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"Premature Ejaculation? There is a simple reason for it...."

"I went for over ten minutes first time!"

"I used to come immediately every time I entered my girlfriend - sometimes after 20 seconds, sometimes even faster. I was a real lost cause. I tried everything - creams, pills - nothing helped. My premature ejaculation problem was so bad I was at my wit's end. Then one day a friend told me about your techniques. I tried it out and the result was amazing. From that very first evening I could hold out for 10 minutes and I gave my girlfriend an orgasm for the first time. If only I had known before. It would have saved me so much embarrassment and torment.

Thank you so much for all the helpful information."

Daniel M. - London


"20 minutes totally satisfying sex and I'm still getting better "

"I followed your advice exactly and immediately started applying it. You wouldn't believe what a difference it has made to my sex life. My wife is a happy woman.

It's amazing how much more self-confidence I've got over the last four weeks. When I see my wife I know I can satisfy her. Finally!

My stamina has improved very quickly. From being able to manage less than 3 minutes I went within a few days to being able to go for about 20 minutes. And it keeps getting longer!

Mike E., Manchester

Dear fellow sufferer,

I know your problem. It's just too embarrassing. Whether you are in a fixed relationship, or even just a one-night stand, it's always the same.

You get to the point where you and your woman end up in your bed. She's really hot for you. Once again you're on the verge of coming.... and then the pressure gets to you and you come out of sheer stress ... it's all over.

Even if she doesn't say it, deep inside she wishes that you could hold out longer. She looks at you with that look that says she is disappointed, maybe she's even laughing at you in her head ....

As I said, it's sad and embarrassing. No, it's more than that. It's humiliating. You feel like half a man. I know. Don't worry.

I know what I'm talking about. Every time I couldn't satisfy my partner I started to worry. I worried she was cheating on me, worried that she'd go and get the things I couldn't give her from somewhere else. Well, that's what she did and she left me in the end. Many relationships fall apart because something's gone wrong with the sex life. It's a proven fact.

Those were bad times, believe you me. Maybe you're currently going through the same thing...

If you are, then there's something you should know .....

You are not alone. On the contrary.

Studies show that 70% of all men experience premature ejaculation once in a while. For 20-40% of men their premature ejaculation is so severe they come within a minute.

Now listen to me: you mustn't feel guilty. The good news is studies show that premature ejaculation can be cured in 95% of all cases with the right guidance. In contrast to many other ailments, premature ejaculation is a problem that can be easily solved.

It's just that most people who suffer from it don't know how.

The methods described on this page will help you defeat premature ejaculation forever. They've already helped thousands of other men like you.

The truth about premature ejaculation.

Remember, I know what I'm talking about. I've been dealing with the issue of premature ejaculation for over 20 years.

I myself have had extreme problems with premature ejaculation. At 17 I got my first steady girlfriend and the sex was a disaster.I couldn't control my orgasm and would usually come after 30-40 seconds- often even before penetration. That's no exaggeration. I wish it was.

I tried everything. Special condoms, sprays, ointments, herbs, pills. Everything. Nothing helped. Hardly surprising because premature ejaculation is not a medical problem and can't be treated with medicine.

Sadly, I could not satisfy my own girlfriend and eventually she left me. I can't help thinking that's sad now, because the problem could have been solved so easily. If I'd only known how. That's what I want to pass on to you.

Now I'm sex therapist and have helped countless men like you suffering from premature ejaculation.

I've discovered something so effective that you won't have seen it certainly anywhere else....

But before I tell you how you can stop premature ejaculation forever, I'd like to tell you a few important facts.

Do you know what the four main causes of premature ejaculation are??

Astonishing but true. Most men suffer from premature ejaculation due to one of the following 4 reasons....

1- Lack of Knowledge

Most people have no idea how ejaculation works. If they only understood, they'd easily be able to control their ejaculation. Do you see? More knowledge alone will provide you with more control over your ejaculatory reflex.

