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TAKE THE LUNCH BOX DIET CHALLENGE - A COMPLETE REFUND within 56 days (8 weeks) if you are not satisfied for any reason ! [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.boylovell.pay.clickbank.net) The ebook diet that will lose you weight! Read what the MEDIA have said below! Results within a week ! The Choice Diet for Office Workers! Eliminates worktime hunger pangs. Energy all day!!! Heat PT clients love it . This diet was born through them! Healthy, tasty and nutritious every day! Developed and written by acclaimed Fitness First personal trainer Simon Lovell - [read more/see pics ](meettheheat.html) Great for those on the move or anyone who is forced into buying convenience foods Increases energy levels You can still eat what you enjoy! Yes, really! Loads of combinations of great, tasty food Ideal for Vegetarians! Simple and easy to change from your current eating habits Only $19.95 and you can download it instantly. Buy today and get a FREE one day pass to Fitness First anywhere in the UK worth £10!! [Click here to read letters of the L.U.N.C.H B.O.X D.I.E.T ](lunchboxletters.html)
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A word from Simon about this very special ebook diet...
"OVER the past year or so I’ve been giving my clients a very useful document and I never thought it would have caught on so well. It’s been unbelievable how many people have succeeded with my Lunch Box Diet, so that’s why I’ve decided to make it available to everyone.

The Lunch Box Diet is now a downloadable 'e-book' and packed with incredibly useful information on how to combat hunger pangs, eat heathily and give yourself a new eating plan will lose you weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To be honest, I never really intended for it to be published at all, but with so many people coming up to me and telling me how they’re managing to get into clothes they haven’t got into for a long time, I thought it would be unfair not to offer it for a reasonable fee. It's now generated quite a lot of media interest, I have food halls generating special Lunch Box Diet boxes and all sorts. It's a very exciting time!

The Lunch Box Diet is a very special concept that will work for a lot of people. It explains the principles, gives you meals suggestions and really does the trick in terms of getting you into a fantastic, life changing routine."

"What do I get when I download?"
When purchasing and downloading the ebook Lunch Box Diet you are given access to a PDF file. To open this file you will need to use a FREE programme called Acrobat, available from Adobe's web site at www.adobe.com. You are then able to read the full Lunch Box Diet that has helped my clients shift the pounds safely and they still use it now even though they've reached their ideal weights - it's a fantastic diet eating plan that everyone can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"But will I lose weight on this diet?"
Yes, yes, yes! If you follow the plan, put together the suggested combinations of foods and take on board the basic principles you will shift the fat from around your body steadily and safely - you'll get all the nutrients your body needs to maintain a focused mind, healthy skin, body and you'll find your evergy levels will sky-rocket! It's not a rocket science electronic diet - it's just over the years, training my clients i've learnt what the main hurdles are and developed something that most will be able to implement.

"I find it hard to stick to diets!"
Most of the time diets are hard to stick to because they are unrealistic to people's lifestyles and needs. The Lunch Box Diet caters for a vast majority ot people - remmember, I train a large selection of people from all walks of life and have used information i've gathered over the years to put together something easy, tasty and effective. What more can you ask for!

letters of the L.U.N.C.H B.O.X D.I.E.T

L - is for Love to Eat
Let’s face it, we all like eating, but it’s what we put in our bodies and the quantities that determine our ideal size. The Lunch box diet is about eating, and it’s about munching the right things to keep you at a healthy weight throughout your life. If you thought that starving yourself was the answer to your dieting needs then we need to retrain the way you think. The Lunch Box Diet will teach you about your metabolism and how your body works when it comes down to eating, and that’s the information you need to help you!

U - is for Understand

As a youngster I was overweight. Oh yes! I ate the wrong things and didn’t do much exercise. But it wasn’t just about being a little lazy, it was about understanding how my body worked and learning what were the right and wrong choices. Most of those with weight issues, or even those who don’t have them, need informing about the right and wrong food choices. The Lunch Box diet contains all the information you need and the ingredients to make a positive lifestyle change!

N - is for Nutrients

What are nutrients? How do they play a part in the way our bodies break down food for energy? What types of nutrients do we need in our diet? You’ll get all the nutrients you need from the foods you are able to fill your lunch box with daily, so rest assured your body is healthy – not like some of the diets on the market that rid your body of the important stuff and even though you may lose weight, it’s not safe. Beware of these kinds of diets and take the advice from a fitness and health professional!

