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The Blueprint To Get Six Pack Abs And Lose Stomach And Belly Fat Fast
The Web's #1 Rapid Fat Loss
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"It's clear to me from the site, the book, your ideas and the way you
come across that you not only know more than a lot of people I've met
in the fitness industry, but that you genuinely care. I see the logic
and sense in your system and ideas and as a veteran of the fitness
scene for many years I can only say that certain programs deserve a
big slice of credit for being worth both the money invested and the
time to follow. Abmetrics2.0 is one of those and you Tristan are a
person and trainer I say anyone who wants results and a feeling of
genuine interest form their trainer should invest in asap. Your price
is beyond fair, the package I swear is pure value bar none and the
content is so sensible and 'right' that I know anyone who commits his
or her time can and definately will see major results in both fat loss
and importantly lean muscle and honestly, full body tranformation. A
thoery that seems very popular in the media today but that so many
'products' fail to deliver. This delivers in spades! Genuine A-list
material. Congrats - awesome." Matt Davidson, CPT. Chicago, IL.


"There are 2 things I feel I need to mention about Abmetrics2.0,
Tristan. Firstly, value for money. I took a leap of faith and am still
amazed at just how much I got for the price I paid. You are one of I
think a shrinking group of people who still believe in giving people
more than you get in return and delivering actual real value for
money! I now know I'd pay double and more for this incredible
program's value. Second, my results so far. I am not only thrilled
with the value but more importantly the whole system and how it's
helping me. I am a busy woman with kids, a job and less and less time
in my life who needed a fitness solution for my life. This course is
the one! I'm now no longer bored with fitness or sick of facing it
each session. This blueprint has changed my entire belief on fat loss
and fitness training. I am in week 3, I've lost 7 pounds whilst still
eating what I think is a normal diet! And my clothes really are
getting looser! If I can lose that in three weeks then anyone can do
this and I mean anyone. The workouts are so good and change at just
the right time. I am glad I've found a trainer who knows their stuff
and sincerely cares. And lastly I want to mention my appreciation for
you replying to my email and giving me help even after I purchased. To
sum up this brilliant program and experience I want to simply say
thankyou Tristan. I am getting more than I ever expected and a
thousand times more than the small investment. This is the solution
for all of us searching for help and real results we can visibly
measure". Jeanette Moore, Essex UK.

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Dear fitness enthusiast ">

"In 1991 a teenager stood in a rainy London street gripping a heavy
door that led into an illuminated gym, full of cardio machines, weight
machines and racks of free weights. On that evening the teenager was
in two minds: Should he go in as he'd planned or just turn round, go
home and keep staring at the fitness magazines wondering if the
'perfect body' was really possible for him or just the lucky few

I'm wondering if you too have come close to thinking real fat loss
and ripped, lean six pack abs are only a precious gift for a few lucky
models and genetically blessed individuals? I know I thought exactly
that back then when I stood outside the first gym I'd ever train in.

The desire to turn around, go home and simply forget it was strong.
I knew next to nothing about fitness, six pack abs and fat loss
training and could hear the little voice in my head telling me to get
out of there!

Well that was 18 years ago, thank God I had a stronger voice inside
as well. And now I never regret the moment I opened the door and began
my education... My name is Tristan Lewis. That 18 years of heard work,
hard training and serious study and education led to me formulating a
proven system that I taught to my clients as a certified personal
trainer and fitness professional. You can read more about me , but
more importantly this is about you and a transformation that is about
to happen to your body and your lifestyle...

The Reality...

You see what was true then is true now.

There has always been a way to guarantee results, but the desire for
a quick solution took over - the fundamentals were always there -
waiting to be used.

So many people doubt that they can get six pack abs. They doubt they
can lose body fat and transform their body into something spectacular.
But what they need to know is that (as with anything in life) there is
a proven path to success. It is not magic or luck, but it is a solid
factual blueprint that people follow in all areas of life to get to a
promised goal.

There is a blueprint for six pack abs and rapid
serious fat loss: And you've found it.

Let's be honest, its just getting frustrating asking yourself
question after question about the possibility of getting a six pack.
That really needs to be put to bed right now so you can stop thinking
fat loss is purely genetic and you can't do it or that it must take

What you are facing here is the door opening
to the truth and reality...

The truth is that there is a guaranteed way to get the midsection,
six pack abs and body you desire.

No matter your gender, age, history, experience or genetics.
Understand what I just said. Those things do not matter and I get sick
of hearing people being told this. Right here you have in your hands
the keys to the treasure map: The Six Pack Abs Blueprint.

This is what you and millions more have been looking for, and
thousands of others have been lucky enough to find, because it does
not bend the truth or give false hope. This is the #1 six pack abs
">blueprint guide on the internet to take you from A to B, from
frustration and confusion to time tested results! Because this is the
only Blueprint.

You see:

* If you decide to go and get a degree you don't wonder if you can
get it: you go to college, you study and follow the path and get a

* If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard you don't think it's
impossible, you simply follow proven tips and guidelines and you do

* If you want to learn a foreign language you make a decision and
you commit to it and you know for a fact that it will only be a matter
of time.

You never consider that maybe you 'can't' do these things or maybe
your genetics or age or experience mean you won't be able to get
success in any chosen endeavor! No, you follow a path that leads to

Why should it be any different for six pack abdominal training? Why
is there a stigma and doubt around the idea that anyone can get ripped
abs and burn off their stubborn belly fat?

