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 Now you can add Live Chat to your website! Proactively invite your vistors to Chat on line.

24/7 solution available for those who need coverage or close to open! Your Choice!

The decision to add Chat to your website should not be taken lightly. We provide all the essentials to leverage true Chat business intelligence!

The ability to view vistors online in real time, the referring URL, first time or returning visitors, GEO IP targeting, and "Shop with me technology" 

"Live real time Language Translation"

This is the most powerful Chat Platform For Any business!

$299 per month includes 2 agents and all Features & Benefits

   Your Initial Charge will be $299.00.

 You will then be charged $299.00/month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made.

LiveChatPro Features:

Live Visitor Statistics

LiveChatPro gives you a real time view of your web site visitor activity. You can watch visitors arrive at your site and move from page to page in real time. You can see where they came from (the Referrer), and specificmdata about the visitor, such as Country & City, Browser, Operating System and Reverse DNS. You can see if the visitor has been to your site before – and if so details of each previous visit. All this information is updated before your eyes in real time – as it happens.

Live Visitor Chat

LiveChatPro allows your web site visitors to chat to operators within your organization in real time. Thisenables you to provide live sales & support directly on your site. Whilst chatting, operators can instantly see details of the visitors visit (what pages they have looked at) and their previous visits. They can also access previous chats. Operators can ‘push’ pages to the visitor to help direct them to the correct part of your site. You can setup department-specific chat allowing you to direct (for example) pre-sales & after-sales support chats to different operators within your business.

Live Chat Translation*

Visitors can chat to operators within your organization using their own language. LiveChatPro will translatethe chat text in real time in both directions.

Live Click To Call Back

LiveChatPro enables you to quickly add click-to-call-back to your web site. Your visitors will be able to click a link and fill in a simple form to request a call back from someone within your organization. The call back notification process is handled automatically by LiveChatPro and details of each call back request is stored in the LiveChatPro database.

Live Visitor Engaging

LiveChatPro enables you to engage with your web site visitors in real time. You can send 'invite' requests to any of your visitors whilst they are browsing your site. The Invite appears as a floating message across the visitor's browser. The visitor can click the message to start a chat session. You can send graphical invites (using any GIF file you like) or custom text messages. Each visitor can be sent their own personalised message.LiveChatPro can even automatically send Invite requests when certain conditions are met, for example,when a Prospect is detected or when visitors arrive at your site that match a certain set of conditions.

Prospect Detection

Prospect Detection allows you to focus on visitors to your site that are potential customers. You can define a set of key pages that when viewed a visitor will be flagged as a 'Prospect'. This can be over multiple visits. When a prospect is detected LiveChatPro will inform you in real time and update a log in the database. You can even setup 'auto-invites' so that prospects are automatically invited to chat with you.

Click Fraud Detection

LiveChatPro can alert you in real time if the same visitor clicks on a Paid-For-Listing link repeatedly – either over a period of days or within the same visit. LiveChatPro can send a warning message to the visitor automatically when click-fraud is detected. You can also manually send a warning to any visitor via the LiveChatPro Command Center.


Historical Traffic Analysis

Whilst providing real time views of your visitor activity, LiveChatPro updates a SQL Database of Visits,Visitors, Page Views, Prospects and Referrers etc. You can run reports on this database using the includedCharts & Reports tool. Over 75 standard traffic analysis reports are included. These can be accessed from any web browser. LiveChatPro will also email you daily, weekly and monthly web traffic analysis reports. These automated reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic direct to your inbox.

Site Monitoring

LiveChatPro can alert you in real time if your web site stops responding so you can take immediate action.LiveChatPro will then inform you when you web site comes back on-line.


Increase Sales

By providing live person-to-person interaction on your web site you can increase your sales. By providingimmediate answers to customers questions you can speed up the sales process and improve customerretention. Also, by proactively 'inviting' visitors to chat after watching their activity on your site, you can further increase sales.

Improve Customer Relations

Whilst chatting to customers you can see a complete history of the customers visits to your site and all your previous chat sessions. So you know the status of your customer without the embarrassing 'sorry - what were we discussing?' questions.

Improve Your Web Site Effectiveness

You can watch how visitors use your site in real time. This enables you to improve the overall effectiveness of your site. You can also view your traffic reports over a period of time to gauge how your web site is working.

Monitor And Deter Click Fraud

You can send 'notice' messages to visitors who are clicking your paid-for-listings multiple times. These appear as a moving image on the visitor's browser. LiveChatPro can also automatically send notices to Visitors

Product Delivery Details:

The product operates on a windows based envoirment complete with back office command center. Purchase includes 1 hour training on "Go To Meeting" and will be scheduled at customers convience usually within 24 hours of purchase. All required downloads will be completed during the training session. At the conclusion of your traing session your program will be functional.

*Live Translation is not available with the Basic Package



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Install Live Chat Pro with Adtech and watch your traffic and sales increase!

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