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Learning times tables has never been so much fun with Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises. Help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive atmosphere.

Interactive Games Learn Tables Area - Interactive Chart Interactive Worksheets Track Progress with Charts/Reports Printable Flash Cards Accuracy/Speed Tests Adjustable Difficulty Levels

Times Tables is the building block for many other areas of mathematics and, without a solid understanding of this in the early school years, a child may struggle with math right throughout his or her education.

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"I have used your times tables software and found it have helped both my children and me tremendously"  - Tracy Smith, South Africa

"I bought your program over the weekend for my daughter in grade 3.  Her accuracy improved considerably in just a few days! She is now much more confident!  I've already told all my friends about this amazing program. Thank you very much!" -  Debbie Stevens, Brisbane

"I have spend hundreds of dollars on educational software, but have never seen such quality and comprehensive software for such a low price! Congratulations on a superb piece of software!" - Jason M, New York

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