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Revealed: By Using A Step-By-Step Approach, Along With My Personal Help And Assistance, You CAN Be Recruited For Athletic Scholarships!


"If You Can Follow A Proven Step-By-Step System,  You Can Start Being Recruited For College Athletic Scholarships In Just A Few Days From Now,  No Matter What Sport You Play...100% Guaranteed!"

Dear Friend,

Thanks for requesting my [free report](http://www.recruitedforscholarships.com/freereport.html), Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships. I've just sent an email to you with a link to the report. But before you grab your report, I'd like to share some more recruiting and scholarship secrets with you.

Once you read my free report, you'll know that I developed a recruiting and scholarship system that took my son from receiving no interest from college coaches and no real hope of playing at the next level, to signing an athletic scholarship at a four year college. 

How How did my recruitment and scholarship system do this for him?  More importantly, can it do the same thing for you?   Just keep reading and I think the answer may surprise you!

Since you have found your way to this site, you are probably one of the thousands of high school athletes who desperately wants to play thier sport at the college level?  The truth is that some athletes will reach their goal of playing in college and others won't.  Why will some make it to the next level while others don't?  How can you be sure you will be one of the athletes who does make it to the college level? 

There are so many myths and so much hype when it comes to the athletic recruiting and scholarship process.  If you are like most poeple, you are having trouble deciding who's advice you should trust to help you reach your goal?  And you are probably worried that you may get the wrong advice that doesn't work?  What then?  Will the clock simply run out on your athletic goals and dreams?

But on the other hand, what if you found the right advice and you were able to finally get noticed, get recruited by college coacches, and you started receiving scholarship offers?  What if you could experience the thrill of putting on a college jersey and playing against the best your sport has to offer? 

Your dream is to make it to the college level, but that takes the right infomation and most importantly, the right action plan.  Where in the world can you get the right information and the right action plan you need to succeed?


"By Using The Right System, You CAN Reach Your Athletic Goals"


Most high school athletes simply don't know what it takes to get recruited for athletic scholarships.  This lack of knowledge is their downfall.  Some think they can just rely on their high school coach to help them get recruited.  As you probably already know by now, that is a huge mistake and there is much more to the recruiting and scholarship process than simply relying on your high school coach. 

Now you can jump way ahead of your competion.  It could take you years on your own to learn the secrets of the athletic recruiting and scholarship process.  But now there's a simple yet powerful step-by-step system you can use immediately to get on the path to playing in college.  This system is called "How To Get Recruited For Scholarships...A Proven Step-By-Step System To Becoming A Collage Athlete" 

This powerful system takes you by the hand as a step-by-step guide through every single element of the recruiting and scholarship process.  That means you'll know exactly what to do to make your dream of playing at the college level a reality. 


   "The Powerful Benefits You'll Get From This System"


 -  This System Will Finally Allow Your Athletic Talents And Skills To Be Recognized

Are you sick and tired of not being recognized for your athletic skills and talents.  Are you tired of all the hard work you have put in going unnoticed?  This system can make those frustrations a thing of the past.  You will finally know how to make sure your talent, skills and hard work get recognized!

-  This System Will Have Multiple College Coaches Calling, Writing And Emailing You

Have you given up on your dream of having several colleges and coaches coming after YOU and asking you to come and play for their program.  If you put my system to work for you, you can have many, many college coaches calling, writing and emailing YOU to persuade you to come and play for them!

-  This System Will Show You How To Leave All Your Competition In The Dust

Looking for a way to leave your competition in the dust?  Would you like to walk up to the kid you have been competing with since middle school and let him or her know about your plans for playing in college next year?  Guess what?  If you use my system, YOU can do exactly that!

-  This System Will Leave Your Friends And Teammates Wondering How You Got Recruited

Do you want your friends and current teammates to read about you in the paper when you sign to play your sport in college?  Imagine their surprise when they realize you will be playing at the college level and they haven't got a single call, letter, or email from a college coach!

-  This System Will Allow You To Prove All Your Critics Wrong

I'm sure you, like all athletes, have had your share of critics.  Those who said you would never play at the college level.  You may have even had one of those coaches that almost seemed to be trying to hold you back for some reason.  My system can help you prove all your critics wrong!

-  Most Importantly, You Can Continue Playing The Sport You Love

Do you realize 97% of all high school athletes don't go on to play at the college level?  If you truly love the sport you play (and I know you do or you wouldn't be reading this), walking away from your sport after high school is something you don't even want to think about.  Don't let it happen to you!  Put my system to work and GET NOTICED, GET RECRUITED, GET MULTIPLE OFFERS TO PLAY IN COLLEGE, AND KEEP PLAYING THE SPORT YOU LOVE!