2- Masturbation in Youth

You've trained your body to ejaculate prematurely through masturbation habits picked up in your youth. You wanted to come as quickly as possible. Exactly the opposite to what you should have been doing. Later on I'll show you how you can teach yourself to stop this behaviour.

3- Stress during sex

Most men don't know how to reuce stress during sex. Isn't that the truth? The biggest mistake you can make allowing stress and the pressure to get to you. But don't worry, there are very effective techniques that will allow you to turn this to your advantage.

4- Misleading Fantasies

The porn industry has convinced us we should all be like atheletes in bed. The resulting fantasies can make things worse. Your thoughts are always there bringing you back to the point where you can't control your ejaculation.

So how can I help right now you to overcome premature ejaculation forever?

Listen closely and I'll explain everything in detail...

Premature ejaculation can be solved in 3 steps. All very simple and 100% effective.

Step 1 - Attitude and Internal Control...

...its a proven fact that all great successes begin in the mind. Your thoughts can make all the difference. You'll learn how to leave your anxiety and pressure behind and become a longer lasting lover.

Step 2 - Physical Control...

You have to know a few important facts about your body which are causing you to come much earlier than you'd like. Just knowing this will give you back your control.

Step 3 - Regulation of Sex Hormones...

Most sexual processes are regulated by hormones. Becoming concious of this constitutes a collosal step forwards. You'll be able to gain control by understanding the hormones causing you come too early.

First you have to suceed in gaining mental control

Don't worry, you won't have to practice for hours or anything. You just have to understand and link together a few fundamentals that are causing you to ejaculate prematurely. Once you've done that you're already halfway there.

Sadly, most men don't have any idea how to delay their climax. No one tells them. How are you supposed to know all this? Most men struggle with trial and error. And then every time you have sex you do the wrong things and make the situation worse.

It's important that you understand that gaining control over the situation isn't difficult. The fact is when you make even a small mistake you can set back the whole process.

But don't worry. I'm going to show you a couple of very simple but very effective techniques, which will help you gain mental control in no time at all.

Then you need to gain control over your physical processes

Once you've mastered your mental state, gaining physical control will be easy. It's simple. Just like every other bodily function, ejaculation is regulated by nervous and muscular reflexes.

You can train this system of muscles and nerves and use it to your advantage. First you'll have to deprogram your system. In the past it was programmed to come to climax as quickly as possible. This is precisely what my program will address.

You can put it any which way you like. If you never learn how the specific muscles work, you'll probably never find a way of overcoming premature ejaculation.

And finally you need to regulate your sex hormones

Ideally, if you were able to control your mental and physical processes, your hormones would also fall into line automatically. I'll help you to regulate the sex hormones which put out of balace through stress and pressure to perform in bed and always cause you to come too soon. You'll soon see how simple it is to solve the problem when you know how.

But I just promised to explain to you in more detail how the techniques work. Take a good friend of mine, Peter.

How my friend Peter managed to go from 20 seconds to over 10 minutes

Peter isn't his real name, we'll just call him that to respect his privacy.

I remember the day Peter came to me. He'd heard that I was a sex therapist and that I'd helped lots of men deal with their premature ejaculation problems. I have to admit, Peter's was an extreme case.

He was suffering so badly from premature ejaculation that every time he entered his girlfriend's vagina with his penis he came immediately. He was completely at his wit's end and close to tears as he told me his story. His premature ejaculation problem seemed so big and unsolvable for him that he was worried that he'd lose his girlfriend.

We talked for a long time. I explained to him all the essentials and gave him a few extremely effective methods which had helped me and many of my clients in the past.

Can you guess what happened? After a few days he phoned me, really excited and told me that the day before he had had sex for over ten minutes without ejaculating. That was just after a couple of days.

