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World famous sports handicapper reveals his personal top daily plays YOU can bet on!

"At Last!  A Fool Proof Done-It-For-You Handicapping Service That Guarantees To Uncover Winners You Can Bet On!"

Experience The Confidence, Power, and Sheer Unbridled Joy of Putting Your Money on the Winners Night After Night..." I've done all the 'work' for you... There's nothing to learn and there's absolutely no margin for error!  YOU get access to the same bets I use to make up to $93,136.02 each month...


From the desk of sports betting champion John Morrison:

Dear sports bettor,

How much would a winning month of sports betting be worth to you?

Depending on the amounts you bet, that's anywhere from $1,000, $10,000, to $100,000 and more in cold, hard sports winning cash in your pocket -- for barely lifting a finger!

I know what you're thinking, "John everyone knows a winning month can produce a lot of green."  So let me to explain...

You see, I've handicapped for 28 years to a selected group of exclusive members. In that period of time I've yet to have a losing season in betting.

I'm sure you've seen your fair share of people out there making sports handicapping claims they can't back up. You see, I'm not some Johnny come lately - I've been immersed into the world of sports betting for all of my adult life, and picking winners is a department I solely depend on to sustain my livelihood!

What Kind Of Results do I Produce?

Here's my first sportsbook account (Notice the $85,062.63 balance). Can your handicapper produce results like this?

["I've heard enough John, I'm ready to order"](#order)

Here's a screenshot from my second sportsbook account (notice my current balance - $90,710.15). My question for you -- are YOU getting results like this?


Finally here's a screenshot of my third sportsbook account with $93,136.02 in account balance.  Not to brag but as you can see there's a good reason people always quickly lend me their ears when I discuss sports!


["That's it John, I'm ready to order!"](#order)

"Are YOU Ready to Produce Results Like These?"

"Grab your piece of the multi-billion dollar sports betting pie and explode your income in ways you could never possibly even begin to imagine! Critically acclaimed professional bettor, statistics doctor, and celebrated creator of the Sports Betting Champ system finally breaks his lifelong silence on the same watertight picks he uses to generate millions in oven-fresh sports betting income!"
As the renowned creator of the SportsBettingChamp.com system, the most popular betting system on the marketplace, I've been hounded at just about every corner I turn for my own personal selections in sports. Well...

It's time for you to feel like a kid on Christmas morning again every day as I open my doors to one of the most anticipated sports capping program over the years!

I've amassed a heap of indescribable wealth betting on sports throughout my time, and I've no doubt that you too, can board along the spaceship to sports betting fortune with me as I reveal to you my same breakthrough betting selections that will have you burst into betting riches quicker than you ever imagined possible!

Here's a sneak peak at how I spend my typical day:
Taken on May 9th, 2009!

Crack up an obnoxious smiley grin as a sure-fire bet I've calculated to strike for the day is placed:

Watch hilarity ensues as my team kicks some tails and shuts out its foe:

Take a deep breath before entering my $350,000 personal Lamborghini (paid for by them winnings!)

Arrive at the sportsbook. Locking eyes and at all the ladies along the way!

Come in and collect $11,000.00 in cold, hard cash winnings!


Repeat over again at Step#1.

"Just imagine...What would you give
up to have this kind of a lifestyle?"

Well, it's time to stop wishing! My friend, you're now just one click-button away from exploding your income doing all that I can and more by spending just 5 minutes a day betting on my killer picks - the same exact everyday picks that have launched my mind-blowing sports winnings into the talks of the century!

Best of all - you won't even have to leave home for it! Online betting is now more popular than ever! I'll introduce you to a top-notch bookmaker where you can place all your bets around the clock in the comfort of your own home - anywhere in the world!

Over the last 28 years I've spent my career scrupulously toiling over the sporting database to create, enhance, and perfect a fool-proof methodology to picking out winners at the kind of fire-blazing tempo that has skyrocketed me into one of the industry's most successful bettors!

I've made countless betting fortunes to a selected group of elite clients through my personal daily plays over the last two and a half decades. Now, here's your chance jump onboard with me for the sports winning opportunity of your lifetime.

You can rest assured no stones are left unturned in every selection I send.  Every play is relentlessly researched before any pick selection is determined.  You deserve to win - don't settle for anything less!

(Side note:  I wager anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 on every selection I release. My lifestyle is only in existence if I can continue picking winners (which I haven't yet faced a losing season in the 28 years of my betting career!)

It's literally a fool-proof way to make money on sports.

Step 1:  I do all the extensive research for YOU.

Step 2:  Place the bets I give you each day with your Sportsbook.

Step 3:  Relax, kick back and watch the profits come rolling in!

[Click here if you're ready to order](#order)

Every selection is carefully and delicately hand-picked by yours truly, prize-winning handicapper John Morrison.

My prolific resume includes 28 years of successful handicapping experience, a PhD degree in statistics, and millions in invigorating betting profits over the years.

I've been immersed into the world of sports betting since birth, and my fascination has never stopped growing!

Since infancy I've been an obsessive sports fanatic at heart whose livelihood solely depends on picking pure winners.