"Only 3% Of High School Athletes Make It To The College Level.  Don't Be Just Another Athlete That Didn't Make It!"


It's a scary statistic.  Buy you don't have to be in the 97% who don't reach the next level.  Your advantage, your secret weapon -  is that you now can have "How To Get Recruited For Scholarships."  All the work has been done for you.  Hours and hours of my own personal research is packed in this step-by-step paint by the numbers system.

Are you aware that most athletes who make it to the college level were not considered a blue chip or superstar athlete in high school?

Are you aware that most camps and showcase events are a waste to time?  So what works?  "How To Get Recruited For Scholarships" has all the answers you need. 

I developed this system for a very basic and simplistic reason.  I wanted to help my own son reach his goal of playing college basketball.  Now you can get your hands on the exact same system!


"The Proof This System Works?  How About Proven Results!"


What were the final results for my son?  How did my new system work out for him?  I'm glad you asked!  Almost immediately he had over 15 college coaches calling, writing, or emailing him! Most of them were doing all three.

By the time his senior season ended, he had over 30 colleges who had shown interest in him at some level to come and play for their program....AND WE ONLY TARGETED A THREE STATE REGION!  If we would have targeted more states or even the entire nation, the numbers would have been much higher. 

I am pleased to say Tyler received a basketball scholarship, and will be playing at a four year school, in a great program, and playing under a terrific coaching staff!  Not too bad for a kid who was receiving ZERO interest from college coaches just two years earlier.

As you can see, the system really worked!

"Rather Do This Own You Own?"


Had you rather save the money my system costs and do this on your own?  Some can do that.  But most people end up being overwhelmed by the piles of sometimes contradictory information you'll find online and in the the books you'll read about the recruiting and scholarship process.

Most peoople end up walking away and never following through...they simply give up.  What will happen if you give up on your dream now?  Have you come this far and gotten this close to playing in college simply just to give up?  Of course not!


"It Can Happen For You Also"


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have several college coaches at the same time asking you to come and play for their program?

Instead, are you starting to feel like your chances of playing at the college level are slipping away more and more each day? 

Let me assure you, if you have the ability to play at the collegiate level...you can reach your dream of being a college athlete.

But, it won't just happen automatically unless you are a high profile or blue chip athlete.   For most athletes, being recruited just doesn't happen unless you take control of your own destiny and take the right steps to market and promote yourself.  

"Let Me Be Your Personal Guide"

Information is powerful, but sometimes you still need someone you can turn to for additional help, advice and guidance.  Someone who will take you under their wing and help you whenever you need it, each step of the way.

I can do that for YOU.

I can be your guide and mentor.  When you buy my system, you will also get a special email address where you can contact me directly, and I'll personally answer any questions you or your parents have.

I'll be there to help you every step of the way...just send me an email and I'll answer all your questions.

The cost for my additional help and guidance?  ZERO, ZILCH, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

How can you get my personal help for free?  Just keep reading and I'll give you all the specific details!

"Additional Help...A Special Free Bonus"


Some online marketers will throw a bunch of "bonuses" at you at the close of a letter like this to "sweeten the deal" and convince you to buy.  The problem is that most of them are cheap and outdated resources that you wouldn't buy anyway.

I refuse to do that. In fact, I have created just ONE BONUS for you that was developed specifically and exclusively to go hand-in-hand with my system.   

This special free bonus titled "Proven Letters, Athletic Resumes And Contact Forms", will show you how to easily create your own athletic resume, give you example letters to send to coaches, and give you the forms you need to track your communications with colleges once they start making contact with you.

This bonus shows you exactly what you need to do, and you'll have specific examples to follow each and every step of the way.


"Simple...Yet Very Powerful"


If you are looking for a fancy ebook with a lot of bells, whistles, and flashy graphics...don't buy my system.   My system is a straightforward PDF document with just the vital information you need. 

Like many of you reading this, I've overpaid for great looking products only to be disappointed with the actual information they provided.

You won't get style over substance with my system.  My system contains just the vital information you need to get recruited for athletic scholarships...and nothing more.

