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Welcome To Upgraded Version of TestimonialBox Software

Introducing Testimonialbox.com, the new way to add rotating, dynamic testimonials to your website. Take a look at the TestimonialBox below and see it in Action!

With our Testimonial software you can add unlimited testimonials for as many websites as you want. This eliminates the need for the long drawn out testimonial boxes and can help shorten your salespage some as well. Remember Keeping your visitors attention is paramount, and this new way to spotlight testimonials really helps.

Here is a brief demonstration of how you can use the software to create your own testimonial box on your website. Everything is controlled by our user friendly control panel (Shown below)

There are 3 different sizes as you'll see, and you can simply copy and paste the code for the testimonailbox on any website.






With this version we are offering several very nice feature upgrades.

a) Video Testimonial Support (still in beta, but will be released soon)

b) Unlimited Campaigns (instead of just 1) - This means you can put together testimonialboxes for all of your websites or products.

c) Unlimited Testimonials (instead of the 5 testimonial limit)

For only $29 ONE TIME FEE you will have immediate access to our upgraded system to do unlimited testimonials and campaigns.

If you are currently logged in, you will have immediate access. Otherwise you will need to login, using your registration details you recieved when you signed up for your free account.

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.a2zwebs123.pay.clickbank.net)

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