"[John Morrison] is one of the most consistent handicappers of our time" - The Gambling Times Magazine - 10/7

Picks are thoroughly determined every night through countless hours of painstaking research.

My extensive insider connections to team coaches, players, and the media, coupled with an extraordinary mastery of statistics make for one lethal combination that has turned sports betting into one of the most lucrative profit-yielding ventures in the industry!

All selections are conveniently emailed to you early every day to allow plenty of time for you to get in your wager from anywhere around the world!

25+ years proven track record of consistent, documented winning results.

I've been widely labeled as one of the most recognized and respected professional handicappers in the industry over the last two and a half decades, with a reputation that has spread like wildfire since day 1 of my professional career.

Unmatched dedication to my work -- Just about every waking minute of my day that I'm not either eating or having to be in the bathroom, you can find me glued to the sports pages in an unbridled pursuit to determine for you the next big winner.

My dazzling betting results span in all areas of Pro & College Football, Pro & College Basketball, Baseball, and Thoroughbred Racing!

Thousands of unique, genuine testimonials from ecstatic winning customers.

My handicapping accolades have been sung by scores of well-known sports publications and newspapers over the last 28 years.

I bet on every single game that I release to you each day. When you lose, I also lose. To date, I've never had a losing season in 28 years of sports handicapping!

One-on-one personal guidance offered to every member of my service for life.

I have zero tolerance for mediocrity. Your winners are guaranteed!


"It's time for you to stop
gambling and start investing!"

As a 28-year handicapping veteran who lives, eats, and breathes sports, I've cultivated throngs of powerful relationships with circles of influential figures in the sports industry, including pro players, odds makers and sportsbook directors in Vegas and across the world to bring forth to you fail-safe winning selections day in and day out!

Known for my uncanny ability to spot and exploit value in the line, a work ethic second to none, and a boundless desire to appease customers regardless of any length, you can rest assured in rock-hard confidence that your investment in The Champ Selections will prosper your bankroll into the envy of the town faster than you ever imagined possible!

Why You Should Join The Champ Selections?

Reason #1: I am passionate about sports and statistics--They are my life.   With a degree in stats and a love for sports unlike any other I know, I spend untold hours every day meticulously going through each game in sports, examining every possible circumstance surrounding the games, betting odds, injury reports, playing condition, historical trends, and a mountain of other vital statistics.

Reason #2: I have one of the best sports betting track records in history.  From the wildly popular invention of the Sports Betting Champ system to a record-breaking 28 years of successful handicapping experience, you can rest assured in rock-hard confidence that each selection I make is pure gold.

Reason #3: I put my own hard-earned money on every pick.  I've dedicated my life to sports...  it's what has helped me pave the lifestyle I have today. My $350,000 Lamborghini, a seven figure house, and retirement savings well in the myriads of millions have all been shaped by sports betting winnings.  I bet on every single selection that I send out. When you lose, I also lose. Picking pure winners is the only way for me to sustain my livelihood.

Reason #4: I have extensive insider connections.  My far-reaching record of broad insider connections to various team coaches, players, and the media have given me an unprecedented edge at picking winners unlike any other.

Reason #5: An unrivaled work ethic beyond any measure.  As long as I'm not eating or having to be in the bathroom, just about every waking minute of my day is spent delving into the sports database to establish for you the next big winner.

Reason #6: I have a reputation that has spread like wildfire since day 1 of my professional career.  Just Google my name: Sports Betting Champ John Morrison.  You'll see I'm one of the most sought-after sports handicapper in the world.  People have literally offered to fly halfway across the world just to consult with me.

Reason #7: Over 10,000 satisfied customers.  A track record of countless thousands of ecstatic customers has helped spring boarded my illustrious reputation throughout the sports betting industry quicker than any other in memory.

Reason #8: I have zero tolerance for mediocrity.  This is what separates me from any other handicapper out there.  When clients come to me, they know their winners are guaranteed!

"Every game on the board is thoroughly
 and systematically analyzed to ensure only the finest resulting selections."

Just imagine for a second what it would be like for you to push yourself into early retirement, create a successful stream of mind-boggling income at the click of button, and start living the life you've always dreamed about by spending just 5 minutes of your time a day wagering under my proven selections.

Even if you're the type who's scared to death of taking the slightest risks - my rock-solid picks will have you shed away all your fears as you begin your embarkment on a massive window of opportunity to create a mountain of unthinkable winning success without chance!

As long as you have an internet connection, know how to log into a sportsbook, and can spare 5 minutes of your time a day, you can let loose of all your past disheartening failures and start banking in runaway profits that you've always fancied about!

Your entire "work" process each day is as easy as 1-2-3:
Check your email inbox
for my picks each day. Log into your sportsbook.
Throw your bets out there. Lay back and watch as the winnings come flooding in!                                                               
You know what? The lights in Vegas stay on not because gamblers are winning. More than 95% of bettors fail to make a profit from their craft. Most of them set out with the highest of hopes, but that sweet honeymoon is always quickly shattered as soon as they realize the untold difficulty attached to winning at sports over long term.