It doesn't really make sense does it, when there is a path that has
been proven over and over for anyone who uses it! That path is a
simple plan guiding you and many others to success.

The problem is this:

People try to make things more complicated than they are: they chase
their tails looking for the next quick fix or quick solution. As
humans it is understandable, but sooner or later you have to stand up
and commit to something and do it right. There are no short cuts to
six pack abs or rapid fat loss, but the time wasted searching when the
answer is right in front of you is time that could have been used to
follow a proven pathway: a blueprint to success.

Six pack abs and fat loss are no different to getting a degree,
learning to swim, committing to learning a new language or anything
else a person desires to do!

Know this:

You are as capable as anyone of obtaining stunning abdominals as
long as you follow the right blueprint. You just have to stop looking
and settle upon one thing to follow - and why not follow a blueprint?
Everything is already proven, and it's all laid out for you!

Simply put, six pack abs, incredible fat loss, lean tight
midesctions and slim sexy stomachs and the body of your dreams are
absolutely possible. No matter what you've been programmed to believe.
You simply have to follow this right advice: This unique advice has
been passed onto each and every person who has achieved six pack abs,
ripped midsections and maximum fat loss. They found this, they used it
and they got results that they trusted and knew they could.

They've all got them from following a system that gets lost under
all the hype.

A system that is absolute common sense, it just needs to be shared
once more with you and other people ready to listen.

You hear so much conflicting information that you don't know what to
do first. There is 'information overkill' that simply confuses and
frustrates so many in their search for a solution to getting toned and
tight abdominals and losing stomach fat safely and rapidly.

But, you are now one of the people who no longer need to search
mindlessly for an answer. You've found the answer, you now simply need
to follow steps, do what I tell you to do and get results.

"Isn't it time this subject became sensibly discussed
and not put out there like a 'pipe dream' that only
a certain abs gadget, a crazy diet or an untested
miracle pill will help deliver to you?"

I must say I like things simple and implement this philosophy in
every area of my life. And I make a conscious point of removing all
the useless time wasting 'crap' simply because I cannot be bothered
with it, it does no good whatsoever. I go straight for results and
exactly what I want. And that is what you will do from this point on
in your approach to fitness in order to make your life easier and to
guarantee the results that you are entitled to.

I don't speculate: I work on the principle in my life and with my
clients that if you want something you follow the proven path to get
it. I follow blueprints in my life and I get what I want.

And Ironically, a blueprint is not just proven but fast because

you don't get sidetracked!

And it is the same for abdominal fat loss and fitness training: When
training my clients I stick to the blueprint that promises and gives
results. Everything else was dropped years ago, as I progressed in the
fitness industry and as I learned. I did not suddenly stop using or
teaching what I knew worked because a new 'idea' or 'craze' swept the
fitness world. I kept on the proven path, and so did all the clients I
trained who got stunning midsections, cut and tight six pack abs and
the absolute highest level of fat loss they'd ever experienced.

You see there are those who want to find the 'quick fix' and get
sidetracked, BUT whilst they are forever searching, my clients and I
simply pass them by and continue on the proven road to results

Of course I'd made mistakes - BUT the important thing was I learnt
from them in my early years as a fitness professional and quickly
moved on.

I made the mistakes so you don't have to.

I will stress the point again: I don't waste time. I'd tried all
the gadgets, I'd searched for a quick fix but at the age of 18 I
stopped the nonsense and focused on what was giving others results
because I had people guide me who put me on that road to proven
success and results.

And now as a personal trainer I even evaluate the latest 'trend' in
abdominal and fat loss training that pop up consistently as a favor to
my clients to save them the hassle and wasted hours. It would almost
become amusing seeing what the next 'miracle' is if it wasn't such an
expensive waste of time for the unfortunate clients I've taken on who
have fallen into the trap.

So finally: My clients know I don't waste their time. I learnt with
hard work and experience how to get six pack abs and how to positively
burn body fat. And I have shown my clients exactly how to do it as
well. I am in the results buisness and that is why this website and
this opportunity exist.

I am now going to show you the one correct and proven way of cutting
body fat rapidly and permanently.

I'm really excited for you because what you are about to learn will
change your outlook and alter your opinion of fitness training

And most importantly, it will guarantee those who do it the results
they've longed for. It will guarantee you six pack abs and the proven
benefit of rapid fat loss.

So get ready to:

say goodbye to wasted effort,
say goodbye to wasted time,
say goodbye to confusion,
say goodbye to depression,
get ready to eliminate any lack of confidence.

say goodbye to the exercises that wasted your time and gave no

That all ends right here.

This is THE blueprint for six pack abs and rapid fat loss that will
transform your physique. I'll say it again:

This is THE blueprint for six pack abs

and rapid fat loss!

It's the one proven method that you and anyone else who is serious
about transforming their body and their health can simply follow to
guarantee incredible results

You can call it a secret, and for those who never see this website
it will be. But for you the doors are about to swing open. For you six
pack abs are a tangible reality and all you need to do now is follow

, ready to blowtorch the belly fat and get core strength and ripped

, ready to burn off the tummy fat and reveal that slim sexy waist
and firm hips...


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