A couple of weeks later we ran into each other by accident and he was like a different person. The night before he'd had sex with his girlfriend for over an hour and had brought her to climax at least twice. I could see the glow of pride in his eyes as he told me this. Peter had finally solved his problem and felt like a real man. He's not ashamed anymore and is happy to be able to give his girlfriend orgasms.

Here's the most astonishing part

Peter was so excited about what he'd achieved that he encouraged me to write all the knowledge that had helped him so much down in a book. That way you and many other men will be able to solve their premature ejaculation problems simply once and for all.

It doesn't matter whether premature ejaculation is a new problem for you or whether you've been suffering from it for years. This book will give you all the right techniques. You'll solve the problem once and for all and become a real man once again.

Most people notice a difference on their first evening after reading the book.....

I'm not expecting you to believe that straight away.

But here, look at what a satisfied customer sent me recently....

"My girlfriend suddenly thinks I'm a demigod!"

(Mail shortened)
---Original Message---
From: "Steve xxxxxx "<mailto: steve.xxxx@xxxx.uk>
Subject: Thanks
Date: Mon, 5. Okt 2009 12:46

Hi Christian,

At first I thought, what does he want from me? I don't need him to tell me all that stuff about emotions.

Well, I tried out the first tips and they worked straight away... I could hold out for over ten minutes the first time. My girlfriend looked at me as if I was a demigod.

Thanks so much!


And Stefan is just one of many fellow sufferers who has overcome his premature ejaculation problem.

And why do 98% of men fail to solve the problem on their own??

Let me go into a bit more detail about how most men try to solve this problem. Then you'll understand!

1 Pills and Herbal Remedies Against Premature Ejaculation (Mostly Ineffective)

There are numerous pills - most of which are made out of natural herbal remedies - that are supposed to help you control your orgasm. I've tried many of them myself and so have my readers. The result was predictable... pills cost the earth and don't help at all. Quite apart from that you should be careful what you take. You never really know what they put in those pills.

2 Desensitising Creams (Not recommended)

As the name suggests these creams are designed to numb the penis. That means you can have sex but don't feel anything. I've tried that too and I have to say it was a horrible experience. I'd much prefer to be able to control my ejaculation while really enjoying sex, wouldn't you?

3 Penis Rings and Other Devices(can help, but don't solve the problem)

Penis rings do help some men. I'd be careful though, as they have been known to cause blood clots. For this reason I wouldn't recommend them. There are many other products that are supposed to stop premature ejaculation. I've never heard from anyone who's been helped by them.

So what does your program include?

Here's a teaser to show you what you can expect to find in my program
The 4 Step Method To End Premature Ejaculation Forever. How to improve your endurance The three biggest mistakes: If you're making any of these you will definitely come too soon. Three ways to last longer in bed. Your personal training plan: Day by Day – Exercise by exercise; in this way you'll see big results fast How you can train a couple of very important muscles to control your orgasm. These techniques will teach you to delay your orgasm and bring her to climax. She'll love you even more for it! An emergency technique that allows you to prevent your orgasm at the last minute, without her noticing a thing. The shocking facts: What most men get wrong when training sex muscles and how you can avoid these mistakes. Three ideal techniques to deal with stress in bed – become more masculine, more balanced and be able to hold out for longer. All the secrets of foreplay and how you can use them to your advantage to delay your orgasm. Your girlfriend will worship you! The two fundamental principles without which no one can solve their premature ejaculation problem  (most men don't know these principles and that's why they fail – you'll be surprised). How you can keep refining your sex techniques after finishing this program. 6 essential tips for training your ejaculation reflex through masturbation. The positions you should avoid at first if you want to hold out for longer. How to estimate how long you have until you are going to come to ensure that you come at the same time as her. A technique you can use as an emergency brake before you come. What not to think about during sex (and it isn't what you think). Your personal scale of arousal and how you can use it to your advantage How you can use breathing techniques to go for longer. 8 specialised techniques to help you hold out for longer, if necessary tonight.

... and much, much more.


