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"Learn About Myeloma”


If You or Someone You Know Has Been Diagnosed with Myeloma or Multiple Myeloma Then You Will Want to Learn Everything You Need to Know!

Dear Friend,
Being diagnosed with Myeloma or Multiple Myeloma can happen to anyone, anywhere.
Did you know that significant progress has been made in just the past year?

Do you know the five main symptoms/signals of Myeloma?

Are you familiar with the latest medications and treatments?

Do you know where to get the best treatment or the questions to ask your doctor?

While the statistics on Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma are scary, it’s even more scary to be in the dark about this rare form of cancer.

Since education about Myeloma is one of the most powerful weapons you need to win the battle against this cancer… today I’m going to help you get started understanding how to win the battle against Myeloma.
In fact, maybe right now you are concerned that you or a loved one has Myeloma?
If so, you need the very latest Myeloma information … You need to know
· How to recognize the symptoms of Myeloma
· Possible causes of Myeloma
· How to manage Myeloma and live a more “normal” life

· How to support your loved ones and friends with Myeloma
We Have Taken the mystique out of being diagnosed with myeloma.  This well researched easy-to-read book contains the information and answers you need to know.  The information addresses all the questions myeloma and multiple myeloma patients  have told us they wanted to know about.  Questions like:

1. What tests will the doctor carry out to see if I have myeloma?
Will they be able to tell me on the spot if there is a problem? Or will I have to wait for days, fretting about what’s going on?
2. How do I know if I have myeloma? What are the signs and symptoms?
I wanted to know why the doctor was so concerned when she looked at my test results. What was it that looked so sinister? How worried should I be? Was the doctor over-reacting?

3. How curable is myeloma?
If they do tell me it’s myeloma, what exactly does that mean? Is it a “death sentence”? Will they tell me “You have 12 months to live. Get your life in order and prepare for the worst.”?

4. What are the stages of myeloma?
The reading I’ve done said that there were different stages of myeloma. What are the symptoms of each stage? What are the survival rates of each stage? If I had a later stage myeloma, wouldn’t I know about it? Wouldn’t I actually feel like I was sick? What does it mean to have multiple myeloma?

5. How quickly does myeloma progress or spread?
Should I have gone to the doctor sooner?  Was this delay critical?  Do I have multiple myeloma?

6. How is myeloma normally treated?
Would I have to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment? If so, for how long? Do I need a bone marrow transplant?  What are the odds of curing the disease using these treatments?
7. What are the common side effects of the myeloma treatments?
Would I lose my hair?  Would I become sterile? What else could I expect?

8. What alternative treatments are available?
I’ve heard of some new experimental studies, should I consider these?  Should I know more about stem cell stuidies?  Which of these are proven and documented, and which ones are “snake oil”?  Is it possible to combine alternative treatments with surgery?

9. What are the latest myeloma treatments being developed, and who is carrying out clinical trials of these new treatments?
If there was some new treatment out there, how could I find out about it, and be a part of it? Where can I find the best doctors and facilities for treatment?

10. What do I do after being diagnosed?
I didn’t feel “sick”, so staying home in bed didn’t seem appropriate. But just going back to work and trying to ignore it didn’t work for me either. What would give me the best chance?

11. How do I get in touch with others who are going through the same thing? What support groups are available for myeloma sufferers or friends and family?
I felt it would help to talk to others, especially about their feelings in the early stages. I also wanted to know how to break the news to my family. I have two young children, and the thought of having to tell them “Mommy might not be around for much longer” terrified me.

12. How / where can I get counseling?
I knew I would probably want other support, if the tests came back positive, but where do I find a good, understanding counselor who deals a lot with cancer sufferers?  What are the best counseling groups and how do I contact them?
These questions are all answered in the Myeloma Support Guide.  Get information to all these questions, and many more.  For just $39 you can have this comprehensive guide to lean everything you need to know about Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma now!



       Learn How Myeloma Can Be Treated

In the past, Myeloma patients didn’t have easy access to information on their disorder. And not much was known about this cancer.  Times have changed, you can now get plenty of informaiton on myeloma and multiple myeloma that just a few years ago where not known.

Can you imagine… not knowing what myeloma means to you.  We have taken the mystique out of the symptoms, tests, medications and treatment alternatives.

Because of these reasons, along with my own personal experience with a friend having myeloma, I have much of my own research and present the best information on this topic.

Now those who may have, or know someone, with Myeloma, can quickly and easily get access to the very latest Myeloma information.


In the Myeloma Support Guide,you will find:

· Descriptions of myeloma and multiple myeloma…so you can get a better idea if  you or a loved one should seek medical treatment

· The latest information on this cancer from the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University School of Medicen… with informaiton on the latest studies and treatments

· Information on disorders with similar symptoms…so you or a loved one won’t spend years seeking treatment for the wrong disorder

· In-depth information on Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma…so you can gain a better understanding of how Myeloma is best controlled and treated

· A discussion of the very latest, groundbreaking Myelmoa treatment methods… so you can knowledgeably discuss with your physician whether one of these cutting-edge treatments might be in your (or your loved one’s) best interest in the fight against Myeloma

· In-depth coverage of the most current studies and treatment alternatives for Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma… that are producing tremendous results and which you will definitely want to consider discussing as a possible treatment option with your physician 

· Extensive coverage of the benefits and side-effects of the cutting-edge medications currently being used to treat Myeloma… so you can better understand what your specialist is talking about and weigh whether one of these drugs is right for you   

· A review of current studies, information on how you can become part of the studies on Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma… including numerous tips for living a happy, healthy life 

· Real-life examples of how people are living successfully with Myelmoa and Multiple Myeloma… and how what they are doing can be applied in your (or a loved one’s) life

· And much, much more!

