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The Step by Step Guide to Making Money Online ™

Increase Your Income Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Learn how to make money online

Start your own Internet business

Simple, step by step illustrated guide

Save hundreds of hours of research

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Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker, are you:

Tired of hearing stories of pimple-faced college students making gobs of money online, while you slave away at your day job working 9 to 5?

Ready to [Earn Money for Yourself](http://eriches.org), instead of for your boss?

Happy with your current job, but looking to get your feet wet with [Supplemental Income](http://eriches.org)?

Tired of lamenting, ‘If I only knew a little bit of programming…’, then I could get an online business going?

Frustrated with mounting bills and debts, perpetually feeling ‘under water’?

Looking to work from home so you can spend more time with your family or live a more flexible lifestyle?

Then its time to [Start Your Own Internet Business](http://eriches.org) with my award winning guidebook!

Gentle Wealth Seeker,

Over the last ten years, I have developed a simple, step by step process for making money online by rapidly launching hundreds of small, profitable web sites

I have amassed a fortune in the process, becoming a millionaire before the age of thirty

I now travel the world luxuriously, living off the steady income stream from my web sites. Everything is automated: the sites run themselves, and Google does a direct deposit of my AdSense revenue into my bank account each month.

I live the dream of passive income through a proven, step by step process detailed at [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org).

You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

So many times I have had friends and former colleagues ask me how I was able to quit my job as an Investment Banker on Wall Street and go on to actually make more money working for myself. When I describe my business to them, they usually sigh in defeat, “If only I knew how to do all that. I’m not a ‘techie’ though. All that stuff sounds impossible to me.”

“Poor chaps,” I used to tell myself, “if they only made the effort to learn, the way I did, they could free themselves from the shackles of their day jobs and achieve their goals only made possible through financial freedom.”

I later decided that this was not a healthy attitude for me to have.

With the downturn in the economy, I see so many people struggling financially

Parents that are depressed because they are out of work and can’t provide adequately for their family members, recent college grads that are frustrated with poor job prospects after their parents invested so heavily in their education, people that are forced to take second jobs or work weekends because they’re struggling to pay bills and get out of debt.

That’s when I decided I could help

I decided to write a step by step illustrated guidebook explaining, in careful detail, exactly how to rapidly launch hundreds of small, profitable web sites the same way I did to amass my own online fortune.

The resulting work is found here at [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) where you can purchase and download my powerful guidebook explaining exactly how to build wealth online by replicating my highly successful Internet business strategy of rapidly launching hundreds of small, profitable web sites.

At [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) I make you a simple offer:

Follow my step by step illustrated guidebook and you can grow your wealth substantially with your own Internet business

You read correctly: you can grow your wealth substantially by following my system on how to make money online

I am so confident that you will be fully satisfied, that my system comes with a

*** 60 Day 100% Money Back [Guarantee](http://eriches.org/guarantee/) ***

That’s right: follow my simple step by step system for making money online, and if you are not completely satisfied within 60 days, you are entitled to a full 100% refund. Just request the refund, and we’ll part as friends.

How can I make such a bold claim, with such a strong [guarantee](http://eriches.org/guarantee/)?


Because I used the exact same methods to grow my own wealth to over a million dollars a few short years ago.

Google AdSense Screen Shot

I’m not going to lie to you. With my system, you will not start making money overnight. This is not a get rich quick scheme promising you wads of cash with little or no work. Anyone who advertises immediate overnight riches is a scam artist and should be avoided.

I became a millionaire by steadily churning out hundreds of small, largely unimpressive, money making web sites. With my program, you will invest a few days of work per web site and will not see the full results until one to three months later. But your patience and hard work will pay off. The results will be astonishing. And you will be richly rewarded!

Other online money making programs offer hope, bloated fluff, and false promises. I offer tools, scripts, templates, software and widgets based on FREE open source technology, a step by step illustrated guide, extensive knowledge from over a decade in the Internet industry, and results in cold hard cash $$$ – all backed by a 100% money back [guarantee](http://eriches.org/guarantee/).