C - is for Combinations
What annoys me about a lot of diets or ‘healthy eating plans’ out there is that a lot aren’t realistic and that’s why a lot of people don’t stick to them. They ask you to put together complicated meals, they don’t fit around your family life and some just aren’t tasty. With The Lunch Box diet you get thousands upon thousands of combinations of Lunch Boxes that need little or a lot of imagination. Plus they’re tasty healthy. What more could you ask for?

H - is for Happiness!
Believe me! You should see some of my client’s faces when they’ve been on this diet for just a week. They look at me and smile. They are happy that they’ve got more energy; they’re happy that their waist is smaller and they feel fitter; they’re happy that the diet hasn’t interfered with their routines; they’re happy that they can focus more and concentrate harder at work. They’re happier, and that gives me a great sense of satisfaction!

B - is for Believe!
Let’s get one thing straight, whenever I take on a new client or work with existing clients, whether its to improve on their fitness or assist them with their nutrition, it’s important from the offset that I get them to believe in themselves. They may have tried a lot of techniques before, but they haven’t tried mine and chances are they haven’t believed in themselves. A lot of what I do is about getting it right in the mind as well as in the body. Stick to my diet, undertake an exercise plan, focus, and you will reach your goals, you have it in you!!!

O - is for Overcome your barriers!
Being overweight isn’t a positive thing, we all know that. We all know the press today, we all know that we’re a worldwide epidemic waiting to explode. We’re even making our animals die through overfeeding, blimey! But we can overcome the weight issue we face today. Why let it slide for a second longer out of control? Why not learn about your body, how it works and shed the weight from this day forward. Become more confident, wear the clothes you want to wear and overcome every single hurdle you have faced in your past, today!

X - is for Xtremes!
Okay, spot the cheat on spelling but hey! Extremes! What extremes have you been to, trying to lose weight? I bet there are possibly a few. We don’t need to go to these levels to be happy and to have the bodies that we desire. If you want a diet that will shed you the pounds very quickly, unsafely and have a huge negative effect on your body in the long term then exit this page now. It wouldn’t be worth it for me to provide you with such a plan. What you get with The Lunch Box Diet is a life changing eating guide that will lose you weight safely for the long terms. What’s more, this site is here to help you with exercise too, so email me with your questions and we can plan something together!

D - is for Desire!
Chocolate? Pizza? Curry? Cake? Already wetting your appetite? But why? Isn’t it about time that we all learnt what makes our body crave the foods that do us the most harm. With this understanding we can not eliminate this foods all together but ration them to ‘reward days’. This way you can still eat what you enjoy, but it isn’t a daily thing. With The Lunch Box Diet you are less likely to snack or eat huge meals that cause weight issues and what’s more, you won’t be bothered about it. How about that!

I - is for Interest!
The Lunch Box Diet is relatively new. It’s still a net only diet (exclusive to this site) which means you get it for the best possible price. If you’re not convinced about its success check out the press section for some paper clips. The diet is receiving a lot of attention at the mo from the media, and once you’ve tried it for a month I’d love you to send me your stories of how you’ve managed to shed the pounds once and for all. Check our Sarah’s great story!

E - is for Entertaining!
What I love most about The Lunch Box Diet is how I can still put together some hugely tasty lunch boxes day after day. I love finding new foods, combining them with others to make mouth watering boxes. It’s easy to get bored with a lot of diets but trust me, the Lunch Box Diet is entertaining. You’ll want to share your ideas with others. It’s happened to many of my clients and it’s great to hear the success stories time and time again.

T - is for Try it, or your money back!
Give it a month from the time you purchase the diet. If you aren’t happy, I’ll give you your money back. I’m that convinced that you’ll find the information and the diet that addictive that I’ve put my guarantee stamp on the diet giving everybody peace of mind. Remember, this is a diet that was born through the success its had with my huge client base of personal training clients, so it can work for you too!

Lunch Box Diet just $19.95
Full Web Site Membership for as little as £9.95 for 3 months gives you:
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Don't wait another minute, start changing the way you live
- buy your copy of the Lunch Box Diet now for just $19.95... [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.boylovell.pay.clickbank.net)
P.S. - buy today and get a FREE One Day Pass to Fitness First anywhere in the UK! Worth

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