Don't waste time wondering - find the answers and understand how myeloma and multiple myeloma will impact your life.






You Can Overcome the Effects of Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma...

· Have you ever walked on a sidewalk and been careful not to step on the cracks that divide its sections?

· Have you ever had a superstition like knocking on wood after you said something?

· When leaving the house, have you ever felt the need to check the stove to make sure it’s off, even though you may have just checked it a few moments ago?


In the Myeloma Support Guide, you don't leave things to chance or luck.  You get to learn about:

· Average, everyday people who are currently living with Myeloma

· Experts who are busily investigating the causes of Myeloma and formulating treatment plans that help Myeloma sufferers regain control of their lives. 

· Organizations that are funding important Myeloma research as well as assisting Myeloma sufferers in living with their diagnosis. 


Isn’t It Time That You Learned More About Myeloma?

In the Myeloma Support Guide, you will discover:

· what myeloma and multiple myelmoa means for those who have it

· how you or a loved one can better know whether or not to seek treatment

· what diagnosis of myelmoa could mean for your, or your loved one’s, children

· learn what your first step is once you have been diagnosed

· find out if you, or your loved one, are going to experience 

· how this disorder can be misdiagnosed based on misreading symptoms

· whether or not there is a better treatment available for you or your loved one

· whether or not there is anything you can do to speed up the treatment process

· and much, much more! 

Stop feeling helpless about Myeloma. Regain control of your life... with critical information on how to free yourself from becoming obsessed - become informed.


Finally, One Convenient Resource That Answers All Your Myeloma Questions!

Order your Myeloma Support Guide and learn everything you need to know about myeloma and multiple myeloma.  

Right now, for a very limited time, you can take advantage of this special promotional offer and receive your Myeloma Support Guide.  Get the information in one place and learn everything you need to know for just $39.... don't delay you understanding Myeloma, be armed with questions for your next doctor appointment. 


Plus when you order your Myeloma Support Guide, you will also receive these valuable 4 Special Bonus Reports for FREE:


FREE Bonus Report #1 – Breast Cancer Report

FREE Bonus Report #2 - Prostrate Cancer Report

FREE Bonus Report #3- Melanoma/Skin Cancer Report

FREE Bonus Report #4 - Lung Cancer Report

These free reports provide comprehensive facts and information you will want to have and share with friends and family who need this information. 

This is a value of $109 value when they are sold separately.

Cut through the overwhelming information and get to the facts you or someone you love needs to know. 

Learn about the cancer, its symptoms, how it is diagnosed and the treatment options that are available.  The treatment options go into detail about recovery issues and side effects that may result from the treatment options available. 

These reports will save you hours of research and valuable time trying to understand the science and technical jargon with simple straight forward information. 

When You Order Now…

You will receive your immediately downloadable Myeloma Support Guide that includes everything you need to know about myeloma and multiple myeloma, plus the four special free bonus gifts, all for just $39. 


The bonus gifts alone are worth much more than the low price you will be paying! But hurry, this generous offer won’t be available in a free package as they are going to be sold individually in the near future.  So act now and get your order processed today!


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I am so sure that you will love your Myeloma Support Guide and your four free bonus gifts, a $109.00 value, that I, in conjunction with ClickBank, am offering you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

With an Unconditional 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose.
If you are not completely delighted with your Myeloma Support Guide purchase, simply notify either me or ClickBank within 60 days, and ClickBank will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose… and a life changing value of information on Myeloma and Multiple myeloma to gain!


Plus, with our convenient secure online ordering system and immediate download feature, you can begin reading your Myeloma Support Guide, and benefiting from its expert advice and comprehensive information, within just 15 minutes of placing your order!



 To download your Myeloma Support Guide right now click the order button below!



The First Line of Defense Against Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma is Knowledge!

The more you understand the more capable you are of managing its symptoms and the sooner you can seek treatment with the knowledge you need to make the right choices.

Understanding the symptoms helps both patients and their loved ones.


Remember, by ordering now you will also receive

four free bonus gifts valued at $109.00 with your order!


Here’s How to Order:


To order, simply click on any of the "Click Here to Order Now" buttons.


By clicking on these buttongs you can take advantage of our immediate download access, which means you'll be reading and enjoying the benefits of your Myeloma Support Guide within as little as 15 minutes after placing your order!

You will also be able to download the four bonus reports. 



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P.P.P.S Still not convinced that you need the Myeloma Support Guide? Let me give you one more reason why you need to get your Myeloma Support Guide right now. The Myeloma Support Guide gives you all the latest information on the symptoms, causes, treatments and more in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend countless hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable … when you can learn everything you need to know about  Myeloma ... in one convenient, inexpensive immediately downloadable guide book?



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