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Center for Leadership Studies

230 West 3rd Avenue

Escondido, CA 92025

Situational Leadership® 101 Online Training

Only $99

[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Learn the Leadership Secrets of Fortune 500 Executives

To Prosper You Need to Influence:

Great Leaders are the most highly compensated people on the planet.

“Leaders are trained, not born.” Dr. Paul Hersey,

“There is no greater difference-maker than someone who knows how to lead and influence effectively. The Situational Model is not just a business tool – it is an invaluable life skill that can be used at home…for success in your marriage, raising children, and even relating to friends. Leadership skills give your career and your life a whole new dimension.”

Dr. Paul Hersey
Founder of Situational Leadership®

Dr. Hersey founded Situational Leadership® 48 years ago and it revolutionized mere management techniques into a powerful leadership model. It remains the dominant leadership training method used by 70% of Fortune 1000 companies. CLS has continued to remain on the cutting edge of leadership technology. As the economy narrows, Situational Leadership® is in even greater demand and Dr. Hersey is now moving to share his powerful Situational Leadership® Model with individual leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

What is included in Situational Leadership® 101?
The Situational Leadership® 101 Assessment, which is a quick (15 minutes) online self assessment that consists of a series of multiple choice questions. This assessment evaluates the participant’s leadership style in a variety of situations.
Click To Enlarge
The Situational Leadership® 101 Profile, a succinct report that displays the results of a participant’s self assessment and provides an easy-to-understand analysis. Everything is in everyday terms.
Click To Enlarge
](/App_Themes/CLS/Images/LEAD-Self-Profile-Page.png) The Situational Leadership® 101 Course, an interactive online training program that explains the fundamentals of Situational Leadership® and how to apply the Situational Leadership® Model. This online training provides the knowledge that is necessary to speed you on your way to become a more influential leader.
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“I believe that the Center for Leadership Studies and the Situational Leadership® Model provide some of the most practical and immediately useful leadership development in the world!”

Marshall Goldsmith
World Renowned Executive Coach
Protégé of Dr. Paul Hersey
Author of the Best Seller “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”

Discover the Secrets formerly available only to top level Executives

[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Only $99

Now for the First Time, Situational Leadership® Training is being released to the General Public!

The Situational Leadership® Model is used by 70% of Fortune 500™ companies, in 42 countries with over 14 million leaders trained.

Situational Leadership® will bring you:
Wealth – Whether you are an entrepreneur or working with a company, the effective leaders and influencers are always by far the mostly highly compensated. Extra Time – Being able to influence people more effectively allows you to get more done in less time – you are not wasting time “over-persuading” people. Less Stress – You will perceive more about the people around you and conversely you will communicate with them more effectively. You will never have to shout to get your way. Job Security – Great leaders are more often stolen away by better offers than fired. Effective leaders are only unemployed by choice. Satisfaction – Effective leaders are able to get powerful results and greater on the job satisfaction. Higher Retention Rate – Effective leaders get the most and bring out the best in people without aliening them.

From the Desk of “Doc” Hersey –

We all know a “genius” who is working for minimum wage. The question we have to ask ourselves is; are we getting the most out of our work and private lives – are we underachieving?

Since very few of us exist as islands, the power to influence others is perhaps the most important factor in obtaining positive results in our lives. I want to emphasize to you that The Situational Leadership® Model is a tool you use everyday. It works on ground level and is not some pie-in-the-sky academic concept. It has bettered the daily lives of millions of leaders working for companies that are household names.

And now I extend my welcome to you as an entrepreneur, small business leader or interested individual to join our Situational Leadership® world and start becoming the influential, successful leader you were meant to be.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Paul Hersey

[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Only $99

Benefits of The Situational Leadership® Model
Quick Learning Curve – Situational Leadership® 101 begins with a 15 minute assessment which lets you know immediately via e-mail your primary management style in a concise report. With this information in hand you proceed with Situational Leadership® The Model, an online training module. In 2.5 (pause-able) hours you are on your way to using the Situational Leadership® Model in your daily life. High Traction – The original worldwide appeal of the Situational Leadership® Model is its ease of use and proven effectiveness in the workplace. Self Sustaining Model – There is a whole world of Situational Leadership® training. Go to [www.situational.com](http://www.situational.com) and consider Doc’s Sequence for continued improvement for you or your whole company. Follower Driven Model – Leadership training should not take place in a vacuum. The Situational Leadership® Model is keyed to the follower to develop a reciprocal use of the Model to further the aims of the group or company. Flexibility – Your company can receive CLS Situational Leadership® Training in three ways: 1) CLS will train your leaders direct at our facility or yours; 2) CLS will train your manager or in-house trainer; 3) Your local business advisor can be certified by CLS and administer your training.

“The impact of Situational Leadership® and CLS on our performance is unmistakable. I recommend CLS and Situational Leadership® every opportunity I get!”

Dick Ransom
Senior Program Manager
IKON Office Solutions, Inc., A Ricoh Company

[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Only $99

Why You Need Situational Leadership®

Because Leaders enjoy the best of everything in life.

A Situational Leader will be able to diagnose and react appropriately and more effectively to others' ability levels and readiness in all types of situations.

“Situational Leadership® 101 opened my eyes to a new way of relating to employees, vendors and clients. I am one of those who has found the model effective at home as well. I needed this. Thanks ClickBank for this rare opportunity to access a world class system.”

John Luif
President, Clydesdale Software

[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Only $99

Situational Leadership® Helps Individuals:

Improve communication Build confidence Improve personal relationships Increase overall happiness
Situational Leadership® Helps Businesses:
Increase sales Reduce turnover Improve customer service Increase productivity
Situational Leadership® Helps Managers:
Create employee accountability Evaluate and hire the right person Effectively deal with problem employees Promote Teamwork

Situational Leadership® Helps Employees:
Increase job satisfaction Improve relationship with co-workers Collaborate with outside vendors
Situational Leadership® Helps Entrepreneurs:
Build effective business relationships Improve negotiation tactics

You can start using the Situational Leadership® Model

now and get on the road to leadership success.

“Situational Leadership® 101 is an amazing process. I was invited to take the Beta Version and the results are immediate and gratifying. Our company is scaling upward and the Situational Leadership® Model has saved significant resources by lowering the “noise” and speeding up our arrival time at effective strategies.”

Andy Cleary
President, Orbit Design
Author of Genius Simple Branding

No Risk to You

Situational Leadership® 101 comes with a 100% ironclad, money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied you may have a full refund of your investment (within 60 days of your purchase).

Act now! Be the leader you were meant to be. Order Leadership Now!
[ ](http://1.cls001.pay.clickbank.net)

Only $99

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