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Writing for income on the Internet WRITING FOR INCOME
Are you jumping over dollars to pick up dimes?
Are you going to work each day only to get further
behind financially? You're not alone. Our recent
economy has made it extremely difficult to stay
afloat, much less get ahead.

You can turn things around by writing for income
on the Internet.

Hi, I'm Larry Angell.

I have recently retired from my full time job
because of my Internet income. I write articles and
run web sites.
We live in the information era, yet so many people are stuck in
the industrial mindset of making
money. We think we have to sell something to make money. It's not
that way anymore.

Start writing for income, it's fun and fairly easy. You can write
articles and submit them to paying
article web sites for a monthly residual income or create a free
information web site about any
topic you want and get real money flowing in. Why not do both? I do.

You may think that you have nothing to write about that would be
valuable to others. Please
understand that what we have between our ears is very valuable to

Three years ago, I decided to make a web site about my favorite
subject, home construction. My
niche was how to build a home without contractors to save a lot of
money. My intentions were to
make a web site with a lot of free information and put a few ads on
it for extra monthly income.

I also started writing articles to get links from the article sites
to my web site for extra traffic.
Article sites that paid monthly to use articles were just getting
started so I just submitted my
articles to non-paying, high traffic, article sites.

Now, those paying-article sites are high traffic sites and they pay
really well, so I've submitted
many articles to them and I receive big paychecks each month for all
my articles.
So why aren't more people doing this?

Because this is very new to the Internet. Free
information web sites have been around for a
few years, but paying article sites are very

As a matter of fact, hardly anyone knows
that you can earn thousands of dollars each
month from article sites.

I stumbled onto this phenomenon by
submitting articles so I could get links back to
my web site. I'd never made money on
articles before.
I started to notice growing deposits in my Paypal account each
month and soon realized how
valuable this was becoming. Knowing about this new way to make money
gives the advantage to
those who jump on this opportunity right now.

Also, I would bet anything that you'll see many new paying article
sites competing for your articles
in the very near future. That's excellent news for us writers. That
can only mean better payoffs.
The future looks great!
Both article writing and web sites are an excellent way to get
great income from writing. I've helped
my family and friends make web sites and submit articles and they are
enjoying extra monthly

They were the ones who advised me to make an e-book that included all
my tips and techniques for
building successful web sites and writing articles that made money.

There are several things that I do very differently that make all the
My oldest web site is three years old. It's called,

It's currently getting over 4,000 visitors a day and making around
$5,000 a month from ads.
I worked on my site for three months before I put Google Adsense ads
on it. With only about 100
visitors a day to my site, I was only making about $5 each day. I
remember at the six month mark
though, I was earning around $500 a month.
When my site was one year old, I was earning over $1,000 a month. I
started to treat my web site
like a business that had good potential. I just kept adding more
pages of house building content to
keep my site growing.

Once my site was two years old, I was earning around $2,000 a month.
I continued to add content
to my site and write articles to get more in-links. I also added a
few extra methods for getting
more advertising revenue.

Once my site was three years old, it was producing over $4,000 a
month. My income went up as
my visitor traffic went up.

So why is my technique better than all the other programs that
promise to make you
thousands a month in just a few days or weeks?

Simply put, the Internet doesn't reward people instantly and without
effort. My techniques take
time and effort, but they work well. I know that deep down you
already know that there are no "get
rich quick" programs that work.

Our "BS" meters usually go off when we see a program for sale that
promises riches without effort.
Still, it's surprising how many people buy into these types of

So what exactly is a free information site?

A free information site is like a big scrapbook that you put together
and constantly add new
content. Your content is usually words and pictures. You can make
your information site about
anything from how to get rid of unwanted body hair to splitting
atoms. It's all part of the
Information Super Highway.
How do articles and web sites generate monthly

Absolutely, 100% of my income is from the advertising
budgets of businesses and companies.

