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Breaking News: The Coffee Millionaires Online Money Making System Is Finally Going Public…

WTF?! “Former Internet Failure Escapes Bankruptcy And Now Makes $116,127.60 Per Month?!” YEP!

“I Guarantee This Proven “Copy-N-Profit” System Can Make You Rich… Even If You're Extremely Lazy and Can Barely Use A Computer”

An Open Letter From: Larry Fine & Chris McKenna

Dear Friend,

If you’re feeling locked-out of online marketing because you’re not tech savvy or you’ve been burned too many times chasing dead-end systems... then I’ve got some great news...

Today, you’re going to discover how the powerful 'copy-n-profit' system I created a few months ago while sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee… could soon start making you an extra $3,870.92 per day!

And you can do this without...
Without marketing someone else’s product! Without spending a penny on pay per click campaigns!  Without working more than 1 hour a day! 

Before I give you all the details on the system that’s going to start making you money online next week - let me give you some background on why I created this for you.

My name is Larry Fine.

It’s likely you’ve never heard of me before, and that’s because I’m not a smooth-talking Internet guy. Not at all. I’m a regular guy, who happened to hit it big online – after a freak encounter with a punk-ass surfer… and a big breasted barista.

Here’s What Other Coffee Millionaires Are Saying… 

"Chris and Larry are the real deal!  I started working with Chris last year and using the systems I learned from Chris we generated over $116,168 in 13 days last month... and I'm implementing a few of their other strategies next month on a new income stream that will generate about $5k/mo for me on autopilot.

Lol, as I type this I'm heading to the coffee shop to get a bit of "work" done.  Thanks guys!"

Trevor M.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

My life wasn’t always easy, far from it. In fact, just last year I was unemployed, deep in debt, and going broke fast… but when I found out my house was ready to get foreclosed - that was the last straw.

I needed money, and I needed it fast.

For me, the Internet was my last - and only - option. So I spent countless hours researching ways to make money online.

I bought all the systems, watched countless videos and read 17 e-books… but nothing really worked.

In fact, things were getting worse for me. My plan to make money actually cost me over $3,750 dollars. I was getting deeper in the hole, and had no clue how I was going to get out.

To top it off, my wife was ready to kill me and kept telling me to get a job flipping burgers… but I have too much pride, and working alongside snot-nosed Johnny wasn’t an option.

I Needed A Job-Replacing Income – And I Needed It FAST!

At that humbling moment, I sat down and jotted down what I began to think was the “perfect” online business.

I took the best nuggets from everything I learned, and wrote out an ideal strategy to get rich online. One that I thought was brilliant…

The business required:
No technical skills! No marketing skills! No selling! No inventory! No shipping! No contact with customers! No boss! No need for a big budget! No real effort! No confusing Pay Per Click campaigns! No SEO! And absolutely NO online marketing experience!

I was confident it was a “can’t miss” business, and I was determined to make it work…

But there was a problem.

My “brilliant” plan required me to spend thousands of dollars. That I didn’t have.

I knew I was close to figuring out this internet marketing thing, I could practically taste the success.

Then something incredible happened…

How A FREAK Encounter With A Punk-Ass Surfer… And A Big Breasted Barista Changed My Life FOREVER!

Okay, so I’m struggling to keep food on the table, watching every penny I spend, and on a whim I decide to get a fancy coffee at Starbucks.

If my wife knew I spent $4.26 on a venti caramel macchiato she would have killed me. Let’s keep that our little secret.  

So I get my drink, start walking to a table, and BAM!

From out of no where comes a hot barista with a killer body… 

And then – THUMP!

I walked into a chair, and dumped my coffee all over a punk surfers $85 Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Introducing: The Coffee Millionaire Phenomenon 

So, what’s a Coffee Millionaire?  

In short, it’s a lifestyle. Let me explain… 

When you have money, with it comes freedom.  

Freedom to do what you want, when you want.

For example… Have you ever seen a 20-something plugging away on a laptop at Starbucks? Ever wonder what that “kid” is doing?  

Well, that “kid” just might be a “Coffee Millionaire.”  

A small but rapidly growing alliance of like-minded opportunity seekers… using an amazing new copy-and-profit” system that spits cash right into your bank account…   

Keep reading to discover how you could soon become the next Coffee Millionaire…

After running to get a stack of napkins, and offering to buy him a new shirt… I asked him how he could afford such an expensive t-shirt… and his response shocked me!