 Here's some of the things you will learn in this simple step-by-step system:

- What college coaches are really looking for in the athletes they recruit  (Page 17)

- When you should start making contact with college coaches  (Page 54)

- Which member of the coaching staff you should contact...this is critical (Page 38)

- Why college coaches want to hear from YOU  (Page 24)

- How to know what colleges and coaches are really right for you  (Page 32)

- How to avoid common recruiting and scholarship myths  (Page 12)

- The two most important keys to contacting college coaches (Page 41)

- What questions you shuold ask the coach when you are being recruited (Page 87)

- How to avoid big mistakes when you market and promote yourself to coaches  (Page 102)

- Most importantly, you get my personal support each and every step of the way


Here is a sample of what others are saying about my system:


Dear Gary,

I love your new product "How To Get Recruited For Scholarships" and I think your perspective on the matter is really unique.   I really think How To Get Recruited For Scholarships is one of the best products in it's market!

Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!

Ovi Dogar,



"Get My Personal Guidance For Free"

Remember what I said ealier about getting my personal help and guidance for FREE?  Here's the details I promised...

In the very near future, I will be selling two versions of my system:

Standard Edition -  You Get Get My Proven Step-By-Step Athltetic Recruiting And Scholarship System....For Only $67

Premium Edition -  You Get Get My Proven Step-By-Step Athltetic Recruiting And Scholarship System...And UNLIMITED Support From Me By Emal... For Only $97

But for a limited time, everyone who orders my system gets the premium edition, which includes my unlimited support by email at the basic edition price of only $67.  That means you are getting my personal support and assistance ABSOLUTELY FREE!

I won't be able to offer the premium edition at this price very much longer.  As more and more customers buy my system, I will be forced to begin charging $97 for those want my system and my personal help by email. 

In fact, I will only be able to offer my premium edition at the standard edition price to the first 500 customers who buy my system.  After that, I'll be forced to start charging $97 for it. 

Act now while my personal help and assistance is still FREE!!

Why am I willing to offer my personal help and assistance for free?  There are actually a couple of reasons why:

1.  I truly want my system to be the best product on the market!

2.  I don't like buying products that don't come with great support...so why should my customers not expect great support from me? 

"A Price Anyone Can Afford"

Based on the huge amount of information you'll receive, and the personal support I'll provide you, I could easily sell my system for $497 or even more.  But, I want to get this information in your hands at a price so reasonable you will have to say YES!

You'll get everything, and my unlimited personal help for only $97! $67!  

That means you are getting the premium edition package, normally priced at $97, for the same price as the standard edition...at only $67!

Yes, you can buy my entire step-by-step system and my unlimited help for only $67.  The only requirement is that you are one of the first 500 people to order my system.  

After 500 customers are on board, I will begin charging $97 for my premium edition which includes  my personal one-on-one support.  I'll have to do this simply due to the large numbers who will buy my system at the crazy low price of only $67. 

By the way, this is not some skinny 20 or 30 page guide.  This step-by-system is a whopping 109 pages!  Everything you need to know about the recruiting and scholarship process is included.  Nothing is left out!


"If This System Is So Good, Then Why Is It So "Cheap"?"


Fair question...but the answer is actually pretty simple.  I want to get my system into the hands of as many young athletes as I possibly can...while still making a decent income for myself!  How's that for honesty?    If I charged $497 or even more, it's going to cut down on the number of families who can afford to purchase my system. 

Is the price of my system a good value?  Consider these two facts:

1.  If you hire a professional marketing company to market and promote you the exact way my system will teach you to do yourself, plan on spending from $3,000 to $5,000!!

2.  The average cost of a four year college education is somewhere around $65,000...or possibly much more if you attend a private universtiy!

So, is spending $67 to possibly get a four year eduction for free with a full scholarship, or a four year education at a greatly reduced price with a partial scholarship a good investment?  I'll let you answer that one!

[CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!](http://1.garyhaw99.pay.clickbank.net)

(Once you place your order, you'll be taken directly to a new page to download our system directly to your computer as an Adobe PDF document.  The download is quick and easy and only takes a couple of minutes!)

"Who Should Invest In This System...And Who Shouldn't"


This system is designed specifically for those who are serious about playing their sport at the next level.  If you're just playing games or you still believe you will somehow start being recruited on your own, this system isn't right for you.

I give you the cold hard truth.  I don't beat around the bush or play games with my system.  It takes some time and effort on your part to put my system to use so that you can begin to see some results.  The great news is just like in the sports, your time and effort can really pay off!  

What really matters is that you make a decision to do this...to get recruited for athletic scholarships.  Then follow through on your committment with an action based proven system like I'm handing you now.  It's your opportunity to reach your goals, prove your critics wrong, and enjoy a great college career.

"You Better Buy My System, Or Else............"


I know, I know, this is the part in the letter where I'm suppose to start using high pressure tactics to scare you into ordering my product right away or something really bad could happen to you!