If I did not teach myself these methods, I would be just another average, mediocre wage earner

As an Investment Banker in New York city, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs), and debt and equity underwriting in the Internet sector, I had the opportunity to carefully study the best business models on the planet. When I left my Investment Banking job to start my own business, I sketched out my requirements for what would become ‘The Perfect Business’ and the founding principles of my new company.
‘The Perfect Business’ is a business that generates revenue, but has ZERO customer service inquiries. Resolving customer service inquires slows down a business and can ultimately render otherwise profitable sales, unprofitable. ‘The Perfect Business’ is a business that can operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year with NO daily attention required. The business owner should be able to go on vacation in Tahiti for a month and have NO internet or phone access and have the business still operate itself and generate income that is directly deposited into a bank account for ATM withdrawal from anywhere, at any time. ‘The Perfect Business’ is a business that retains ALL of its value and continues to operate and generate cash flow on its own even if the business owner’s priorities change and he/she decides to abandon the business and go back to another job or a new career. I know countless entrepreneurs that have invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in a new business, only to see all that value vaporized when they abandon their projects for greener pastures. The cash flow streams you create with [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) will stay with you forever, even if you later decide to abandon the business for other priorities. ‘The Perfect Business’ is a business that has ZERO or Near-ZERO marginal and operating costs. Nearly all revenue goes straight to the bottom line and becomes profit immediately from Day 1 with a ZERO or Near-ZERO marginal and operating cost structure.
The promise of ‘The Perfect Business’ is Passive Income:

Working your butt off to get things off the ground. And then sitting on the beach, sipping a piña colada, getting a backrub from an expensive masseuse, with a big grin on your face, because you know you’re still getting paid. But unfortunately for the average wage earner, that promise is out of reach.

I am here to tell you that ‘The Perfect Business’ is within your reach, and it is explained in detail in my [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) guidebook

The answer is at [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org)

Follow my easy step by step process to launch full featured web sites I’ve done all the research – I’ve spent hundreds of hours in trial and error Download FREE scripts, templates, software, and widgets – no programming required No need to hire an expensive development firm – learn from the web site development expert Earn revenue for your sites with Google AdSense or Yahoo Publishers Network Maximize your true earnings potential Learn where to find FREE content articles to publish on your developed web sites Position yourself for long-term sustainable profits No ‘black hat’ tactics – you’ll get waaay too much Google traffic to risk getting banned Unleash trapped profits from your spare time Acquire the valuable skill of rapid web site development

Most wage earners seal their fate in mediocrity and spend so much time dreaming of being rich, but are too lazy, or too ignorant to take the first steps required to actually make those dreams a reality. That was fine when the economy was good, wages were high, and cash was plentiful, but times have changed and you need to work smarter if you want to achieve the dream of financial freedom through passive income.

Don’t get left behind. My system will make sure you stay ahead of the pack. It is possible to go from mediocre wage earner to online real estate tycoon in a short period of time. But you need a guide.

Everything you need is included in pre-packed FREE downloadable templates!

Below is what you will get from my instant downloadable system – you can literally be up and running with a ’suped up’ feature packed web site within a few hours
Full Google Tools integration: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Optimizer, Google Site Submit, Google XML Sitemaps Free Open Source pre-built Content Management System (CMS) with easy automatic installation – no programming required SEO Optimized – SEO friendly ‘permalinks’, SEO friendly automated ’smartlinks’, SEO friendly titles, descriptions, headers, meta tags, Automatic Site Submission to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and others Social Networking Bookmarks – allow your users to bookmark your pages to social sites such as Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, Google Bookmarks, and more Video integration is a snap – post videos from YouTube, Google Video, Flickr Video, Metacafe, MySpace TV, and more – earn income from Google AdSense Learn where to find FREE content articles to publish on your developed web sites – get others working for you Cached HTML pages – custom widget generates static HTML pages to speed up page delivery and protect you from ‘traffic spikes’ Numerous bells and whistles: Image Gallery, Polls, Contact form, Discussion Comments, etc I provide templates that make Google AdSense integration a snap – just copy and paste your AdSense code
My step by step instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

There is no bloat or fluff in my step by step guidebook.

