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Tycoon Cashflow

Revealed: How Two Kids Make $25, $50, $175, $500/day - and how you
can use their system to make additional money even in your sleep.

Dear Friend,

My Name is Derek Beachler. I'm one of the creators of Tycoon
Cashflow, along side Adam Horwitz.

I wanted to tell you my story today, of how I went from working an
$11/hour day job, and at the age of 18, started pulling in 6-figures
with-in 8 months of starting online.

You see, I am probably just like you. If not, I might have been in
worse shape than you are now. So here's how it all began...

I grew up in a small town in NE Ohio, where I went to school. Most
would say I did everything right up until High School. Where I started
to become the "_black sheep_" of the family.

I went from being an honor student, to getting terrible grades - and
my family was just HAPPY to have me graduate. I almost failed my
senior year.. I remember sweating it as they handed out the final
report card.

I Had No Future....

From there I had no clue what I wanted to do. I knew that I didn't
want to go to college - even if I did, I wouldn't have been able to. I
couldn't afford it, and I don't blame my parents for not wanting to
pay for me... I almost failed out of High School.

Luckily, my sister got me a "good" job for 11$/hour working for a
telecommunications company. At this point I was satisfied. Fresh out
of High School.. but...

The Job Was Terrible..

It took me about 6 months to get fed up with my job. I hated going
in every single day. I used up all of my vacation time as soon as I
got it.

When I looked around, I saw people that were 5-20 years older then
me.. HAPPY with being payed $11-$15/hour. This was a very eye opening

It Literally FREAKED Me Out!

It was a couple events that day that changed my life. I had a few
miserable customers on the phone and it really made me re-think what I
have done in life so far.

I started looking around for colleges to apply to, but everywhere I
went I knew it wouldn't work out. I'd be working at a degree for 4-8
years, for a **chance** to make more money. It just never made sense.

So I went home.. and I did something that you might have done

I started typing into google... "Make money online" ... "How to make
money from home" ... "work from home" etc etc...

And That's When My Life...

started to turn around... It took me about 5 months of trial and
error, until I started seeing "good results". I had no clue what I was
doing at first. I just saw other people making money online - and I
thought WHY NOT me?

I did have a leg up though. I was very familiar with the internet. I
grew up on it. But I had no clue how to leverage it to make money.

But in just a few weeks I remember making my first sale. I logged
into my account and saw "$68.21" sitting there. I about FREAKED OUT!
In fact, I was so excited I screamed! My family came running thinking
something was wrong, when I showed them I made a sale.

The next week was even better..

The SAME scream happened... except this time I saw $189.00 sitting
in the account.

They Thought It Was A Scam!

My Parents, were always very protective of me. They always looked
out for what's best. So when they heard about me "making money online"
they thought for sure I was in some pyramid scheme, or that I was just
being scammed.

Even when I showed them my affiliate accounts online, they always
wondered IF the money would actually come.

EVERYONE thought it was a scam. Even co-workers, at that crappy
cell-phone company! They all mocked me: "Yeah Yeah... where's the
money at... where's the money at?!"

No one thought that I could make money without having a "good job".

That's when the checks started to roll in.

Every week on auto-pilot a new check would roll in.




The checks just kept rolling in.

My parents told me afterwards - that they used to take the checks
before I got home from work and hold them up to the light to see how
much money was on the check.

They STILL couldn't believe I was making that much money...

but that's until I rolled up in my new Mercedes Benz.

Here's me with my new Mercedes Benz at the age of 19.

With-in 8 months of starting my little "side project" I was already
making 6-figures.

All my friends in High School, that went on to college, were still
there studying and they had 3-8 more years to go until they could get
a "mediocre" job.

Meanwhile I took the fast track to success. And that is exactly what
I want to share with you today.

Since I started my little "side project", those that were close to
me constantly asked what I did to make all that money quickly. I was
the basic *rags to riches* story.

