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Your Treasure Chest of Wealth in China is Waiting for You to Discover It!

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Discover Your China Wealth is
THE Step-By-Step Guide That Will Show You
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Import From China

June  2009

From the Desk of: Amy Hall

Dear Future Importer:

In today’s global economy there’s fierce competition for every dollar that consumers spend. You need any advantage you can grab. And you need to find ways to do things cheaper and better than your competition.

As a businessperson I’ve always been concerned with beating my competitors. And of course I’ve always wanted to make as much money as I possibly could. After all, more money for my business means more money in my pocket and more money to grow my business.

That’s why a few years ago I turned to China for all my manufacturing needs. Manufacturing in and importing from China rocketed my business to a much higher level and it helped me blow away my competition.

It will do the same for you. And you won’t believe how easy it all is.

China is Your Treasure Chest… And You’re About to Discover How and Why there are a lot of factors that have allowed me to be a successful businessperson. The most important factor was deciding to manufacture in China.

When I tell fellow businesspeople this I get one of two responses. They say something like:

                  1. “Yeah I know!” (These are the people who’ve already discovered their                             treasure in China.)


                   2. “I’d love to do that but it’s just too complicated.” (These are the people                            who have yet to discover just how easy it really is!)

The best way to get a leg up on your competition and to take your business to a higher level is to manufacture in and import from China.

This probably isn’t news to you.

Go to any store and where are the majority of products made?

That’s an easy question, right?

The harder question is:

How can you tap into manufacturing and importing from China?

Well, you’re about to discover the answer to that question.
You’re about to find out exactly how to import from China and manufacture all your goods in China. (You won’t believe how easy it is!)

But first, here’s some information about why you want to use China for all your manufacturing needs.

China is Your Key to Success

You already know that the best reason to manufacture in China is because of the low cost. But what exactly does that mean?

Manufacturing in China means:

         Greater power to manufacture more products.         A Higher Profit Margin.         A Bigger Budget for Marketing (Leading to More Business).         More sales. The bottom line is this:

China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. They also have a working aged population that is larger than anyone else in the world. This means that you can tap into this thriving economy and extraordinary population and you’re business will really take off.

Manufacturing in and importing from China will put more money in your pocket. It will allow you to save money on production costs so that you can increase manufacturing while also investing more money in other parts of your business. This will expand your business and lead to more sales and even more money flowing into your pocket.

You will be able to rise above your competition and build a stronger, more profitable company faster than you ever thought possible.

Are you sold yet? You shouldn’t be.

You need some proof, and here it is…

The Proof for How Much China Will Help You and Your Business!

Don’t ever make any business decisions without first seeing proof. And I mean specific proof.

You can hear all about how manufacturing in and importing from China can help you, but until you see exactly how it will help you, you shouldn’t commit to it.

Certainly I did more than enough investigating before I committed to China. And I made sure my own profitability margin would make it more than worth it. You too should figure out your own profitability margin too. (Discover Your China Wealth will show you how to do this!)

But before you actually focus on your specific business, here are 5 brief case studies that will give you a good idea about how much you can expect your profits to rise.

Case Study 1

Project- Design/Manufacture Decorative Photo Frames
Cost Of Manufacturing in US-$15.00 for a 5 x 7 frame
Landed Cost of Manufacturing in China-$2.00 for a 5 x7 frame
Savings by Importing from China-$13.00 per frame
MSRP- $20.00 per frame

Profit- 9x your money

Case Study 2

Project-Import Wheeled Back Packs
Cost of Wholesale in US- $15.50
Landed Cost from buying direct in China-$4.00
Savings by Importing from China-$11.50

Profit -9x your money

Case Study 3

Project- Manufacture Collectable China Dolls
Cost of Manufacturing in US- $34.50
Landed Cost of Manufacturing in China-$6.50
Savings by Importing from China -$28.00

Profit-10.5x your money

Case Study 4

Project- Design/Manufacture Men’s 100% silk ties
Cost of Manufacturing in US- $27.50
Landed Cost of Manufacturing in China- $3.75
Savings by Importing from China -$23.75
MSRP- $75.00

Profit – 19x your money

Case Study 5

Project-Import 4” Flower Shaped Planters
Cost of Wholesale in US- $6.00
Landed Cost from buying direct in China -$0.50
Savings by Importing from China-$5.50

Profit Margin-25x your money

These 5 case studies show you specific proof about how much manufacturing in and importing from China can help a business. Certainly it can do the same for your business! (And remember, with Discover Your China Wealth you’ll figure out exactly how much more profit you will make!)

But enough how about how manufacturing in and importing from China can help you. The benefits are obvious.

The only question left is: How can you make it happen?

You won’t believe how easy it is to manufacture your products in China and to then import them.

Here’s how…

With Discover Your China Wealth You Will be Able to Set-up Importing and Manufacturing in China Quickly and Easily!

Manufacturing your products in China and then importing them is a lot easier than you would ever dream. In fact, it’s shockingly quick and easy as long as you know what you’re doing.

And Discover Your China Wealth is a step-by-step manual that will tell you everything you need to know.

You will uncover everything you need to know to manufacture your goods and everything you need to know to import those goods.

When it comes to manufacturing, with Discover Your China Wealth you’ll uncover:

How to figure out your profitability margins by manufacturing in China How to save thousands of dollars by taking your production overseas What are the actual manufacturing costs involved How to chose the right supplier Optimal negotiation strategies Decipher the rules and regulations you need to know about shipping and clearing customs
And when it comes to importing you will discover how to:

Find several manufacturers and select one you can trust Make the details of your order very clear to the supplier Request a quote from your supplier and negotiate the price for your order Locate a shipping company to transport your order to the U.S. Clear your order through U.S. customs  Pick up your shipment  Sell and make money!
Everything you need to know is all here. It’s easy to understand and doesn’t leave one stone unturned!

There’s even a progress chart at the end of each chapter so you’ll be able to easily stay on track from beginning to end.

Take Action Now!

Discover Your China Wealth will give you all the knowledge and all the tools you need to take your business to the next level. In fact, it will boost your business up two or three levels!

So here’s one last question: How much would you be willing to pay to improve your business?

Well, there are advisors that are charging thousands of dollars to help businesspeople, just like you, set-up their manufacturing in China.

Many businesspeople gladly pay that much because they make the money back in no time at all.

But with this step-by-step manual you don’t need an advisor. And Discover Your China Wealth won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

It won’t even cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you take action right now, you can grab your copy of this priceless manual for
 just $67.00!

That’s it.

Just $67.00 to discover your treasure in China.

Just $67.00 to bypass your competition, make more money, and expand your business.

So grab your copy now!
[ ](http://www.discoveryourchinawealth.com/specialoffer.htm)

Here’s to your future success in China,

Amy Hall

PS – Everyday more and more businesspeople are deciding to manufacture and import in China.

Everyday you don’t manufacture and import with China is another day when you aren’t making all the money you can possibly make. It’s also another day you’re falling farther behind your competition. So grab your copy now and boost business while watching your profits soar !

PPS – This is your chance to boost your business in a way that never seemed possible before. So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Grab your copy now!

Zero Risk
100% Money-Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of purchase you feel this guide did not live up to
any one of our promises you can get a full money back refund.  We
stand by our products value and know that you will be fully satisfied with it.

Feel free to contact [sales @discoveryourchinawealth.com](mailto:sales@discoveryourchinawealth.com) if you have questions.

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