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"WARNING: Learning How To Talk
Dirty Dialogue May Cause Instant Obsession, Insatiable Lust, And
Undivided Devotion From Your Man!"

Dirty Talk Testimonials:


"You and your dirty talk advice has saved my relationship, and have brought me and my man closer together.  You’re amazing.  I can never repay you enough for this!

Thank you so very much!"


-Amanda R.

"I have opened up my thoughts and fantasies and it is, in fact, driving [my man] crazy! 

After a few wild nights i actually got complimented that I am fantastic in bed! (Which is something I have  never  heard from any other guy).

Thank You!"


-Sarah D.


"My boyfriend really seems to like the new improved less shy me.  Thanks to you and your help, I am starting to feel comfortable with what I say when talking dirty and how I say it.  So thank you for all your help and support!"


  -Jordan P.


"I needed your help talking dirty to my boyfriend because my boyfriend is in the army and is stationed in Washington, where as I live in Nevada.

You have helped me to open up to him when I can't see him. So for that, I thank you!"


-Gina M.


"I took your dirty talk advice of saying 'I can still feel u inside me… and a lil more.' Let me tell you… he was texting me all day from work AND his drive home, telling me about how hard he is, and how he can't stop thinking about last nite!

Wow! Those few words really worked. Thanks!!!

-Brianne C.


'Thank you for all of your hard work.  You have hit the nail on the head.  If I had not known now what you have set me free, to talk dirty to my lover, I would still be in the dark ages. 

My only wish was that I had known forty-five years ago what I have learned from you,  I would have had a happier life with the man I have loved so dearly. 

I just didn't know what to say, or how to tell him what I wanted or like.  Now, we have the most wonderful love affair, by e-mail and telephone.  It is sad that, girls and women have been taught to be ashamed to feel, want, or even convey, what they truly desired. 

For this, I thank you!  Perhaps your knowledge will be the new wave in 2008-2009"

-Jessica S.


"I 100% loved [the ebook]! To be honest, it was much better than I anticipated. Great information to support each topic. At least, for me, the info helps to really understand which makes it stick in my head and pay attention to what I'm reading…I need to get going, but I'll write soon with more.

Thank you for what your doing for us women."


-Bethany W.


Dear Friend,

My name is Devian Day, and in just a moment, I will show how to turn your man into a sexual stallion, ignite passion from deep within his sexual spirit with dirty talk, and build the most intimate unspoken bond you’ve ever had in your life...

...just like I have for hundreds of women over the years.

And I will do this for you...

...no matter what kind of results you’ve been getting (or not getting) up to now...

...and no matter how much you are currently afraid of letting go of your sexual control.

If you desire, you really can change your entire life. Starting today.

I’ve been proving this bold promise my entire adult life – opening every girlfriend I’ve ever had to a brand spankin’ new world of erotic enjoyment...

...and showing even the most timid (and most ashamed) type of girl how to "break the code" in allowing herself to act on her selfish sexual desires, talk dirty, and embrace her female sexuality in an intimate relationship.

Almost every other girl I have given advice to quickly discovered a part of themselves that had been kept secret for a long, long time...and I urge you to think long and hard about the future of your relationship, so you clearly understand what the stakes are for you.

Because the stakes are HUGE.

Most women murder their chance of talking dirty to her man before she even begins.

But the lucky ones – and the smart ones – figure out that nothing you say while talking dirty will really turn him on...

Until You Learn To Unleash The Kinky Freak Inside.

In fact, once these shortcuts are revealed to you... it’s actually SIMPLE to know what to say when talking dirty to your man in a way that lights his fire every time, compels him to stay satisfied and faithful to you...and satisfies him the way he CRAVES.

And the rumors are true: Relationships get 10-times stronger once the sex finally starts getting THIS intimate.

Can these shortcuts work for you?

I’ll tell you this: I’ve taught many sexually repressed women to follow simple "dirty talk steps" that took them from humiliating failures to stunning success... almost overnight.

And I’ve shown shy, frightened girlfriends (who never talked dirty before) how to quickly spark intense sexual energy that took their boyfriend’s breath away.

The key points are these:

I have already helped hundreds of women get their dirty talking act together, both when talking dirty in person or long distance, over every communication medium you can think of...

I remain the ONLY world-class dirty talk advice guru to offer both personalized mastermind online mentoring...and also do-it-yourself "learn at home" options (so you can master all the basic dirty talk skills, no matter what your personal learning style is)...

And I offer you a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out everything for FREE if you choose...

Almost immediately, you can...

Approach talking dirty to your man with full confidence (no matter how embarrassing your efforts have been before)...

Use dirty talk to control your man’s fantasy (no matter how much porn he watches, or other girls he might be thinking about)...

Force your man to obsess over you (even if you can’t even get him to pay attention to you now)...