Everyone asked me wanted to know and learn everything that I did.
Because it happened so quickly they thought they could do it too. So
this lead to hours of explaining what I did, and showing everyone what
I did to make money.

Those who actually USED what I said, went on to make some good solid
money. Today, I want to share exactly that.

Eventually it got to the point where there were just way to many
people asking for advice. I couldn't answer all their questions. There
just wasn't enough hours in the day.

So I decided to package everything up into videos. To show them
exactly what I'm doing. That way they could just make their way
through the course, instead of sitting down one on one.

After sharing this course with a few of them, they were so surprised
that I was just giving it away, and they asked why I wasn't selling
it? I didn't really care to worry about it at that time.

That's Until I met Adam..

Until I met Adam Horwitz, the only way you could get this
information was to meet, and know me personally. Even then I didn't
give it to everyone. Only those who I felt would ACTUALLY use it.

Adam actually talked me into packaging it up in a way we could share
it with the world, to give everyone the chance to get started online.
To make their first sale, to start making $300-$400 additional a week.

So we both worked together to develop a complete course that we
could share with the world. A system that could take a complete
beginner to the internet and show them exactly what we do to generate
revenue streams all over the internet.

Why Would You Share Your Secrets?

Quite frankly, it doesn't matter how many people use this system,
it's going to work. This isn't a book of secrets, that only works when
a few people use it... it's time tested. It worked BEFORE I started
doing it, and it's going to work for years to come.

You wont be using little tricks or secrets to making money. You will
be using a profitable system that will work FOR you. There's two
things that I love.

1) I love helping people. That's why even after all of my success, I
took hours upon hours out of my day (even when I knew I had a list of
things to do) to help people close to me.

2) I love making money, building businesses, discussing business
strategy or planning, discussing investing... anything about improving
my income.

Why not mix the two?

I have the opportunity to share with you, how to start making money
from home in as little as a few hours from RIGHT now. I get to change
the lives of everyone who see's this page. This truly is THE BEST job
in the world.

So I know what you must be thinking..

"What exactly are we going to be doing?"

Inside of Tycoon Cashflow we will be showing the best start-up
system around, through a process of "Affiliate Marketing".

Companies use Affiliate Marketing to drive their online sales and it
works like this.

You as the affiliate, send traffic to a product or offer on the
internet. It's managed through a special coded link (that you will get
from your affiliate program). Anytime a sale is referred from the
traffic you send, you get a percentage of that income.

This is usually 5%-75%, depending on the program you choose.

So instead of doing any marketing themselves, they let affiliates
drive traffic for them, and they give a percentage of the purchase
price to the affiliate for their work.

Here's why Affiliate Marketing is so great:

NO START UP FEE'S - To run an affiliate business, you can literally
start your making money with no upfront cost. You can start making
money in a very short amount of time after reading this.

online based, you can run the business from anywhere in the world with
an internet connection. While you travel, on vacation, from your smart
phone, even from the comfort of your own bed.

NO PRODUCTS OR INVENTORY - You don't have to invent the wheel. You
can sell other people's products that people LOVE and make money for
referring customers. You don't have to worry about shipping or
developing the product.

NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT - All you have to do is send the traffic, and
collect your checks. You don't have to worry about customer questions,
problems, or support. You just collect your checks, and let the
company handle the support.

PART TIME OR FULL TIME - There are no time constraints on starting
up. If you have a full time job right now, you can do this as a part
time side project. (That's exactly how I started!). Eventually this
can double or triple the amount of money your making from your job,
and you can kiss it goodbye forever!

HUGE POTENTIAL EARNINGS - With Tycoon Cashflow we show you how to
work once, and get paid forever. So once you start generating revenue
from one product, you can rinse and repeat. Pick a new product, and
start promoting, and then rinse and repeat AGAIN. Before you know it,
you will be promoting multiple products, in multiple industries -
bringing in hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each day.

There's only 2 things that you need to know how to do.