And this is how the program will change you
You'll become an expert lover. Most men who used to come after less than two minutes can last for 1-2 hours after completing the program. You'll learn to enjoy sex and make your partner happy.
Tonight you'll be able to go for 10-20 minutes longer. I guarantee it. Of course it will take a little longer, a couple of weeks at least, until you achieve your full endurance level.
You will have solved the root of your premature ejaculation problem. You won't be fighting it with ineffective sprays, creams or herbal remedies any more. After completing the program, the problem will be solved. For ever!
You'll have full control over your eretion. It will last longer and be harder. And your partner will love it. It's a fact that it's easier to satisfy a woman with a hard penis.
You won't need to compare yourself to other men anymore. You'll know that you're a damn good lover and so will your partner.
Look at how the program has helped these other men.....

"I can really recommend this program to everyone!"

(Mail shortened)
---Original Message---
From: "Kevin xxxx " <mailto:kevin.xxxx@xxx.uk>
Subject: Thankyou Christian!
Date: Frei, 30. Nov 2009 19:27

Dear Christian,

I wanted to tell you how much your techniques have helped me. I stuck to your program and after just a week the results were amazing. I could easily hol out for 20 minutes and bring my wife to climax.

By now I've internalised all your techniques and don't have to think about them conciously any more. It's automatic. I've got control over my ejaculation now and enjoy sex to the full.

All the best from Edinburgh,


"The program's the best - really worth every penny"

(Mail shortened)
---Orginal Message---
From: "Elton xxxxx "<mailto:Elton.xxx@xxxxx.uk>
Subject: Unbelievable Results!
Date: Tue, 15. Jan 2010 00:31


After trying as many other methods as I've tried, I was very sceptical at first. I've spent a fortune on rubbish that didn't help. When I read your website I began to understand.

I have to admit the results much better than I ever allowed myself to dream of. Finally I've got the control over my orgasm I've always wanted.

Thanks so much for this program!!!


My Offer: Try my program risk free

Or do you want to carry on like before?

Download the program now. It includes all the techinques described above and much more detailed advice. Immediately after payment is received the program will be there for you to download as a PDF-ebook.

As soon as you've downloaded the ebook you can start. Most readers can hold out for longer on the first evening.

Because I know my program works I'll even give you the following 100% money back guarantee

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that the program will work for you too that I'm giving you this unconditional guarantee.

These techniques have worked on thousands of other men. You too can be successful.

I'm telling you: download this ebook and test out the advice, methods and techniques for yourself.

If for any reason during the 60 day period you are not satisfied (it has never happened yet) you'll get the whole amount back. Without questions. Guaranteed by [Clickbank].com, the international ebook store.

Not a bad offer don't you think?

I'm even going to go one step further. If you're not satisfied with the program and can prove to me that the techniques are ineffective, you'll get double your money back.

And of course you can keep the ebook. Its only fair!

What do you say?

Download the program now and make a start this evening!


Download the E-Book now
was €44.90 now only €29.90!

With 100% Money Back Guarantee!


[Click here to download the book! ]



Immediately available for download after sale

PS: Still have doubts? OK, but think about it. There is absolutely no risk. The risks are all mine. You've got the full Money Back Guarantee on this site [Clickbank.com] (the biggest provider of ebooks world wide) and that means you're completely secure. What other product matches my offer?

PPS: You'll get all the information, no fuss. And just think how you'll feel when you've solved your premature ejaculation problem for ever. Your girlfriend will suddenly see you as an amazing lover who can easily give multiple orgasms. The days of coming before you'd really got started will be over.

PPPS: The problem is if you just carry on as you are you'll only continue to see the same results. That means if you don't do anything differently you'll have to keep looking at your wife's disappointed face every time you come to soon. Is that what you want?

If you really want to solve your premature ejaculation problem you have to try something different if you want to get better results! Order your copy now and ensure lasting success!

What are you waiting for?!

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