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by Charles E. Marunde, J.D.

_Do you want to be a success? Have you read dozens or maybe
hundreds of books on success, attended seminars, tried various
work-at-home schemes, but success still eludes you?_ _Pursuing
Success_ I've spent my life pursuing success, and have "been there,
done that." I've also spent my life pursuing a relationship with God.
Somehow in Churches and in all the seminars I attended, I never really
heard a Biblical perspective on success for a man who has to work in
this world to support his family. I always thought there was a
dichotomy in which I lived my Christian life, attended Church and
served, and then in the other 70% of my life on this planet, I
struggled to make money and be a success. I realized that it's not
the job of the Church to teach us how to start a business, make money,
and be a success. And it's not the job of the secular motivational and
success teachers to train us in how to be a success from an eternal
perspective. So that leaves a huge gap, doesn't it? _What About
Making Money? What About Freedom?_ What about making money and
having freedom? What about retirement? What does God think about
business opportunities? How do I define success in a way that bridges
the gap between God and me? We live in a culture that presses us
with its definition of success, which is material success, fame,
fortune and happiness to the 10th degree. We're told we can do
anything we set our minds to, but is that really true? _One
Question_ I wrote _Success and Eternity_ with one question in mine:
What does God think about success and money? I wanted to know how God
defines success. Only when we begin to comprehend the answer to this
question can we begin to live in such a way as to be truly successful.
That's what this book is all about, but it's not one man's opinion.
My opinion is not important. Ulimately, there is only one opinion that
counts, and that is God's. _Success and Eternity_ is an examination of
the Bible from cover to cover on the subject of success, looking at
examples of men and women who God defined as successful, and looking
at men and women who God defined as failures. This book examines
circumstances and events to grasp what God intends for us in terms of
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143 Higgins Lane
Sequim, Washington 98382

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