"Don't let that be you.
Yes, I said it - Unless you have me on your side - You won't make diddly-squat betting on sports!"

Yes, I can be brutally honest sometimes. I might have even made some fists clenched up with that statement...but listen, I can't be sorry for telling you that, as unpleasant as it may be, because I really don't want to see you flushing away your hard-earned money to the sportsbooks. I'd rather see you gnashing your teeth at me now than risking the chance that you'll throw away your well-deserved income because of mindless gambling.

Yes, there's a lot of money to be made at sports...but let me make this clear: Don't try this at home. At least not alone. You'll end up losing. Trust me. Join forces with the premier handicapper of a generation today and you can start making your wagers with unshakable winning confidence!

Let me turn you into the new Nostradamus of Sports. Insure your gambling investments with the most accurate winning formula money can buy and stay ahead of the trends in ways unlike any other regular Joe bettor!

["You've convinced me John, I'm ready to order"](#order)

"That's just incredible John!
ow much does this all cost!?"
Let me ask you that question first instead. How much would you shell out to receive my personal, full-blown dedication to sending you every pick I make, every day, and take you along for the sports winning ride of your life with me starting as early as tonight?

I'll be sweating away hours at the sports sheets every night to come up with sure-fire selections as you sit back, throw your bets out there, and party as the winnings come flying in!

Just think about it for a second: how much would you honestly pay to have that kind of a sumptuous luxury?

$500 a week? $1,000 a week? Really now, who wouldn't want to throw down a grand and turn it into $5,000, $10,000 or more in just 7 days!?

Now I really mean this, I want your honest answer here:

How much would a month of $1,000 in winning profits be worth to you?

How much would a month of $10,000 in winning profits be worth to you?

How much would a month of $100,000 in winning profits be worth to you?

How would you like to be able to make all that and more - by spending just no more than 5 minutes of your time a day betting on personal selections?

Now here's my shocking surprise: If you take action today, you can come join me in the winners circle and begin cashing in on this 2009 MLB baseball season in ways you can't even begin to imagine for as little as $1.37 a day.

Here are The Champ Selections membership levels I offer:

1. Two weeks of my MLB selections - $140 ($10 a day)

2. One Month of my MLB selections - $240 ($8 a day)

3. Full YEAR (that's 365 days) of my MLB selections - $500
(best deal of all - works out to just about $1.37 a day!)

"For less than what you'd spend on a small cup of coffee a day, you can leap onboard to my fail-safe MLB selections right now and race across the superhighway to betting profits stardom starting as early as tonight!"


Stop drifting through your betting performance and start controlling it. Stop going through life, and start living it. The search is over. You now have access to the same golden winning selections that have springboarded countless of my previous customers from average Joes into high-rolling, head-turning, finger-snatching, shout-off-the-rooftop industry gambling "champs."

For your sake, and for your family's sake, the time is now to break free from the risks of betting. Act today and you can legally steal my most closely-guarded betting selections to make them your own every day and start raking in the newfound wealth you've always dreamed about.

Why Is The Champ Selections So URGENT?

The 2009 MLB season is in full swing right now, and every minute that goes by is another minute closer to the end of the season.

On your horizon today is the most amazing opportunity for you to discover the hidden truths of my money-tree winning selections. The wealth of the value contained in my picks is priceless. This small investment you make in my service can pay for itself tenfold by the end of tomorrow, and grown sky-high while wearing your favorite slippers over the coming months!

Don't allow your sports betting ventures to be left to chance. Arm yourself with the command of a leading handicapper in the industry today and start cashing in on sports like you've never seen before!

You're now just one click way from getting instant access to my bookie-busting picks and start leading your winnings in ways unheard of in the industry. Join now with me in my promised land and I can personally guarantee your success through my record-shattering selections!

You owe it to yourself to give my acclaimed winning selections a try. Along with my personal guarantee you have nothing to lose...but a whole new exciting stream of heart-thumping income to gain!

"[]That's it John, I can't wait to get started!
Sign me up RIGHT NOW!"

Order a Bi-Weekly Membership to Champ Selections
[ ](http://3.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)
[Click here to access 2 weeks of my sure-fire
2009 MLB selections for $140 ($10 a day)](http://3.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)

Order a Monthly Membership to Champ Selections
[ ](http://2.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)
[Click here to access one month of my sure-fire
2009 MLB selections for $240 ($8 a day)](http://2.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)

Order a Full Year Membership (MLB) to Champ Selections

[Click here to access my sure-fire MLB selections Yearly Pass for $500 ](http://1.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)
[(smokin' hot bargain - works out to just about $1.37 a day!)](http://1.openended_champbets.pay.clickbank.net)

Here's to a winning 2009 MLB season and more,

P.S. Every minute you sit and ponder over whether or not to jump aboard my fool-proof betting selections is a minute closer to the end of the season.
P.P.S. You're flushing money down the toilet every day you're not betting on my picks!
P.P.P.S. Remember, I've never had a losing season in 28 years of sports handicapping. Take action on this incredible offer today and you can ride shotgun with me on our wave of success and start making money hand-over-fist starting as early as tonight!

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