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6 Compelling Reasons

Why Immediate Online Hypnosis
Is the Easiest and Fastest
Way to Lose Weight

1. Online hypnosis immediately transforms your mindset.

One part of your mind wants to lose weight and knows how, but the
other part has conflicting attitudes. Now after a gentle hypnotic state,
where you’re fully awake and in control, your mind will switch to only
your best attitudes, permanently.

2. You’ll actually enjoy eating right, and exercising.

No more struggling. You’ll crave only healthy foods, and find
exercising a pleasure. Amazingly, weight loss will become effortless.
Your new mindset starts an hour from now. This is the only easy
weight loss method.

3. No CDs. No travel. No wait.

You get the entire proven program (booklets and audio tracks) right
here, right now, through your computer. So you can get started in

4. I guarantee you’ll reach your weight goals.

Lose as much weight as you want: 10, 20, 40 or more. 94% achieve
their goals. If someone doesn't feel they met their goals, we send
them an immediate 100% refund. No questions asked.

5. The FreshStart Method is proven.

Hypnosis is the technique that ABC News calls “tried and true weight
loss.” So use our immediate online hypnosis to get more slender, fit,
and attractive – and stay that way! All without will power, effortlessly.
And imagine the complements.

6. No costs for meetings, special foods, or pills.

Plans that deliver special foods and charge you for meetings and
food have become unnecessary – removing a major expense.
Your entire cost – other than whatever food you choose to buy in
supermarkets or restaurants – is your low $49 one time payment.
Just click “I’m Ready to Achieve My Weight Goals” button below.


Matt Godson
Clinical Hypnotherapist - [Accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy](certificates.php)


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