I earn a good income using Google Adsense and Infolinks
on my web sites. When a person visits my web site to find
house building information or one of my articles on an
article site, they will find a few ads.

If they click on any of these ads, I make money. It's called
PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising. It doesn't matter if they
buy anything from the advertiser; I still get paid for the
click. Cool huh?
Why should you buy my eBook?

I've learned over many years how to write articles and build web
sites that please the search
engines. This means that my articles and web sites go to the top of
the pile when so many others
stay at the bottom where nobody ever sees them.

Traffic from the search engines like Google and Yahoo is everything
on the Internet, without it, you
won't have any success at all. Most people ignore this or they don't
know how to write for the
search engines. They waste a lot of time and money.

You are probably thinking, "I might be able to write articles, but I
don't know anything
about building web sites."

Building a web site is simple with the right program. My favorite
program is as easy as typing in
text and adding a few pictures. I click on a button to send it to the
Internet when I am done and
the page shows up on my site. If you just want to start out writing
articles, that's just fine too.

Hurry, hurry, this opportunity will soon be gone!.OK, just kidding.

The opportunity for making money on information web sites and
articles isn't going away anytime
soon, in fact, it will only get better for those who are established
with many articles and a web site.

Remember though, the sooner you start, the quicker you'll be making

A few of my family members haven't started a site yet and they keep
telling me, "Man, I wish I
would have started 3 years ago when you did, Larry." I just tell
them, "Hey, get started now or
else 3 years from now, you'll really be kicking yourselves."

This won't take up a lot of your time.

Three years ago, my TV antenna blew down from my roof. That was
probably one of the best
things to happen to me and my family. It is still disconnected. I 'm
an electronics technician so I
definitely know how to fix it.

My point is, instead of watching TV; I just worked on articles and my
web site. Even during the first
few months when I put a lot of time into my site, I probably worked
on it for only a few hours a
day. Now, I only spend a few hours a week and it brings in good
income. It frees me up to do the
things in life I love to do.

Jumping over dollars to pick up dimes

That's such an old expression. My mom used to say it a lot. It has
never been truer than right now
in our present economy though.

Spending a small amount of time working on the Internet is where the
big dollars are; yet we are
so busy going to work each day making dimes that we don't make the
time to do it. Information
sites and article sites keep growing and get more and more traffic
each day.

As I've seen, over just a few years your Internet business will make
your 8 to 5 job income look
like chicken feed. I'm not saying to go out and quit your job and
embrace the Internet, but rather,
we need to treat it like a side business until it matures into a full
business. This is also an excellent
opportunity for students that need an extra income source.

What about blogging?

You've probably heard that starting a blog can make a lot of fast
money. I wish it were that way
but it isn't. Successful blogs take continuous maintenance.
Successful blogs take really committed

Web sites and articles don't need a babysitter. I like to take off
with my wife and leave the world
behind for a few weeks at a time. My sites keep earning income while
we're away. Running a
successful blog doesn't offer that kind of flexibility.

Blogging isn't my area of expertise or interest, however I have a few
friends that run very lucrative
blogs and I have learned important tips and tricks from them. I have
included a section on blogging
in my eBook.
I'm free at last!

I had a heart attack when I was 43 years old. My heart surgeon told
me to de-stress my life or I
would be back on his table or dead in just a few more years. I had to
support my family though
and that meant continuing my stressful job.

Just 2 years later I noticed the same chest pain and tightening I had
before my heart attack.
When I told my wife she made an executive
decision to move the family to Astoria, Oregon on
the Pacific coast, a place we've always enjoyed and
where we had planned to retire.

I felt like it was a mutiny against me, but she did it
out of love. She knew I wouldn't leave my stressful
job on my own accord.

She told me our Internet income could pay our bills
and my next workplace would be the beach with my

I'm certain her wisdom has and will continue to
extend my life. I'm so glad I married her 20 years
I'm also glad I started
my web site 3 years
ago which has allowed
us to reach our
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