In summary, you get:

1) Expert domain name sourcing and acquisition techniques
Buying a good quality domain name is the first step necessary to launch your web site. There is a science to finding a good name, which I describe in detail. How and where to acquire the most profitable domains names: drop catchers, list filtering software, valuation techniques, and other tools
2) Step by Step illustrated domain development guidebook
*** This is the ‘meat’ of my offer – this information alone is worth thousands of dollars to you *** Registering your domain name, installing your Content Management System (CMS), Setting up accounts in Google, installing tools and widgets, Configuring and customizing your CMS, Optimizing your site for search engines (SEO)
3) Free Open Source Downloads Links to download the required tools, widgets, scripts, software, and templates required to run your web site Custom layout proven to ‘convert’ with easy ‘cut-and-paste’ Google AdSense slots
4) Content development How to get content developed cheaply, or FREE – gain access to thousands of FREE articles to publish on your sites immediately
5) Traffic Building Tools How to outsource and automate traffic generation – link building, cross linking, site submission, network development, expired domains, and more
6) I Do Not cover typos, trademarks, ‘cloaking’, doorway pages, or other black hat web development and SEO tactics
The strategies you’ll learn from me will generate waaaay too much natural ‘organic’ search traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask to risk getting banned from their indexes ------

The ‘proof’, they say, ‘is in the pudding’. Well, my friends, here is some pudding for you:

This is a .org domain name that I bought for $60. In January 2009 I put this domain name into the [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) meat grinder – I invested one day of work: a few hours in the morning to launch the web site framework, and then the rest of the day to add the content myself. I did not spend any more time on it than that. None. I did not spam message boards with links. I did not pay an expensive SEO firm any money. I did not not purchase paid search keywords (Google AdWords, etc). I did not spend weeks writing articles. Nothing.

At the end of the day I just sat back and admired my newly launched professional looking web site, I had a couple of beers to celebrate, and I settled in for the evening. The next day, I just moved on to develop the next domain name in line to continue building my online real estate empire.

In less than a month, this web site ranked #3 in Google for its one-word dictionary search term, it ranked #9 in Google for the plural version of the one word dictionary search term, it ranked #2 in MSN (now Bing) for its one word dictionary search term, and it now it makes about $60 per month, or about $720 per year.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at my Google AdSense report for the this web site:

eRiches.org Developed Web Site at Google AdSense

The results are in for [eRiches.org](http://eriches.org) – Success [Guaranteed](http://eriches.org/guarantee/)

Again, that’s approximately $2 per day – 365 days per year – or, approximately $720 per year. With nothing more to do – ever. Modern finance cash flow valuation theory tells you that ‘web site asset’ I created is worth approximately $5,000. Not bad for a $60 investment and one day’s work! The results I’m referring to occurred during early 2009 – during the depths of our financial crisis. Into any economic recovery, these web site revenues should easily double. One by one – I now own hundreds of these sites.

If I want to invest more time in that site, I can. But right now its not necessary – I have other ‘untapped’ domain names that I would like to launch as full featured, SEO friendly web sites. There is still too much easy money sitting on the table that needs to be re-claimed by its rightful owner….

…. like this name… a crappy hyphenated name in the real estate space that I bought for about $200. I launched this web site in December 2008. It now consistently generates about $100 per month, or about $1,200 per year, for this site alone. Again, modern finance cash flow valuation theory tells you this ‘web site asset’ I created is worth approximately $8,500. Not bad for a $200 investment and one day’s work!