He said “I market products online, sitting here at Starbucks. I make a few thousand dollars a week.”

“Oh, so you do affiliate marketing?” I asked.

Nope. I help people launch products.

What you’re telling me is: You work from Starbucks every day, and help people get rich online.


Then it hit me, this 20-something surfer dude, named Chris, held the missing link that I desperately needed (but couldn’t afford) to complete my plan.

I explained to him that I had some amazing ideas for making money online, one’s that were unlike anything he’d likely seen.

When we met the next day to go over my plan, he was “stoked” (as he put it). I remember him saying, “No one’s doing anything like this. It’s brilliant!”

My goal was simple: Create an online marketing system that’s so simple anyone with half a brain could put in minimal effort and have a business up-and-running in less than two weeks.

So Chris and I started developing …

A System That’s So Simple Even A 3rd Grader Can Make Money Using It

We worked around the clock sucking down coffees like they were Tic-Tacs… and completed the system in a few days. 

So we tested it out and the results were better than I ever expected. Just 2 weeks after developing what we now call the Coffee Millionaire Profit System… I paid off all of my credit card debt, and got totally caught up on my mortgage payments.

And then, something amazing happened.

As word leaked out about our new system, online marketers around the world started copying our every move.

And we quickly developed a loyal following known amongst Internet elite as:
The Coffee Millionaire Phenomenon.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term before or read about it on message boards. If not, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.

But know this:

I Went From Being A Broke Loser… To Husband Of The Year In Just 14 Days!

Today, just 9 months after meeting Chris - and developing a killer system - I no longer worry about money.

And I want you to live the same care-free lifestyle I now live…
I am debt free. I just bought a new 3,500 square foot house, and barely have a mortgage. Next month I’m taking my family on an exotic vacation to Fiji. I no longer lose sleep worrying about how I’m going to pay my bills. I drive a brand new 2009 hybrid car and have NO payments. I coach ALL of my sons sport teams. I have NO boss. I never miss an event at my kid’s schools. I "work" from Starbucks for 2-3 hours a day, when I feel like it. I am FREE to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

It’s shocking that my life could completely turnaround because I spilled coffee on Chris at Starbucks.

And in today’s tough economy I know there are plenty of people out there struggling like I once was...

That’s why I’d like to share the secrets of my success with you right now.

But before I give you full details…

I need to ask you an important question. One that could prevent you from reading any further…

Are You Comfortable Having An Unfair Advantage Over 99.7% Of All Online Marketers?  Good!

Because We’ve Developed A Proven “Push Button” Solution To Make You Money Online…

At this point, I know you may be skeptical, you should be…

There are a lot of “gurus” out there offering empty promises with their “sure-fire” systems that promise to make you a millionaire overnight.

Don’t think you’re alone, every internet marketer (including Chris and I) has spent thousands of dollars on systems that never seem to live up to the hype.

And I’ll be honest with you, this system does require some (but not much) effort on your part.

So if you think you’re just going to turn on the money faucet and get rich. I think you’ll be disappointed in this, and EVERY other system out there.

Yes, with our system you can have a profitable online business up and running in under a week, but that’s only if you decide to go balls to the wall.  

Considering the success we’ve had, I know the tiny effort it takes to make this work is well worth the reward, but I want you to have realistic expectations. 

Remember, I’m not a “guru” or a slick talking marketer. I know that’s its virtually impossible to become a millionaire overnight online or anywhere. And I’m always cautious of anyone that tells me otherwise…

But I also know this: I’m a regular guy - with a bit of luck - who went from rags to riches in just months.

And I’d like to share the “copy-n-profit” system we created with you.  

So you can rip yourself away from the daily rat race… and start building your very own online empire.

But there’s a small catch: Because this money-making formula involves techniques that are so new, so powerful, and so effective…    

We're putting a strict limit on the number of people we grant access to

Since this site is still up and you’re reading this now… that means we still have a spot available for you. But based on early response you’ll need to act fast.

You see, people are flocking in droves to get on board because…

Even If You’re Lazy And Barely Know How To Use A Computer… You Can Become A Coffee Millionaire In Just One Week (Or Less)

Sounds hard to believe, I know.

