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Before you have even one more drink
and get behind the wheel of your car
you must read this book!

My name is Bud Maxwell and I joined the Phoenix Police Department
in 1973.  In 1975, at the age of twenty-three, I was transferred to the
Traffic Bureau as a solo-motorcycle officer, one of the most sought after
assignments within the department.  After three weeks of intensive
motorcycle training I was placed on a squad of motors whose ONLY
job was to find and arrest drunk drivers.  

I wrote this book because the drunk driving laws in every state have
become ridiculously harsh.  I think we all agree that the repeat D.U.I.
offender needs to be taken off the street and put in jail.  I did not write
this book to help the habitual drunk driver; rather, my insider cop
advice is directed toward the average, hard-working American who
occasionally has a couple of cocktails and drives.  There is a HUGE
difference between drunk driving and driving after two Margaritas!

As an experienced motorcycle cop, I know what you should or should
not say when you are pulled over by the police.  The information in
this valuable book will prepare you for the most intimidating time of
your life.  This book covers the history of D.U.I. enforcement, why the
laws have turned so strict and what you can do to avoid being arrested.
I even include some real life insider cop stories that law enforcement
officials don't want you to hear. Prosecutors, defense lawyers,
cops and judges are all reading this book.

My book, How to Beat a D.U.I., is thirty pages of the most valuable
information available.  If you are convicted of drunk driving, your life
will change forever.  Your insurance will skyrocket, your license will be
suspended, you will be court-ordered to attend classes and if you have
a conviction in the future, the penalties will be greatly enhanced.  
There are a lot of websites that provide free information on how to
beat a D.U.I., but I haven't found one that comes from the mind of an
experienced motorcycle cop whose ONLY job was to find and arrest
drunk drivers!  This is unique information.

I cannot guarantee that if you purchase my book that you won't get
arrested for drunk driving.  But I will tell you that if you buy and read
my book, your chances of NOT getting arrested, and NOT being
convicted will be much greater than if you don't.   

Ask yourself: Is a mere $ 35.00 investment worth the possibility
of NOT being arrested, or convicted, of drunk driving?

By the way, the cop in the photo at the top of this page - that's me
in 1977.

As the author of this ebook I stand behind the information it contains.
If you have any questions please email me at

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the contents of
this book, you will receive a 100% refund.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this book should be considered legal advice.  I am NOT a lawyer.  All information contained in the book is
merely advice given by an experienced former police officer.  The author accepts no liability to any person who is arrested, or convicted,
of drunk driving.  Also, if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs, DO NOT DRIVE.

Purchase Book By Clicking Link Below:


](http://1.catalina07.pay.ClickBank.net)You will be taken to the secure ClickBank ordering site
where you can use your credit/debit cards.  You will then be
taken to the page where you can download the book.

You can be reading, and learning my tips
on How To Beat a D.U.I. before you take your wife out
for thank romantic dinner tonight.

How To Beat a D.U.I.

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