#1) Pick a WINNING Product to Promote


#2) Drive Traffic to that offer.

Once you understand how to do that, all you have to do is collect
your checks. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Pick a Product

2) Drive Traffic

3) Collect Your Checks

Inside of Tycoon Cashflow we show you exactly how to do that. Here's
what you will be getting inside Tycoon Cashlow:

Module #1) Intro to Affiliate Marketing. You will discover how
Affiliate Marketing works, and how you can leverage it to begin making
a large revenue stream online. You will set up your very first
affiliate account and get ready to start making money!

Module #2) Product Research and Selection. This is one of the MOST
important parts of Affiliate Marketing, while most people over look
this. We show you the correct way to pick winning products, where to
find them, and then how to research if it's a good product to promote.
You want to make sure that the products you pick are WINNERS. So we
show you how we do just that.

Module #3) Driving Traffic Immediately. We show you how you can
start driving traffic with-in just a few hours of going through this
module. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up your
first "pay-per-click" campaign and how you can trade dimes for dollars
to make automatic income with your affiliate program.

Module #4) Explosive Free Traffic. Inside this module you will
discover our tactics to get your pages (that you will find out how to
create FOR FREE) to the top of the search engines, to be found
everytime someone types in a search query in google. Think about it...

Module #5) Advanced Strategies - Our last module is reserved for
future updates that we want to make. Anytime there's a new tool,
strategy, or industry out there that we feel you should know about -
we will add it to this module. As this module get's updated you will
know about it, and you will get life-time access to the contents of
what we include here.

"buy pokemon cards" gets searched 6,600 times a month.

"buy golf clubs" gets searched 14,800 times a month.

"buy make up" gets searched 9,900 times a month.

Think about having your advertisement pop up EVERY time someone
searches. By promoting a related product, you can make a
automated-killing by using our Tycoon Cashflow System. These are just
3 ideas, there's thousands and thousands of ideas out there.


So here's the deal. Tycoon Cashflow is not for everyone.

This is NOT a course filled with "black hat" secrets to spam the

This is NOT a course showing you how to fill out surveys to make

This is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme. It's going to take some time
and work to get things going. But it's like rolling a snowball down
hill. It starts slow, but as you pick up momentum you have this GIANT
boulder of snow speeding down the hill crashing everything in site!

This is NOT a course filled with "quick" money makers. Everything
inside Tycoon Cashflow is developed to WORK ONCE - Collect Forever!

This is NOT an advanced course to making money online. If you are
already making hundreds of dollars each day online - then this is not
for you.

Here's what this course will provide:

We WILL show you how we have built revenue streams all over the
internet for multiple products in different industries. We will show
you from start to beginning, step by step how to set up your campaigns
and start making money as early as tonight. Giving you an "over the
shoulder" view of how we pick our niches, and dominate them.

We will show you inside Tycoon Cashflow how you can make $300-$500
each and every week, starting in your spare time, and that's just for

How To Get Started Today

You can get started today, the quicker you get started, the quicker
you can start generating additional income.

But before we show you how, I wanted to show you one more thing.
Because unfortunately, there are people out there that claim they can
show you "how to make money online", and they have no idea what they
are doing themselves.

I wanted to show you that I'm a respected, and TOP client in one of
the internets famous networks. This is leveraging the same system that
you will get your hands on. So you too, can become a TOP client and
receive special priveledges like I have:

Out of the thousands of people who are on the affiliate network:
Clickbank, I was one of the top 100 clients, in 2008 - and plan to be
one for many years to come.

Do you want success like this?

Take Tycoon Cashflow, Prove That It Works...

Since this is the exact system that I have shared with my friends
and my family, I'm 100% confident it's going to work. All you have to
do is put it to work.

That's why we are willing to give you a RISK-FREE trial of our

So take Tycoon Cashflow, and you can put it to work for you for 60
days. If you are the LEAST bit unsatisfied with the results that our
program can provide to you, we will refund every single penny, quickly
and easily. All you have to do is send us an e-mail.