And take almost ANY woman – with ANY man – from zero to breathtaking success in the shortest time humanly possible.

And it doesn’t matter if you mostly talk dirty in person, on the phone, text, or over the web.

Just get straight on this fact: Your sex life will NOT take off…until you get your mind juiced up with the tested dirty talk formulas and proven "classic" dirty talk secrets that ONLY a seasoned pro can reveal to you.

Here’s what I have for you:
Step-by-step blueprints and formulas for getting your own tantalizing results as fast as possible…

Your own white hot copy of the best-selling digital ebook "Dirty Dialogue: A Good Girl’s Guide To Being Bad."


This is the same step-by-step guidebook that is on the hard drive of the most sexually satisfying women in the world.

And don’t let the idea of "talking dirty" scare you. (Many rookies instantly go into brain-lock-down when they hear it, because they’ve convinced themselves that dirty talk is "hard". Nonsense.)

This amazing book is so legendary because it’s truly a huge "shortcut roadmap" on how to go from clueless…to clued-in…in the fastest time humanly possible.

It’s not the words you say…it’s all about the sexual message you inject in his head


And this book is exactly like finding a detailed map that leads you quickly past your man’s expectations (where most inexperienced women end up)…straight to the Promised Land of Sexual Pleasure and Massive Arousal.

I reveal everything including:

The erotic arts of super-successful world-class temptation…

The "keep it simple" dirty talk secrets of igniting the most amount of passion from the least amount of effort…

And the honest shortcuts behind getting what dirty talk he desperately needs to hear, said.

This isn’t about grammar.

In fact, I often say I’d rather teach a sexually expressive girl that barley speaks English how to talk dirty…than try to teach a woman with a Ph.D. in English how to be sexual.

Trust me on this: If you have a DROP of kinky blood in your veins – I’ll show you how to MAXIMIZE it.

Here's just a taste of what you're about to experience:

How to quickly turn your hidden sexual fire into red-hot dirty talk... even if you flunked English... with the amazing "Sexual Fireworks 3-Step Shortcut" to pleasing your man the FIRST time you talk dirty.

How to pleasure your man more in one phone call than you physically could in a weekend.

44 proven examples of hyper-successful dirty talk concepts you can use immediately (no matter situation you're in)... plus a tested "script" to use when you gotta have limited time phone-sex FAST.

How to uncover the fantasy-inducing HOOK that will make your man go crazy.  (I'll show you how to be the ONE girl your man thinks about today that gets his blood pumping and forces him to CRAVE your body. His adrenaline levels won't go down until he's had sex with you!)

Why your dirty talk depends on some basic "street smart feminine secrets"... and how to master them quickly, even if had the most boring sex in town.

A very simple tactic that can double his pleasure overnight!  (ALL super-sexual women use this tactic, and yet it remains unknown to most females.)

How to confidently "emphasize" pleasure for obscenely-hot reactions from your man. (The key to Big Time success.)

How to create your own "perfect" fantasy over a short weekend... so you can start lighting his fire even if you don't have any "real" sexual experience or anything to talk about yet. (Many of the happiest women online started out with JUST this tactic, and nothing else.)

The lust-pumping secrets of the "Sexual Mind". (You can skip going to college for a master's degree in neuroscience... because EVERYTHING you need to know about how his brain interprets dirty talk is right here. Explained in a tidy 5-pages that will change your life forever.)

And a ton more.  Like how to please yourself (for his enjoyment, for your orgasm, even for the security of your relationship)...

...what scientists know about "male psychology" that few women ever discover (these are the wacky, hard-to-believe secrets behind the ability to tease a man's "hot buttons" to the point of frenzy...

...the one word that NO MAN in the history of civilization has ever NOT enjoyed...

...and  the 1 proven passion-boosting dirty talk phrase to turn him on NOW.

And that's just a small sample of what you'll find.

Each section of this famous course has been carefully designed to short-cut your path to becoming a IRRESISTIBLE dirty talking diva.

I don't care if you've never talked dirty in your life.

Or if you're just starting out.

Or if you've taken six other relationships straight into break-up.

Or even if you haven't got a clue WHAT you want to say yet.

None  of that matters.

The ONLY thing that does matter right now... is your desire to get on the bus.

To take that first, small, easy step that will empower you -- finally -- with pro-level tricks, tactics, and blueprints that will amplify intimacy and trust and new-found faith in a night. Hot and steamy.

Are you ready to get started?

Before I even mention a price... let's make you understand how EASY this decision really is.


I will hold ALL the risk here.

If... after checking out "Dirty Dialogue: A Good Girl's Guide To Being Bad " for 2 entire months... you are unhappy with it -- for ANY reason at all -- then I INSIST you return it.

And your purchase price will be promptly refunded.


That's a...

2-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
No Questions Asked.


