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I’m sick and tired of seeing so many “so-called” site flippers are selling guides on site flipping when they don’t even know how to do it right themselves.

“Discover the Secrets to Profitable Site Flipping – from a Real Deal”

“Introducing the Secret Formula that will reveal the right way to flip sites professionally – by a professional site flipper”

How would you like to learn:

How to build a profitable site from scratch easily
How to get buyers to drool after your sites
4 ways to sell your sites
How to build a site that will definitely sells
How to do well in site flipping without worrying about the market

Dear Friends,

I am tired of hearing about other “so-called” site flippers are selling information products about site flipping and know nothing much about site flipping themselves. I am sick and tired of hearing complains and whining of people who bought their products and still learn nothing.

What if I tell you I have all the information on site flipping – from the simple, less risky blog flipping to the more complex, product site flipping as well as tips on designs and outsourcing – all in one place – written by a real deal site flipper who made over $5,000 in site sales every month (even in bad economy) through site flipping alone?

I am about to reveal to you, how anyone, from a 15 year-old student of mine to a 64 year-old friend of mine – can make money off the Internet almost instantly – and proving to everyone that getting rich overnight is possible!
If you think you are hooked up with tons of works and want to make some extra thousands every month – you are on the right track – because site flipping allows you to make money only when you want to and the money for each transaction is huge (if you how to do it right).

“This will not make you millions”

I admit I am not a millionaire (yet) and I am aware that flipping sites all the way to a million bucks has a very low possibility. So, I want to inform you that if you are here to find your first million – this is not the way. If you want to make some extra dough to buy that sexy Aston Martin or that cruise around the Caribbean Islands that you have been dreaming of – site flipping is the right method for you to make money.


Hi guys,

Swastik here.

I've had the opportunity to read the book & from what I've seen -- it is by far one of the most complete eBooks on flipping websites. From flipping start-up to established blogs and even product flipping -- everything is covered in a very detailed fashion.Jay, who himself is one of the best site flippers around, has poured his wealth of knowledge into this book and that reflects.

He goes on to tell you strategies that will make you instant cash as well as recurring cash over the long term. I know those strategies work wonders because I've been there, done that. ;-)

All in all, if you're looking to get started with blog flipping, product flipping or are looking to increase your scope for this; you definitely need to grab a copy for you.

Swastik Agrawal, Site Flipper

“Anyone can flip sites!”

Everyone can flips sites. There is no restriction to age, ethnicity, countries or knowledge. Site flipping is about how to do it right and with my eBook – you can’t go wrong. If I can convince a 18 year-old teenager who know nothing about internet marketing and HTML to sell his first site for $200+ and a 35 year-old unemployed dad to make over $3,200 a month – all through my eBook – why not you?

“Still don’t think I’m the real deal?”

I don’t blame you. I, myself have spent over $500 in all these site flipping products and about 80% of them are totally worthless. Of course, some of you who have heard of site flipping will not need to be further introduced on who am I, but for those who are still having doubts, here are some of proofs that I am a real deal site flipper.

Of course, screenshots generally mean nothing. Everyone can fake screenshots. I am not asking you to believe my screenshots – but if you do have friends who know about site flipping – you might want to ask them if they have heard of my name, Jay Luo.

“Why FlippingSpark is different”

After achieving a major success with site flipping, I decided to give back by guiding you on 4 different kind of site flipping instead of just one basic site flipping. The module goes around this mind map:

Here are some of the topics that I will discuss in FlippingSpark eBook:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After all, site flipping is not just about setting up a site and sells it for profit. It’s more than that and that’s how FlippingSpark eBook will be your comprehensive and handy guide to your site flipping success.


I just read Jay Luo's FlippingSpark ebook. All that I can say is WOOOOW! This book is great. I'm in website flipping business for around two years and I bought almost everything that showed up in this niche. Flipping Spark book is one of the best I ever read.

I count myself into seasoned website flippers and I was a little disappointed after I read first few pages. It was all about how to start with site flipping.

I thought "oh my God, another boring site flipping ebook for beginners". I was wrong. It is true that Jay Luo started with beginners in mind. First few pages are dedicated to all of those who have just started building sites and want to make some money with website flipping. Inside this ebook every beginner will learn how to start this business. And not just that. Jay Luo will show you his best resources he uses every day. In short... if you want to start flipping websites you need this ebook. Period!

When I finished with beginner section Jay Luo convinced me that he knows very well what he is doing. In this ebook we can find all of his advanced knowledge. He is flipping three different kinds of websites. (I loved chapter about blog flipping). In his ebook he is not only describing how he does it. He also uncovers a few of his insider secrets. I got three or four ideas which will help me to put my website flipping business on another level... and I know a lot about website flipping. There are so many details in this ebook I never thought about. Even a seasoned flipper will learn a lot from Flipping Spark ebook. I did.