That, my friends, is how you get rich

Here’s the AdSense screen shot for this web site. And I have so many success stories like this:

eRiches.org Developed Web Site at Google AdSense


What are you waiting for? Aren’t you sick of being a mediocre wage earner? Sitting by while people like me are making a killing

Its your turn to take your income to the next level. Follow the path to financial freedom. Re-claim the promise of passive income

You are just a few clicks away from the #1 Wealth Building System

You’ve waited long enough – Free Yourself from Mediocrity

Buy with Confidence – You are Backed by a 100% Money Back [Guarantee](http://eriches.org/guarantee/)



17 Responses[]
[]eRiches Says:
[August 30th, 2008 at 1:34 am](#comment-8)

We’ve had several questions asking what a eRiches.org web site looks like?

Sure, no problem, read the below comments and you will see that some eRiches.org customers have posted links to their own sites.

These were built using the eRiches.org system. Keep in mind, our system shows you how to customize the look and feel of your site, so your sites will likely look different, with the look and feel that YOU want!
[]Domain Monster Says:
[September 12th, 2008 at 1:56 pm](#comment-7)

WOW! The results absolutely blew me away. I have a portfolio of about 200 domain names, and for the longest time, I’ve wanted to develop them into money making web sites. Most of the names I own don’t even cover their renewal fees. I bought most of my domain names with the plan of developing them, but I just never had the time to learn how to develop my domains. This system take you step by step, with pictures, screen shots, and detailed, easy to follow instructions – how to integrate AdSense and Google Analytics, where to get free content, how to get traffic and SEO ranking fast, etc. Within a few days, I had three sites up and now after a few months, I’m seeing my domain revenue up by about 10,000% per domain over the domain parking services.
[]Greg S Says:
[September 25th, 2008 at 5:42 pm](#comment-12)

thanks for your guidebook. easy to follow, and some great tips that i never knew existed.
[]John Says:
[October 7th, 2008 at 11:13 pm](#comment-13)

Your site was worth thousands of dollars to me. It jump started my plans for earning some extra money by developing web sites. I was just procrastinating for years because I didn’t know where to start. It all seemed so complicated to me. You made everything so easy.

Here’s a shameless plug for one of my sites that I used your system to develop. It used to earn about $5 per month on a parked page. Now it earns about $5 per day! That’s nearly $2,000 per year in passive income. Using your system, I developed this site in 1 day: http://flavoredwater.net Check it out and let me know what you think!
[]Retired Teacher Says:
[November 11th, 2008 at 10:13 pm](#comment-14)

I just want to thank you for assembling such a great product. I have been wanting to kickstart my plans for earning some extra money online and getting some web sites off the ground, but i just didn’t know where to start. It would have taken me about 6 months to gather all the information that you presented so clearly. All I had to do was follow your instructions. It took the guess work out of it. I am a business person, so I know that time is money. The small price to pay for your system was well worth it since it saved me 6 months of research.
[]NumberOne Says:
[January 4th, 2009 at 6:45 am](#comment-15)

What really blew me away was the thousands of free articles. I wanted to develop my domains, but I always thought – man, its going to take forever to write all the articles I want – NEVERMIND! now i have have the thousands of free articles in every category imaginable. AdSense SEO city – BOOYA! $$$
[]Thomas Larson Says:
[January 18th, 2009 at 4:54 am](#comment-16)

my wife and i can’t thank you enough. your system is not a get rich quick scheme. but it did get us up to speed with online income and now we’re making about $1,000 per month in AdSense revenue just by following your system. We work 9-5 during the week, but we’ve set a goal for ourselves to launch 1 new site per weekend. I expect we’ll be making about $5,000 per month in AdSense and Affiliate program revenue by the end of 2009. thanks for making our dreams a reality.
[]Brit Rocker Says:
[February 4th, 2009 at 3:24 am](#comment-17)

the customer center rocks. its like a cheat sheet for me. i just go in and i have access to all the tools and tips and tricks as well as the downloads to piece together my new ‘bmw quality’ web sites in a few hours. and all the software is free open source – so there’s nothing more to buy after the cost of the program, and no annoying marketing upsells.
[]Doing it FULL TIME now Says:
[March 7th, 2009 at 9:15 pm](#comment-18)

I lost my job in early 2008 and thought I could make money online. But in retrospect, I didn’t really know what I was doing at all. Your guidebook is a wealth of knowledge and its obvious you’ve been around this stuff for a long time. you’re a web site development expert…. what can I say!?!?!