That means... you essentially get to see and try out everything in the course for FREE, if you choose.

And yes, it's definitely a financial gamble for me to do this.

However, this book is the real thing. I have poured everything I know about talking dirty, female sexuality and male fantasies (and everything I know about living a life of sexual exploration) into it... and I have YEARS of results to prove it.

My reputation is world-wide, for everyone to see. I HAVE to fulfill on every promise, because Dirty Dialogue is so well-known... and that means I have considered everything very carefully before offering it to you.

In my years of sexual exploration, I have run into very few women who didn’t transform into living far more sexually fulfilling lives. Because, again, this truly is the real thing here.

The choice is yours.

Check everything out, to your heart's content. 

Treat the ebook as your own, and dig in.


See what kind of results you get.


And if you're not happy, simply return it for a fast, prompt refund.


It's that simple.


No questions asked. You do NOT need to give me a reason for the return.  I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted women over my entire life.


Your price for this vast "insider" trove of dirty talk treasures
is almost embarrassingly  reasonable.


In fact, I often have to explain WHY I sell this ebook for so little.


And the answer is easy: When I started helping my girlfriends express their sexuality, nothing even remotely like this was available. They would have given their right arm if I had this kind of advice and proven tactics... because it would have short-cut their learning curve by 2 years or more.


Instead, I had to slog through years of trial and error, making every mistake possible, learning my lessons painfully... and moving forward slowly.


This long hard slog has, however, made me a VERY open lover. Because I know how things REALLY work in bed.


Still, back in my darkest days, I made a simple vow: If and when I "made it"... I would do everything I could to help every frustrated woman I possible could, not just my personal girlfriends.


And I did "make it", in spades. The best sex of my life, intense sexual connections, and deeper relationships than ever before.


No one helped me figure this stuff out during my first sexual relationships. I KNOW how important a little advice can be to my girlfriends... and I am now very happy to BE the one sharing it with women online. 


And that's why this material is so ridiculously reasonable.


You will EASILY make your entire investment back the FIRST TIME you put almost any of my stuff to work for you.  (Again, the testimonials here back me up.)


How Much Is This Gonna Cost You?


Your price for "Dirty Dialogue:  A Good Girl’s Guide To Being Bad" ebook is just $39.97.


And, as an added bonus, I'm going to throw in my 2-part Intro course "Dirty Diva 101" (because many women still have a lot of unanswered questions botching their sexual freedom).



"Dirty Diva 101: How To Talk Dirty To Men!"

The "secret" roadmap of the male mind that
reveals everything he'll never tell you...

"Dirty Discussion: Devian Day Interview's
'Love Linguist' Sherrie Rose"

The 37 minute audio teleconference guaranteed to enchance your dirty talk confidence forever...


It's like having me right there with you while you talk dirty to your man with your phone or email, for an intense, private  lesson on the finer points of what to say, how to say it, and when.

Ready to get started? Just click this button to go to my secure shopping cart (managed by CLICKBANK) and place your order. After you've completed your risk-free purchase, you can download all 4 digital products on the following page:.




Stay Dirty,



Devian Day


P.S.  Please don't feel overwhelmed by the information I've made available for you here.


This is NOT like cramming for a test at school.  This is FUN... because it's all aimed at helping you get your sex life together... and finally breaking the code on making an amazing sexual connection with your man through dirty talk.


MANY girls report that they spent a single weekend going through my material... and by Monday, were ready to make life-long lasting changes.


Seeing and understanding how this kind of sexual connection REALLY happens is inspiring.  This isn't work -- it's more like reviewing the itinerary of the BEST trip you've ever planned for.


If you're dating a man or a married woman... every minute you spend with this package will REAWAKEN you to the great feeling of being back in control...


...and bring you closer to your own goals of PLEASURE and SATISFACTION.


I've taught HUGE numbers of women -- from every corner of the globe, with every problem you can imagine, in every sexual situation there is -- how to quickly and easily move to the next level.


What you are about to have in your own hands... is the EXACT same material that has brought such wondrous results for so many others.


Because... now it's...


Your Turn!


P.P.S.  AAnd don't forget... you are totally covered with a 2 -month 100% money-back guarantee.


You risk absolutely NOTHING by acting now.


To order, simply click below:




P.P.P.S.  OK, one more special bonus...  


Last, but not least... I will send you an exclusive invitation to "Dirty Diva Nation" - our members only 'secret' online community that offers advanced and long-term training for Dirty Diva's in the making (for life) for FREE...no matter whether you decide to keep the product or not!


"Free Life-Time Membership to Dirty Diva Nation"


This online community is 100% anonymous and supports every type of woman in any relationship situaiton, for all walks of life, and if you're ready to join the hundreds of other women on the "inside" of this closed-door community, you can.


Just click the order button below:




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