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Whacked Again! E-Book 

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SECRETS To Getting Your Dream Job Webinar Series 

From: Jim Villwock
RE: Getting Downloadable Resources

Dear Frustrated Job Seeker,

You can easily own any of the above resources by ordering here.

Whether the popular book Whacked Again!

Or the personal explanation of the principles of the book covering six weeks of intensive help to Golden Key International Honour Society members (over 7 hours of recordings) entitled:

SECRETS To Getting Your Dream Job Webinar Series

I was frustrated too. I had to learn the hard way, ask a lot of gurus, and kiss a lot of frogs. It was only when I began a strategy of helping executives in transition that light bulbs began going off. Lessons learned over the past 30 years began to come together into seeing how the puzzle pieces fit.

Finally, I summarized the process and passed it by over a hundred executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and consultants. Their light bulbs started going off too; confirming that I was on the right track.

Then I took a hard look at how the movers and shakers operated. The process was there all along, I was just oblivious to it before. Now I realize that the movers and shakers really don't want everyone to know these secrets - because these secrets level the playing field… 

I found out that the same secret skills highly successful businesses use to get customers also applies to getting a job...only few job seekers know about these secrets; much less how to implement them.  Even sales professionals who have heard of some of these principles and are now looking for a job, seldom use these lessons on themselves.  That is why I wrote, Whacked Again! - Secrets to Getting Back on the Executive Saddle. You can see from the testimonials below that the book has received rave reviews.

The book is available on Amazon.com but not in electronic downloadable form.  Only here can you access these resources quickly from almost anywhere in the world!

LASTLY, I decided to test these secrets.  All my previous work was proven with executives, but how would these secrets apply to college graduates trying to get into the work force? How would non-business professionals respond?  

So, I teamed with Golden Key International Honour Society for a six week webinar series. Golden Key is the world's largest college honor society.  This sample would be among the best and brightest between ages 25 to 35 with careers spanning all industries and professions.

What was the result?  The participants raved about the sessions.  Golden Key has now partnered with me to provide this same training to over one million members worldwide! If you are a Golden Key member, you can access it behind their membership firewall. If not, the only place that you can access this series is here.

My guess is that you need these strategies. That you are tired of running in circles, trying to figure out why getting a job is so hard. I suspect that you are also tired of going out into the real world armed with the WRONG information on how to land a job. You are tired of doors being slammed in your face because hiring managers have "heard it all before!" Perhaps you are also scared when you see the economic downturn and increasing global competition.

But it's worse than you think! Here's why... 

If you don't learn these lessons, don't think your competition is sitting idle! They are also frustrated and looking for answers.

The world has changed. Many people have found their entire industry gutted! If you think getting customers was hard before, many of us will have to start from scratch to figure out the new world order and how to survive, much less thrive. The next generation is entering the labor force.  Highly experienced former retirees, who lost their savings, are out knocking on doors.  The question is whether it will be you or your competition who wins.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

Want to focus your attention on getting your new job faster - and money in your pocket sooner?

Want to stop throwing money away on useless initiatives?

How would you like to eliminate the months wasted on useless activities?

Would you like to have a clear road map to follow, instead of making all those side trips?

How would you like hiring managers calling you, rather than you trying to cold call?

Would you like to take control, instead of being dependent upon chance and random favors?

How would you feel each day, coming home knowing that you have a plan and are working the plan?

Here's How and Why We Can Make You This Promise

Who Is Jim Villwock and Why Is He Qualified To Help Me Get a Job?

Now you may be wondering who I am and why I'm making these claims about helping you to land a job - and even improve your personal life! Well, let me introduce myself…My name is Jim Villwock and I've been in business for almost 30 years in both Fortune 100 and start-up environments. I was an Intrapreneur who created several businesses within a global computer company growing sales through innovative strategies, creating massive profit savings on the supply side, and creating the first virtual global organization that grew while most of the company was downsizing.

I am an entrepreneur who started four companies from scratch - and learned many lessons! I am still the CEO of IEM Group, Inc. which puts money into client's pockets. Perhaps the most important point for you to know is that I am also the author of the book, "Whacked Again! - Secrets to Getting Back in the Executive Saddle" which initially outlined similar secrets to C-Level Executives (CEO/COO/CFO/CMO…). 

