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What Would You Say To Never Needing To Pay Your EVE Subscription

Simply Copy and Profit from my techniques and methods!

No need to buy ISK and get yourself banned!

No other Guide offers the advanced 'ISK' making techniques, and
insider trading this guide does!

Are you sick of that direct debit eating into your wallet every
month? Or even just broke in game? Wondered how amazing it would be to
play your favorite MMORPG for FREE?

I too had the same thought, after months of hard work I eventually
cracked it! and with this guide you to can really play EVE ONLINE for
FREE! Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Unlike others out there
this amazing offer has a combination of two guides in one! Making ISK
in game and essential game guide to setting up your online shop. All
will be explained! Please Read On...

Why did I spend most of my year making this guide? That's easy, I
Love playing EVE Online! I have been playing for a little over 16
Months. I do not have a particularly skilled character in terms of PVP
but I make up for it with my trading, production skills and know-how.
The 'Real World Economic Crisis' has hit me hard as I'm sure it has
done with millions of other people around the world and maybe even
you. Do not worry; you are not alone. To adjust to the economic
climate I knew I would have to make cutbacks in my monthly spend, but
I really did not want EVE to have to be one of them. It was my getaway
from the family, place where I could relax. Eve is my only means of
escape from the mundane everyday work and family stress, why would I
want to lose that?

The only way I could justify the need to play EVE was if I could
find a way I could play EVE Online for free. Through extensive
research and a lot of game play, I was able to find niche gaps in the
market and since then have managed to make hundreds of millions of

Now there are more than a few reasons why you'll love my guide

Any player, new, intermediate or elite can easily profit from this

You will learn techniques that will thrash the competition!

You will find 'Key' niche markets to exploit and begin your own
path to success!

You will make Millions in the Jita market without taking part in
the 00.01isk war!

You will receive a guide on the most beneficial skills, implants
and plug-ins to boost your ISK making potential!

You will learn how to make simple buy orders that you can leave to
do the work!

You will copious amounts of ISK, more than enough to afford PLEX

You will receive a step by step guide on how to subscribe to EVE

All this comes encompassed in a 175 page guide that is simple yet
stunning in the sheer amount of work that has gone in to making it a

What My Guide Isn't,

Just another condescending instructional leaflet on how to buy low
and sell high.
Which it doesn't take a genius to work out!

A pointless and precious time consuming tutorial on how to
identify the illusive ISK farmers and buying reduced items in the
Sunday night sale!

A pretentious and arduous book of hyped up useless information
that can only be followed by Stephen Hawkins!

An Illegal guide showing you how to sell ISK to ISK sellers making
you liable to getting banned!

What price would you put on a product that has the ability to make
extreme amounts of ISK, better yet... enabling you to never having to
pay your EVE Subscription again!

It's a lot less than you'd think!


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