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Exciting new parachute games for your children's program!


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FREE Parachute Games!

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An Indispensable Resource for:

 Summer Camp

 Camp Programs

 General Music Class


 Music and Movement

 Phys. Ed. Programs

 Perceptual Motor Programs

 Sports Programs

 Music Therapy

 Early Childhood Music

 Preschool Music

 Child Care Centers

 Children's Choir

 Choir Camp

 Scouts / Guides

 After-School Care Programs

 Children's Birthday Parties

 Family Get-togethers

 ALL children's programs!



Inside the Book:




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Singing Games for Parachute Play

An exciting collection of fun parachute games for children of all ages! [](/index.php?view=article&id=1:fun-parachute-games-children&tmpl=component&print=1&layout=default&page=) [](/index.php?option=com_mailto&tmpl=component&link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5raWRzcGFyYWNodXRlZ2FtZXMuY29tL2luZGV4LnBocD9vcHRpb249Y29tX2NvbnRlbnQmdmlldz1hcnRpY2xlJmlkPTE6ZnVuLXBhcmFjaHV0ZS1nYW1lcy1jaGlsZHJlbg==) ------





Are you looking for some exciting new games and activities for children? 


Are you looking for ways of motivating children to exercise and take part in active play or hands-on music activities? 


This e-book will provide just the inspiration you are looking for! 


Chock-full of songs and ideas to keep your children active while having tons of fun with parachute games. 


A collection of 34 exciting songs and parachute games for children of all ages. 


Innovative and practical.  This is a must-have resource for anyone working with children.  Teachers love the parachute games because of the ease of use and the skills children gain; children just love them because they are so much fun to play.


Dust off that parachute and come and join in the fun!  There's a whole world of fabulous new games to explore with your children.


FREE BONUS:  Free MP3's (audio demos) of all the songs in the book so you can quickly learn them and use them immediately.  Available FREE for a limited time only! 


This treasure-chest is just waiting for you to open it - discover some new gems for your children's program today.  You'll have as much fun as the kids!


Grab your copy today to take advantage of the FREE mp3 audio demo offer and our special reduced price!


YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $29.97 (US dollars)



(Please note this e-book is available by direct download to your computer.  You will receive an email with the download link so you can conveniently download and print your copy straight away.)


The e-book will be in a PDF file and is packaged with the bonus mp3 files in a zip file. 











Happiness is ... Parachute Play!

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Picture by [Jeff / Godfrey](http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff-godfrey/2347414917/)

For more FUN children's music resources visit:

[](http://www.beatboppers.com)                      [](http://www.teachingkidstosing.com)

               [www.BeatBoppers.com](http://www.BeatBoppers.com)                                    [www.TeachingKidsToSing.com](http://www.TeachingKidsToSing.com)

FREE Bonus!

For a limited time only: 

Purchase Singing Games for Parachute Play today and you will receive FREE mp3's containing audio demos of all the songs in the book! 

You can learn the songs quickly and easily and put them to use immediately!



If you have any questions regarding Singing Games for Parachute Play please [click here to contact us](http://www.beatboppers.com/contact.php).



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From our Readers:


"I LOVE this book!  We have had so much fun playing these games in our general music classes.

The singing games are fun, simple and enjoyable.  The children are developing skills through singing and movement.

Thank you!"

 Davina S. (Music Teacher)



"This is a must-have resource for every camp counselor's box-of-tricks!  The songs and games have given us hours of enjoyment and kept the kids focused and happy.  It's been useful for rainy days too when cabin fever would have otherwise taken over!  Happy campers and happy staff!"

Trent H. (Camp Program Co-ordinator)



"I enjoy playing these games as much as the kids." 

Connor K. (Sports Teacher)



"The children get so excited when I get the parachute out - they love Cut the Cake and Jump Josie" 

Shae L. (Preschool Teacher)




 Ben S. (Children's Gym Instructor)



"This book has opened a whole new world of singing games to me!  It's breathed new life into my music program,"

 Meg L. (Music Teacher)



"Thanks for all the games and ideas.   I wish I had this book last Summer!"

 Lori S. (Camp Counselor)



"The songs and games have been a fabulous resource during our choir camp ...  a fun way to break up rehearsals and involve children in valuable singing games."

 Debra J. (Children's Choir Director)



"I was searching for ways to use my parachute with a group of 5 - 10 year olds.  This book has been just what I was looking for.  Thank you!"

 Jodie K. (Teacher)


Songs include:
The Volcano SongDraw Me a Bucket of WaterCut the CakeOstrich, OstrichHere Sits a MonkeyMiaou, MiaouBed BugsUnder the Spreading Chestnut TreeAllee Galloo GalleeThere's a Little WheelSpaceship Parachuteplus 23 other fun singing games!

Picture by [Lance McCord](http://www.flickr.com/photos/mccord/3261798045/)

Picture by [Killaypetshop](http://www.flickr.com/photos/killaypetshop/684124376/)

Picture by[ J-Bones](http://www.flickr.com/photos/j-bones/2436150937/)

Singing Games for Parachute Play

Experience the FUN!



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