for Getting Into the Law School of Your Choice


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