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Welcome to HarryPotterWriter.com

where you can write like J.K. Rowling!

Our best-selling author reveals the essential secrets to writing
fantastic Harry Potter stories - or any story you like!

Have you ever wanted to write like J.K, or Dan Brown? Have you ever
wanted to know just how such famous authors write their stories? Where
they get their ideas from? Their inspiration? Their knowledge? Many
writers have spent a small fortune wading through countless books and
manuals on how to write properly. It could take you days or weeks to
learn the craft, until now.

Because now the magic of such writing is revealed in this very
special e-book that will set you on the path to writing great Harry
Potter stories for your friends - or great original stories that could
get the interest of publishers, provided they are all your own work
and characters, this e-book shows you how!

Write Your Own Harry Potter Stories will open your eyes to the
magical world of writing. And if you think this e-book is just for
little wizards, think again - any writer can get the benefits of
what's divulged in this famous author's manual for any kind of
fiction; fundamental yet crucial information all there for you,
without the endless pages of writing theory that can bog you down.

We're not allowed to divulge the author of this essential know-how
guide, but we can tell you that she is a world-published author of
many books for children and adults, and while she is not J.K. Rowling,
her book sales have been in the hundreds of thousands - she has done
well in her own right and now wants you to know how to write for
pleasure and profit also.

"I had absolutely no idea writing could be so easy. With just a few
pointers I'm writing really cool stories. My friends are begging me
for the next one!"

- James Turner, Oxford UK

To obtain such secrets can cost a lot of money, a few hundred for a
writing course for instance. In fact there are e-books out there
asking over $50.00 just to provide the information we will provide you
for just a few dollars only. And beware anyone offering 'how to write'
information for free. They just want your name on their mailing lists
and to lure you with expensive products and courses.

We pledge you our guarantee that we will not spam you at all with
gimmicks and useless products.

"My brother has this big book on writing, it's really boring. Your
ebook has given me the essentials I need and my teacher says it's just
the thing for making me more creative. Thank you J.K!"

- Claudia Laffie, Del Rio, Texas USA

Look at how Write Your Own Harry Potter Stories can help you...


Determining subject matter

Writing setup

Plot and Pace

Setting the theme and scene

Active and passive voice

Create characters that are so alive!

Beat writers block

Improve Dialog

First person and third person

Speaking and thinking

And much more!

A peek inside your book...

Plus, there's even a secret bonus for true wizards, described below.

"I'm a teacher and child counselor and I see hundreds of children a
week who have literacy issues. This small book on writing is essential
for development and what's more, teaching children how to relate to
others, learning from different characters and people from different
backgrounds and places. I'm not a writer myself, but perhaps I should

- Christina Gibbeson, Sydney, Australia

While our writing tips could cost hundreds, just $6.75 will secure
you the keys to writing good stories for your friends, or good
(totally original) stories that sell! Click the button below to secure
your e-book now and you will have it in no time; the simple yet
essential truth to writing great stories. What's more, when you
download the e-book, you'll soon discover the secret link inside that
will allow you to download the FREE Harry Potter font - a free-for-use
font ideal for printing your stories and making up your own books for
all to see!

Only a Muggle couldn't find the secret link!

Here is an example use of the Harry Potter font from one of our

Imagine showing this fan-fiction book to your friends!

"As a professional copywriter I was skeptical; upon reading 'Write
Your Own Harry Potter Stories' I'm quite impressed that the major
factors teaching one to write are there without the fancy words of
academia that can drain the creative edge. An essential tool for all
children and adults who wish to write great fiction."

- Karin Gottschalk, London, UK

What's more, you have our COMPLETE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you are
not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, we will refund your
money, end of story - but we do hope you continue to write great

Yes! I want to start writing great stories today!

Click the 'Download' link below to order Write Your Own Harry Potter

BONUS when you download, you will gain access to the FREE Harry
Potter font that you can download at any time. The clue is inside the

When you click the above link:

1. Your Purchase is handled by ClickBank, a trusted and well known
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2. You can purchase at any time from anywhere in the world, even if
it 11:30 at night or 3:30 in the morning.

3. It takes just a short moment to secure your e-book and have it
open in front of you!

4. The e-book is in Adobe PDF format. If you don't already have
Adobe PDF Reader, download it from , for free.

Note: You cannot sell books using the Harry Potter characters, but
you can sell your own totally original stories.

"I am an extraordinarily lucky person, doing what I love best in the
world. I'm sure that I will always be a writer. It was wonderful
enough just to be published. The greatest reward is the enthusiasm of
the readers."

- J.K. Rowling

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