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Unless lack of money is never a problem for you than you should read on!


Do any of these describe your financial situation?

"The week is to long for my paycheck"
"I am robbing Peter to pay Paul"
"I don't open the mail and I am scared to answer the phone"

I can honestly relate to these feelings it was only a few years ago that I was in the same situation, Now I own 2 houses, no credit card debt, no loans and work part time from home. What did I do when I was at my most broke and in need of cash, well I did some of the things listed in this book?

Before I carry on I will tell you what this book isn't first
Nothing to do with MLM No need to even own a PC Nothing Illegal

The book is based around a 4 letter word and I will share that with you in a minute, but first lets get some home truths out of the way.
Cash is not going to fall out of the sky Just because you moan and say how much you need money nothing will happen unless you do something about it. Sitting on your sofa with a bag of chips and a bottle of beer/soda isn't going to earn you anything.
I bet you have guessed what the four letter word I am going to throw out at you is by now... Work

You want quick cash,
You want to make money for free,
You want to stop feeling so broke and miserable

Let's be honest, you don't want to go and stand behind the counter at Mcwhatevers food place and spend all your waking hours asking "Do you want fries with that?"
You probably have a day job that pretty much sucks and it obviously doesn't pay you enough so you need to get some more money together.

What if I could show you

40 ways to make extra money by Friday!
How You can make $35-$60 for 30 minutes "work" (Chapter 4) How YOU can make $100-$300 for something YOU do every day! (Chapter 17) How YOU can have fun for 1 day and still make $100 + (Chapter 3) How YOU can get paid $50-$100 just for being normal! (Chapter 7)
This book is Fun! It's a quick read and chock full of great ideas for makling some quick cash. Some will work once and some will bring in money over and over. With a little creativity you could set up a plan for doing a couple of the activities regularly and earn some pretty good money. Definitely recommended.




I just finished reading "Money By Friday" and found it both enlightening and entertaining!

What a great collection of ideas for making money, honestly and quickly. This book really does contain instant income generating ideas for everyone.


Plus 36 More Ways YOU can have extra cash in your pocket by Friday

Now before you start saying "I don't have..." or "I can't..." stop and take a deep breath. Only five of these ideas require that you have a PC, so even if you don't own a PC you still have 35 ways to make extra money.

If you have more than enough money coming in every week then you don't need this money maker, or if you have no intention of actually doing anything to make your situation any better then you can just move on by and carry on moaning into your dinner about how broke you are.

However if you need some extra money and accept that you will have to make some effort to get it (I am still looking for the money tree my parents always spoke about when I was a kid) then buy this book now!

Just $19.95 


You will be taken to a download page after purchase, you can download the book there in PDF format and either read it right there on your PC or print it out and read it in bed, in the loo or just about anywhere else.

 Purchase it now, take action and you can have extra Money In Your Pocket by Friday.

P.S. At just $19.95 and a full 8 week guarantee how can you miss out on this opportunity to make extra money by Friday?

If you [have questions Please feel free to contact Chuck](mailto:chuck@moneybyfriday.com)



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