Now, after working with college and professional age job seekers and associations who have asked me to speak and help them, I have decided to help as many people as possible - but only those who want to be helped.

That is why I can clearly say that most executives I meet have NOT learned these lessons. Of those who have heard of some of these principles, most still do not know HOW to implement them.  

In fact, I received another email blast today from a VP in transition. Someone gave him the idea but he does not realize that he is actually hurting his chances (and brand) with this approach.  

I met yesterday with a Chief Marketing Officer who has been out of work for ten months and is working with a national outplacement company and a career coach - yet he still has major areas of opportunity for improvement which are holding him back.

If marketing professionals with "career expert" help are finding the pieces beginning to fit together through these resources, might you also benefit?

I didn't know these strategies either before spending years learning them.  The response of those who have been taught has been a series of light bulbs going off - connecting the dots to the process that they really did not understand before.   I found these same light bulbs going off  for all of us.

The challenge for you is whether you plan on spending years and repetitive job searches to MAYBE learn these lessons  or to finally begin to learn the SECRETS of Getting YOUR DREAM JOB...

But don't just take my word for it, take a look at this.

"...Process is Revolutionary
Compared to the Usual Method..."

Jim was a speaker for the Atlanta Business School Alliance's Career Transition Seminar...His discription of the job hunting process is revolutionary compared to the usual method most people take...Even though our discussion went much longer than planned, nearly 80% of the people who attended wanted to hear more, and nearly 90% considered the content to be helpful in their job search.

June Erickson
Atlanta Business School Alliance
(Top Business School Alumni Alliance)


World's Largest Honour Society Agrees

Golden Key International Honour Society is proud to announce a new partnership with author and speaker, Jim Villwock... Golden Key participants, ranging from college age through mid thirties from all types of careers, have raved about what they learned. We highly recommend this training program to you.

Elizabeth Knott
Golden Key International Honour Society


World's Largest CEO Group Agrees

...the advice within the book is useful and applicable to anyone trying to communicate their value to the world. The book offers advice and direction for maintaining their current business careers and/or finding a new one... Whacked Again! draws on the experience of author Jim Villwock (a Vistage alumnus) in working with top-level executives. He's observed that executives make the same mistakes again and again. They don't treat themselves as a product that requires active sales and marketing.

Paul Diamond
Vistage International


C-Level Executives Agree

Jim Villwock is one of the best strategic thinkers I know. Moreover, he superbly and concisely communicates strategic and tactical concepts in a straight forward manner that resonates and invigorates his listeners... Jim's seminars and other oral communications are always worth the price of admission. I highly recommend anyone seeking a top notch keynote speaker or a presenter in a seminar setting strongly consider Jim Villwock. You will not be disappointed.

Clark Christensen
Chief Financial Officer
PS Energy Group, Inc.

A Sales Guide for Consultants

As a freelance CFO, I am constantly looking for new clients (jobs).  I refer to Jim's book frequently for tips on presenting myself physically, verbally, and in writing to help close new business.  I highly recommend Whacked Again!

John Coleman
President and Founder,
Fiscal Control


"The LIght Bulb Goes Off with WOW..."

Just finished your book, "Whacked Again", and enjoyed it thoroughly. When you read books with good information like this, the light bulb goes off with wow, that makes sense. I particularly enjoyed your comments re branding and needing a passion in what you are doing. If you are able to identify the points of passion within your business as well as the areas that are pure drudgery you can take steps to improve and hopefully increase your satisfaction and bottom line. Your book is an excellent tool to sit back and reflect and then take action to improve. I will read "Whacked Again" again slowly with pen in hand and highlighter at the ready. If nothing else it certainly creates "thinking".
Harold Kolbe
President , Southeastern Business Intermediaries, LLC


"...Follows What Successful Companies
Would Use to Market
Their Products and Services."

Jim lays out a clear process for accurately discovering and presenting who you are, what you do, and how you can help an organization achieve its goals.  He walks you through a process of development, marketing, and sales for yourself that follows what successful companies would use to market their products or services.  Being out of work for whatever reason can be a confusing and stressful time.  Whacked Again! made me slow down and approach moving on using a thorough and thoughtful process.  The extra time is well worth it!