Stay with me here and you’ll see exactly how you’re going to succeed.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what one well-known Internet marketer says about the Coffee Millionaire system…

[Get The Coffee Millionaires Profit System
RISK-FREE Right Now](http://1.cmillion.pay.clickbank.net)

It’s obvious this system works, and that marketers using it are making a lot of money, and those who aren’t are struggling.

Right out of the gate you’ll learn…
How to get rich without ever dealing directly with customers, and without ever shipping a single product The “missing link” technique every successful internet marketer knows… but doesn’t want to share How to earn 5, 10, even 20 times more per day than you do now, in less than 1 week! The quickest and easiest way to make money online even if you have no technical skills How to select a ridiculously profitable information product Over the shoulder instructions on how to launch products and send your sales into the stratosphere The single biggest mistake every newbie makes when launching products on Clickbank…and how to avoid it A ninja-like technique to get affiliates to market for YOU A great inside secret that converts visitors to buyers… so you get rich

You’ll start making money just days from now by following our simple “copy-n-profit” system. More money than you can imagine!

I'm going to take by the hand and walk you down the road to Internet riches. Keep in mind…
This is proven strategy is so simple a newbie can do it… and it’s the same trick every Internet pro uses to make money! You can repeat this formula dozens of times – whenever you have spare time – so you can make an extra $3,870.92 a day or even $116,127.60 each month!

And you just need to...

Look Over My Shoulder, Follow A Few Simple Steps... And Watch The Profits Coming Pouring In!

I hate to be blunt, but it’s decision time…

Are you ready to take action and start pocketing a six-figure income online… or do you want to continue sitting on the sidelines reading about all the money regular people (like you and I) are making money on the Internet?  

The choice is yours. 

If you decide to stop reading right now, that’s okay, I understand. But there’s something you’ll have to do…  

You go tell your family why you’re not going on vacation.  

You tell your wife why you can’t afford to go out for a nice dinner.   

You figure out how to pay your mortgage.  

You lose sleep at night stressing about how you’re going to pay your bills.  

These are worries I no longer have… and you won’t have them either if you decide to read on... and I hope you will.

The truth of the matter is, very few online business models are proven to work – but you are about to discover one that does.

You see, regular people like you and I used to be LOCKED OUT from the money making side of the Internet.

But that changes – NOW!

From the very first time, I'm excited to finally introduce you to a strategy that's busting Internet marketing riches wide open for opportunity seekers like yourself.

You’re about to discover how ALL of the “gurus” really make money online… and how you can use the same strategy to build your fortune starting today. 

REVEALED: The Inside Secrets Of The World’s
Most Profitable Business

I want to let you in on a secret…

It’s a secret that’s known to ALL of the most successful online marketers.

Here it is: The richest Internet “gurus” get rich online selling information products!

It’s the easiest and most profitable product known to man.

And it’s the absolute surest path to online success there is. Ask any successful online marketer, they’ll tell you.

No doubt, it’s the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to build your online empire.

Why do you think sales at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million are plummeting…it’s because people want information and they want it instantly. And with information products – we can deliver instant gratification.

That’s why they sell like hotcakes. 

The best part:
You don't have to be tech savvy You don’t have to be an internet wizard  You don't have to deal with customers You don’t have to ship any products You don't have to pay for advertising to get started

Anyone can do this.  We've shown accountants, postal workers, firemen and even an arrogant attorney how to make money selling info products.

Just by following our simple step-by-step strategy… you could start making a few thousand dollars or more money in under a week.  

Here’s proof that you can really make thousands of dollars following our strategy…

[Get The Coffee Millionaires Profit System
RISK-FREE Right Now](http://1.cmillion.pay.clickbank.net)

 It’s Time For You To Start Living The
Coffee Millionaire Lifestyle 

Getting started with information products is simple to do.

If you can turn on a computer and get onto the Internet, you can follow our techniques to make money with your own products.

Wouldn’t it be great to have online marketers working for you. Nice change of pace, huh?

Frankly, I’m sick of all the pay per click schemes and lame affiliate marketing programs. And I’m sure you are too. They only end up working for the person with the product.

And I want that person to be you!

Today, this is about you… and taking charge of your life. Looking out for number one… by making a simple move that offers you a steady stream of passive income.