You will learn how to build websites and blogs which you can easily sell on market place like Sitepoint. You will not suffer. If you listen to Jay Luo, your sites will sell in minutes after you put them on auction. He is also talking about website design. Not just any website design. He is talking about design that sells.

There are still a lot of flippers which have problems when they finally sell their site. They don't know how to transfer their blog or site to the new owner. Well, not anymore. Jay Luo was step ahead and he included his special manual on how to transfer your site or blog to the new owner. It is written in language any beginner can follow and do it in less than 15 minutes.

And that is not all. There is much more inside this 66 pages of ebook.
Believe me, this is not a theory book. Far away from that. This is an ebook that can make you a lot of money, if you follow what Jay Luo is teaching

Flipping Spark is an ebook I wish I'd have it when I started with website flipping business.

D.Marze, SiteFlipperVault.com

“That’s not it!”

I am not just going to hand the eBook to you and expect you to learn everything. I am going to include some amazing bonuses to help you ease your site flipping progress.



Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Wordpress Blog Easily!

Transferring a Wordpress blog is always a newbie site flipper’s nightmare.

There are lots of tutorials online but none of them shows you the simple and step-by-step ways using screenshots to transfer a Wordpress blog.

I will show you from step one to the last step – together with screenshots to show you which buttons to click and which box to click.



Ready-to-Use Package to Ease Your Learning Experiences and Boost Your Resources.

I have also included some PLR packages and custom script packages that you can use (or will be using while going through my eBook) to flip some sites.

The packages I have chosen are newbie-friendly and professional looking. For the custom script packages, I have included the most attractive scripts that I have used with success.



Awesome Listing Sales Copies that You Can Use Easily with Proven High Conversion!

Tons of people complained to me that writing an effective listing sales copy is very difficult and I don’t deny that fact.

So, I decided to include a couple of sales copy template that you can use. I have personally used these templates, and these templates have been proven to be effective.

“FlippingSpark will help you to ease through your learning process and provide maximum success!”

I have been flipping sites for over one and a half year now and I have been through a lot of problems, mistakes and failures. I know what work and what don’t. And now I’m stuffing whatever I learned in the past one and a half year into this eBook. This eBook can help you even if you don’t know anything about site flipping. If you have some basic knowledge on site flipping, this eBook will still help you to raise your site flipping profits by at least 500%.

“Still Skeptical?”

I don’t blame you. I would probably be very pissed off if I paid for something that sounds better than it seems. However, I am very confident about my FlippingSpark guide and I am backing it that it will the one eBook that will makes you big bucks online. No more waiting for a month to get your paycheck. Site flipping pays you instantly and it gets much easier with FlippingSpark.

I am now offering a 60-day 100% money back guarantee* if you failed to make money through my methods. Just send me an email with proofs that you utilized at least two of my methods and I am more than happy to offer you a full refund to you. That’s how confident I am with my eBook. Remember you have nothing to lose!

“Do you want to be a Site Flipping winner or a Site Flipping loser?”

There are already a number of people out there who are already making big bucks through site flipping. Most of them took plenty of time to be where they are today – and FlippingSpark eBook will help you to skip all the troubles and help you to start generating money through site flipping easily and almost instantly (and I’m not even joking about this).

So, how much will this amazing guide costs? $1997 $197 $147 $97 $67 $37.

For just a small fee of $37, you can get your hands on the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand eBook, tons of awesome bonuses as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. This eBook is valued at between $70 - $140 by my previous purchasers. So at $37, this is truly a steal!

Remember, the $37 price tag will not stay forever. I will raise its price pretty soon as I am already having a pretty good number of purchasers who are already enjoying success with site flipping through FlippingSpark eBook.
Let me remind you again that you absolutely have nothing to lose with my 60-day money back guarantee.

HURRY! Claim Your Copy of FlippingSpark eBook Now at Just $37!

“Yes Jay! I Want to Claim the Instant Access to FlippingSpark eBook and Bonuses for Just $37. Absolutely Risk-free with 100% Money Back Guarantee!”

Yes, I want to get my access to the FlippingSpark eBooks and bonuses and start learning how to flip sites profitably.

I fully understand that if I am not satisfied with my purchase, I can get a 100% refund on my purchase.


There’s really no time to waste. The earlier you get your hands on this eBook, the quicker you will learn and enjoy the success of your site flipping.

We have received tons of positive testimonials (we have yet to receive any negative testimonials yet) and tons of people are already thanking us for producing such an informative eBook for such amazing price.

Thanks for your time and we wish you the best of luck.

To Your Success,

Jay Luo

The Real Deal,

Established Site Flipper.

P.S. What? You’re still reading this? Well it’s either you are really curious or you are not convince that my guide can help you to achieve site flipping success. At $37 and 60-day money back guarantee, it’s almost impossible for anything to go wrong.

P.S.S. If you want to learn the same stuff in the eBook by yourself, it would take you at least a year and plenty of money as well as patience to learn what I outlined in the eBook. No one else is selling the same information. You can only get it here.

Get your instant access now! You don’t want to miss the boat!

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