Now I’m making about $2,000 per month. Which is good, but not as good as my old salary. But I’m learning a ton from the strategies you laid out (there are so many of them, you’re keeping me busy for months!). I especially like what you said about getting other people to work for you for free, and instantly to get content developed (who wouldn’t).

I think if I keep at it, I should be up to about $8,000 per month by the end of 2009. If the economy rebounds and advertising prices go back up to where they were last year, I coudl pretty much retire off of what I learned from you.
[]Adam Howell Says:
[March 18th, 2009 at 11:45 pm](#comment-19)

i am new with all this web stuff, and actually, your guidebook is more than just about making money through web site development. it taught me the importance of ‘domaining’. that domain names are ‘online real estate’ with real value. how to find good domain names using list filtering software, drop catchers, etc, but most importantly how to become an online real estate tycoon by developing those domain names into web sites that the search engines will index so you get lots of free traffic. it all makes perfect sense now, but wow – i’m still trying to get my head around all of it.
[]Grrrrrreat Says:
[May 3rd, 2009 at 6:16 am](#comment-21)

I must say that your site makes me wanna develop lots of web sites. you have a nice layout on this site. if your system develops sites that look half as good as this site, you’ve got me sold!
[]Mary Says:
[May 18th, 2009 at 9:16 am](#comment-22)

I purchased your guidebook, and I have to say it’s very informative. Thank you for putting it together.
[]eRiches Says:
[June 12th, 2009 at 12:47 pm](#comment-23)

We have been overwhelmed with thank you emails from people that have taken their earnings to the next level by launching SEO friendly web sites using our eRiches.org system. One customer in particular has already launched 200+ web sites using our system and is making quite a good bit of money.

We just wanted to give a quick plug for some eRiches.org customers that have gotten some great looking sites off the ground:

http://CareerBanker.com – great domain name, highly monetizable content.

http://FootwearDeals.com – excellent category, just wait for the holiday shopping season for a spike in traffic.

http://MoneyMakingMall.net – lots of potential to add free content.

http://WaterFiltersCorner.com – great design, also used as an affiliate link pass through… that’s smart.
[]Nascar Photos Says:
[July 8th, 2009 at 3:24 am](#comment-26)

loved your book. it was super helpful. definitely worth the money.

i’m a happy customer, so here’s one more:


i haven’t put much content in there yet, but I will…
[]B Says:
[July 17th, 2009 at 1:20 am](#comment-27)

I have found your wealth building guide to be one of the most straightforward, well-written learning tools available. It is a great value. Thanks!
[]Grant Says:
[August 3rd, 2009 at 7:20 pm](#comment-28)

Your guide provides excellent value as a resource with step-by-step instructions in getting set up quickly for web site development, as well as with many outside sources for tools, info, and content.
[]eRiches Says:
[August 20th, 2009 at 12:03 pm](#comment-29)

We continue to receive Thank You emails from happy eRiches.org customers who are are generating passive income by rapidly launching lots of small web sites.

Here is another quick plug for a few more great looking sites from eRiches.org customers:

http://GetaVacationRental.com – nice header image, but needs more content.

http://otc-stock.com – lots of SEO friendly content, nice work.

http://StampsSupplies.com – great domain name.

http://CokeSyrup.com – good use of the image gallery.. images bring in more SEO traffic.

Keep up the good work folks. You can rest easy knowing your web sites are increasing in value as you build SEO traffic by adding more content and images on your web sites.

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