Let me show you a few more reasons why information products are the best business in the world…
There’s absolutely no inventory No printing costs No major out of pocket expenses They’re easy to sell (Heck, other’s will sell it for you!) No shipping costs Buyers get it instantly after ordering, and buyers love instant gratification! Regular books are old school… info products sell for 2-3 times the price This is the simplest (and most profitable) way to get started online You can sell as many products as you want… the sky is truly the limit

Quite simply, we’ve developed a “copy-n-profit” system that provides you with all the tools you need to create and sell your own products online.

But I’m going to do more than just give the tools you need. I’ll show you how to build your own money-making empire.

You’ll soon discover…
A quick way to get the search engines to love your site (which will drive you tons of FREE traffic) Where to find profitable hidden corners that most people overlook I'll walk you through a quick and easy way to choose and set-up your hosting account The best place to go for domain registration, including killer tips to picking a great site name I'll give you four fantastic templates to build your website even if you are clueless about site design! Plus, I'll show you how to get an amazing writer to write everything you need for pennies

So you can make a fortune on the internet starting just minutes from now.

There’s Absolutely No Way You Can Screw This Up... Anyone Can Use This Simple “Copy-N-Profit” System

For the very first minute you’ll get to look right over my shoulder as I create a brand new information product.

From registering and picking a domain… to setting up the website, shopping cart and auto-responders… to launching the product.

You’ll be there every step of the way.

You will literally watch the entire creation of a product that I just launched on Clickbank a couple of days ago.

I’ve always thought the best way to teach someone is by example. So that’s what Chris and I have done. We’ll be by your side every step of the way so you can go from a no website, no product Internet wannabe…to a money making piranha devouring the competition in no time flat.

For the first time ever, you can access a simple ‘click-n-profit’ system that lets you make money online... simply by following my ‘idiot-proof’ methods...

For example, you’ll also learn…
How to upload to your website with just a few simple clicks of your mouse My top-secret trick that will flood your site with targeted traffic How to write effective sales copy that converts An easy way to make sure your product will be a winner A simple method to create a product quickly and easily Every single thing you need to set up a quick site and start selling your product fast

If you’re ready to get started making money online – selling the easiest and most profitable product - then this simple strategy is the surest path you’ll ever find.   

In fact, it’s very realistic to believe that you’ll make more money next month than you make in a year!  

You’re just days away from living The Coffee Millionaire lifestyle… one where you "work" (if you really want to call it work) whenever you want and on your own terms, because...

For The Very First Time We’re Releasing A Limited Number Of Coffee Millionaire Profit Systems

Are you ready to make money for yourself?

Are you ready to stop chasing your tail working for “the man”?

Are you ready to build YOUR own online empire?

GREAT! Because I have a feeling a windfall payday is in your immediate future.

I’m talking about pocketing an extra $78,193.22 in just one day… think that might change your life for the better?

Would you tell your boss to shove it? Would you go on a vacation? Would you payoff your credit card bills? Would you be able to sleep like a baby?

Whatever your goals are, whatever your passion is, whatever you want from life, it can be yours…

There are hundreds of systems out there… but today you’re discovering much more than a system…

You’re discovering a once in a lifetime opportunity that will soon bring you Internet riches… and with your newfound success comes - FREEDOM.

Just imagine being able to work as much, or as little as you want.

Imagine no more clock-watching boss looking over your shoulder.

Imagine calling Starbucks your office.

Well, my friend, that’s the life I live. And I want you to live it too.

[Get The Coffee Millionaires Profit System
RISK-FREE Right Now](http://1.cmillion.pay.clickbank.net)

Oh, if you think I’m kidding about working from a Starbucks a couple of hours a day… come to Delray Beach, Florida sometime – you’ll see me sitting there drinking a Komodo Dragon coffee almost every day. I guarantee it.

And I look forward to showing you everything I’ve learned…

I’m Really Excited About Showing You How
To Make Money Online

Here’s a brief sample of what else you’ll learn from the Coffee Millionaire’s powerful new system…
Step-by-step details on writing your info product and sales copy How to set up an auto-responder in minutes… and all the emails you need A behind the scenes look at the websites ALL the “gurus” use when you buy from them… and links so you can start using them too! A simple way to accept payments on your website A clever way to make more money on every sale you make… within minutes An easy way to get paid from each customer throughout the year – by simply sending an automated email How to use other people’s products to boost your income Copy and paste email templates that will get your prospects to give you money hand over fist Why having competition helps grow your business How to create “evergreen” products that you can sell forever A great way to build your email list while you sleep

And by acting fast, I’m going to give you something very special…

You Can Use Our Brand New “Instant Website Creator” Absolutely FREE

Chris just created what he calls an “Instant Website Creator”… and I want you to access it right away to create your own website absolutely FREE.