Well, I know you are a little smarter than that.

Here's the deal:  I've made this incredible system available to you at a great price and I should have convinced you by now to buy it based on it's value, not based on scare tactics.  You should be able to look at what this system has to offer and say with certainty, "I want it" without me having to use mind tricks on you to get you to say yes.

I'll just say two quick things to you and then I'll let you make up your own mind:

1.  I will raise the price someday.

The current $67 price for the premium edition will not last forever.  After 500 customers order my product, I will no longer be able to provide my personal one-on-one support for this low price.  I'll be forced to start charging $97 for my premium edition and my personal support by email.  It may be this week, next week, or next year.  I honestly just don't know...but it will happen.  There are millions of potential buyers online, so getting 500 paying customers can happen pretty quick. 

2.  How much time can you afford to waste?

Hey, ask any of us old timers and we will tell you that your high school playing days go by in a flash...time doesn't wait!  If you walk away and don't order my system, the clock is still running.  You only have a limited window of time to get recruited by college coaches.  You can't afford to wait.  The point is this:  You can get started today on the path to becoming a college athlete...or you can just hope for the best.  That's not a sales tactic, that's reality!


"My Solid, No Baloney, 100% Money Back Guarantee"

My policy will always be no risk for my customers.  You have a full 60 Days to review my system and see if it's right for you.  If you don't agree my step-by-step system will absolutely change your athletic future, you'll get a complete, no questions asked, 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied.

If you are not happy for any reason (or no reason at all), just let me know and you'll get a cheerful, prompt refund.  And, we'll still be friends!

That's the only way I ever want to do business.  And quite frankly, it's how I WISH other companies treated me.  No nonsense.  No games at all!  If I can't help you, I don't want your money!

So here's everything that's included:

   My Proven System: How To Get Recruited For Scholarships - A Proven Step-By-Step System To Becoming A College Athlete -  A massive 109 pages of all the vital information you need.

  The Special Free Bonus:  Proven Letters, Athletic Resumes, And Contact Forms To Help You  Get In Contact With...And Stay In Contact With College Coaches

  My Personal Help And Assistance:  If You Are One Of The First 500 To Order My System, You'll Get My PERSONAL UNLIMITED HELP AND SUPPORT BY EMAIL at no additional charge.  Anytime You Have A Question, Just Shoot Me An Email!

  An Unbeatable Price:  Offering A 109 Page System With Unlimited Personal Support For Only $67 Is Simply Just Not Done Online.  Just Check Around And You'll See What I Mean.   Most Online Gurus Charge Several Hundred Dollars PER MONTH For Their Personal Advice And Support

  A Great Guarantee:  If My System Is Not Right For You, Simply Ask For Your Money Back...NO GAMES, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!



[CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!](http://1.garyhaw99.pay.clickbank.net/)

(Once you place your order, you'll be taken directly to a new page to download our system directly to your computer as a Adobe PDF document.  The download is quick and easy and only takes a couple of minutes!)


I hope by now you can clearly see the value my system has to offer and you are ready to get started.  I'm passionate about helping young atletes being able to continue their athletic careers at the college level.  I hope some of that passion has come across in this letter.

No matter if your sport is football or fencing, I truly believe this system will work for you if you have what it takes to play at the college level and you give the system a chance to work.

I hope to hear from you soon!

To Your Athletic Success,

Gary Hawkins

P.S.  Stop guessing and wondering what it really takes to get recruited.  By following my easy step-by-step system you can make your dream of playing the sport you love in college a reality.

P.S.S. Remember, you not only get my system and the special bonus, you get my FREE personal support by email.  If you ever have a question, I'll be there to help!  In the very near future, I'll be forced to begin charging $97 form my premium edition which includes my personal support.  ACT NOW while you can get it at the basic edition price of only $67! 

Just in case you reached this page without getting my free report first, you can get it NOW.  Get my FREE SPECIAL REPORT," Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships".  It's absolutely free and it is full of great information you don't want to miss!  Simply enter your name and email address below.

To Get Your Copy Instantly, Just Fill Out The Form Below

 "Yes, I Want My Free Report That Will Instantly Show Me What It Really Takes To Get Recruited For An Athletic Scholarship" 

Name: Email:

You will also get a FREE email subscription to my weekly Newsletter Titled: Next Level Athletes


Need more information?

Feel free to contact me at info@recruitedforscholarships.com

Call me At 252-617-3261

You can even write me at:

RecruitedForScolarships.Com, 614 Cicero Riggs Road, Cove City, NC 28523


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