All that we ask is that you take our system today, and put it to the
test! Prove that it works, and change your life today for the better,
by adding additional revenue streams all over the internet.

If it doesn't work out, you can keep our system as a complimentary
gift, just for testing it out.

Does that sound fair?

Make $300-$500 A Week With Tycoon Cashflow

With simple application you can quickly be on your way to making
$300-$500 a week in your spare time. And that is just the bottom of
the bucket. There is no limitations to this course. You can continue
adding revenue streams. Making $100, $250, $400, $750, even $1,000
each and every day (even when your sleeping!).

So how much should we charge for this?

This was a question we asked the people who used this system. That
saw the results of making hundreds of dollars each day, and changing
their entire lifestyle.

The immediate response was $499.00 Because the cost of it would be
recouped in the FIRST week of using it. Everything else would become
pure profits.

However, that's now what Adam and I are about. We want to get this
course into as many hands as possible. We want to see the success
stories around the world (and when you profit from our product... you
BETTER e-mail us and tell us your story! We want to hear it!)

So we wouldn't even give it at a discount rate of $259.00. That's at
half the price everyone told us we should sell it at. But again we
wanted everyone to be able afford this.

Our final decision was to price it at $99.00. Very affordable.
Coinsidering we wouldn't even let people buy one our of our time now
for $100. Our consulting fee's are $299/hour.

But Let Me Ask You This...

If a friend came up to you and asked you for $100.00, and in return
he guaranteed you that he would give you $50 every day from here on
out, would you give your friend out?

Well, since we consider you a friend of ours, we aren't even going
to ask you for $100.00 today. I'm a little bit crazy, and I love doing
outrageous things to make everyone happy.

So scratch that $99.00 price tag, we are willing to practically give
away our Tycoon Cashflow course for $49.00. Your return on investment
will be through the roof, since you can recoup your investment by as
early as tonight, and start generating hundreds of dollars each week.

You Have What It Takes...

Look... I practically failed out of highschool. I'm only 21 years
old at the time of writing this, I didn't go to college so I have no
further education.

I'm convinced that all you need is an open mind, an internet
connection, and the desire to MAKE MONEY. The rest of it is supplied
in Tycoon Cashflow. All you have to do is follow the three simple

1) Find a Product, 2) Drive Traffic, 3) Collect Your Checks.

Each step of the process is spelled out in our jam packed 5 module
course: Tycoon Cashflow. So you have what it takes...get started


Derek and Adam, I want to get started with Tycoon Cashflow RIGHT
NOW! I know that this introductory price of $49.00 wont last forever
so I'm taking advantage of it right now!

I understand that,

- As soon as I purchase I will get INSTANT access to the Tycoon
Cashflow course that will show me how to generate revenue streams all
over the internet.

- That I can start making money as early as tonight.

- That all it takes is an open mind, an internet connection, and a
desire to MAKE MONEY to be succesful online. Everything else is
provided in the Tycoon Cashflow course.

- That I get access to all 5 modules of the course, to show me
step-by-step how I can WORK ONCE and GET PAID forever.

- All of this is backed up by the IRON CLAD 100% Risk Free trial,
that I get success with Tycoon Cashflow or I get my money back.

Click Below To Get Started today at the cheap Introductory Price of

To your success online,

-Derek Beachler
-Adam Horwitz


P.S. With the economy the way it is today, you could lose your job
at anytime. This is the quickest and easiest way to protect your well
being, and your family. By generating additional revenue. You can do
this in your spare time, and make AUTOMATED income.

P.P.S. This introductory price of $49.00 will not be around forever.
So if you come back and see that the price is MUCH higher, you only
have yourself to blame. We are giving everyone a fair opportunity to
get their hands on this course now. Do you want success?

Support E-mail: support@tycooncashflow.com

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