I’ve got to be honest with you though…

Chris wants to charge $450 for each site it creates, but I told him “NO WAY!”

So, for the time being we’re giving them away.

But if I were you I wouldn’t wait another minute to claim your site at no cost today.

Chris really wants to start selling them and making money with his latest creation soon.

Once you have your “easy to create” site up…

I am confident you can put our simple strategy to work, and get a BIG boost to your bank account within days.

Here’s why…

It Really Is As Easy As 1,2,3

In a nutshell, the system works like this …

Step 1: You watch the step-by-step videos by following over my shoulder as I create a website, e-book, and everything step in between… Step 2: You use our proprietary (and totally customizable) website creator… and follow our simple instructions. Step 3: You launch your product within days.
I guess you could say there is a “step 4.”  

But that’s just the sound of money flowing into your bank account just a few days from now…. Seriously, you’ll start making money within minutes of launching your e-book.

So How Much Is All This Worth?

Well, considering you could start generating at least $3,000 in daily income literally just days from now…

You’d think $5,000 would be a fair price…

And at $2,000 it would pay for itself in no time flat…

But we’re not charging $5,000, $2,000 or even close…

For a limited time you can get The Coffee Millionaires money making system – and the $450 website I’m giving you FREE – for just $297. 

Considering just one of our clients just pocketed $56,154 in a single month - this price is a bargain.

But we know times are tough, and people are skeptical when it comes to making money these days, so here’s what we’re doing…

If you take advantage of this opportunity today you’ll pay just $97 – a 68% savings off the normal price.

Obviously, we can’t keep this price for long, we’re practically giving it away… and I know that $97 is a lot of money to some people.

But I want you to become rich using our system, and I’m confident you will, so here’s what I’m going to do for you…

Here’s My Iron-Clad, 100% Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee…

In case I forgot to mention: The Coffee Millionaires system is 100% GUARANTEED!

There's no question The Coffee Millionaires system works, so I'm not going to force you to prove you tried to make it work to get a refund.

The fact is, if you put in just a little bit of effort - even half of what we suggest you do - YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

It's not a question of whether or not this will be "right" for you.

It's a question of how much money will you make?

How important is it for you to provide for your family?

We both know you can't afford to go another day without this system…

So, since it's not a question of if it will work, or if it will work for YOU (I know the answer is YES on both accounts), I'm going to make this simple.

Heck... you could use every tactic... every strategy... every-single-damn-thing we give you... You can make a ton of contacts that help your career soar... You could copy everything we do and make a million bucks. But if for any reason at all you want your money back...

I want you to be happy… and I want you to be successful.

But you need to hurry. 

This special LOW PRICE of only $97 (a $200 discount off the $297 normal price) is for a limited time only. 

And once it expires, it may never be offered again. 

You might be thinking about it. But don't.  

You're ready to start your own online business sooner or later – and the best time to get started is right now. 

Within seconds of ordering, we'll deliver everything... so you can get started right away.

If you’re not thrilled, we'll give you a prompt refund ... so trying this out costs you absolutely nothing.

If you do like it, and I know you will, ordering now means you’ll pay just $97 bucks.  

Wait a day, and it will cost you $297. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Order The Coffee Millionaires Profit System on a 60-day risk-free trial basis, simply click here now:     


[Get The Coffee Millionaires Profit System
RISK-FREE Right Now](http://1.cmillion.pay.clickbank.net) 

To your success, 


Larry Fine & Chris McKenna
Coffee Millionaires

P.S. I am so convinced that The Coffee Millionaires system will boost your wealth that... if you are not 100% thrilled, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll send you a prompt and full refund of every penny you paid. That way, you risk nothing.

And whatever you decide, The Coffee Millionaires system and the $450 website I’m giving you is yours to keep – FREE – as my gift to you ... just for giving this a try.

P.P.S. Remember: By ordering today you can save $200 off the normal price of $297. For a limited time you can pay just $97 and save 68% OFF the normal price… But don’t wait another day the price is going up tomorrow.

It’s time for you to take action:

[Get The Coffee Millionaires Profit System
RISK-FREE Right Now](http://1.cmillion.pay.clickbank.net)

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