Jim Risler
Director, Skywire Software 


A Step-by-Step Guide To Beating
the Competition 

Whacked Again! is an extremely valuable resource to those looking for a new opportunity and for anyone currently in a position where they lack passion. Not just a theory, this provides a genuine step-by-step guide, addressing all the necessary components/techniques for repackaging yourself for a successful job search. The book makes you rethink yourself, your passion, your value to a company, and your goals. Following the steps, positions your to enter your search fully prepared, and, more importantly, better prepared than your competition. ...I highly recommend Whacked Again!  

Suzi Reddecopp
Vice President Finance
Atlanta Housing Authority

"Jim has Simplified
a Very Complex Process."

Jim has simplified a very complex process. The book is equally valuable for business leaders and business owners for branding technique to achieve unprecedented growth for their businesses. It is a must read for anyone. Jim is a gifted speaker, very generous and a great example of "paying it forward" practitioner. I am fortunate to have Jim as my coach, mentor and a trusted adviser.

Krishna Kushwaha
Technology Executive and Consultant

So, here is the Bottom Line for these resources 

You get either book for only $14.95!  

Or you can order the SECRETS for Getting Your Dream Job Webinar Series for only $995... $95  as a special one-time discount to help you in a difficult time.  This is a recession price only available for right now, and may never be offered again.  

This webinar series is like getting 7 hours of personal coaching time.  Coaching rates vary between $150 to $350 per hour. Yet you can listen in at a fraction of one hours rate!  The audio recording was done by Golden Key of my presentations to their members.

At these prices, you have nothing to lose.  My wife and I spend far more every weekend. Isn't your career worth the investment?

And you have nothing to lose because you can...

Take A Full Full Year to Decide With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

Put us to the test. If you have not received the benefit of your investment or are not 100% satisfied, just let us know and we will refund your entire investment...no questions asked. 

We know that just one new idea that will help give you the edge,  land a job months earlier, learn skills to get promoted faster, and develop marketable skills regardless of the future economy, will make you look back and laugh at how low I priced these resources!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so go ahead....

Here's How To Invest in Yourself Right Now

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here on this website. Get started right now!

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E-Book                        [Click Here to Claim Your E-Book Right Now](http://1.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Whacked_Again_Ebook)

MP3 Audio Book       [Click Here to Claim Your Audio Book Right Now](http://2.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Whacked_Again_MP3_Audio_Book)

How to Get Your Dream Job Webinar 
                                       [Click Here to Claim Your Webinar Audio Right Now](http://3.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=How_to_get_Your_Dream_Job_Audio_Webinar)

To your job search success,

Jim Villwock

P.S. - Don't wait because if you haven't placed your order yet, you're probably wondering, "Jim, why are you offering these resources so cheaply? All the other guys charge $5,000 or more for merely the tactical stuff.  What's the catch?? 

Good question.  The reason I'm practically giving these materials away is actually two-fold.
First, I remember what is was like to try to get a new job - regardless how successful I was in the prior job. How much money and time I wasted trying to figure everything out on my own.  I basically want to reach back in time and help as many people as I can right now, by NOT charging the $5,000+ I could easily get for this strategic series.  I get really mad when I hear of some executives spending $5,000 to $10,000 just on a resume - that I thought was garbage!
Second, I have a selfish interest in putting these resources in as many people's hands as possible...
Once I train everyone the right way to get get a job and develop their careers, I'll build a huge base of people who know me, trust me, and look to me in the future for new programs - and who will tell their friends and network to come as well! I'll be the only one truly serving this niche that so many "gurus" have ignored for so long.

Third, many of you will realize how valuable the far more comprehensive Competing for Jobs Seminar will be for your future.  This seminar is designed to help you begin going to the next level by the following Monday!  Go to [www.CompetingforJobs.com/Seminar](http://competingforjobs.com/seminar) to find out more...

P.P.S. - Remember, your competition is not waiting. If you go charging without these secrets, then the amount of wasted time, money, and energy will only be exceeded by the regret of seeing your competition land the job that you deserve.

Don't Miss Out! - Order Now!

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E-Book                         [Click Here to Claim Your E-Book Right Now](http://1.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Whacked_Again_Ebook)

MP3 Audio Book       [Click Here to Claim Your Audio Book Right Now](http://2.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Whacked_Again_MP3_Audio_Book)

How to Get Your Dream Job Webinar 
                                       [Click Here to Claim Your Webinar Audio Right Now](http://3.competjobs.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=How_to_get_Your_Dream_Job_Audio_Webinar)


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