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Ok, are you ready to begin?  I know many of you are already thinking that this is too good to be true.  I thought that on every different program I tried and your right!  Well partially correct I should say. 

Most of the programs out there are too good to be true.  They advertise what 1% of the people that try the program actual make.  I simply have told you above what I made last year using this program.  I do not guarantee that you will make more or less.  That is completely up to you.  I can tell you that with the support system that I have setup ( because I needed all the support in the beginning ) you can't fail.  That's right, I said you can't fail!  I will stand behind my program to the end.  You will make money using my program or your money back. 

Most of the programs out there are very misleading!  I have tried over 15 different programs so when I say that I speak on experience, I mean it!!!  When a program can brag about how good it is but never really tells you anything about it until after you purchase it, how good can it be?

I am going to start off by telling you exactly what you will be doing and what you will not be doing!

Here is a few things that you will be doing:

You will be answering a few emails.

You will be monitoring a few different income accounts.

You will be participating with major companies from home.

You will be choosing the hours you want to work. At your pace!

Here is a few things you will not be doing.  I want to clear this up for those of you that may have doubts or have tried programs that offer you ways to make money online. 

You will not be purchasing any products to sell.

You will not be personally selling any items to anyone

You will not need to be a computer genius!

You will not be recruting any friends.

You will not be stuffing envelops.

You will not be doing data entry.

You will not be taking surveys.

You will not be trading stocks.

You will not be trading foriegn exchange currencies (Forex)

You will not have to spend your life savings to get started!


You are going to love this program.  I will teach you how to make at anywhere from $250 to $3000 per day working from the convenience of your own home on your own time. 

That is probably the best thing about our program.  You work when you want.  Make your own schedule and enjoy every minute of it!  In the beginning, you will have thoughts of hesitation or you may not understand everything that is being taught to you.  I went through that stage.  What separates me from everyone is that I will help you through those tough times. 

Our support network has grown to over 82 staff members that are dedicated to making you just as successful as me the founder, Evelyn Johanson.  You are in control of your future, the time is now to make the commitment to make yourself better.

[](http://1.bigweek.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Big Weekly Earnings - Membership Program)

Why do you share the information in your program with other people if it makes you money?

Our program works for everyone no matter how many people are using it.  There are literally Billions of transactions conducted daily in the world.  With all those transactions, there could never be enough time in a day for just one person to be involved in every one of them.  The program will show you how to utilize what Millions of other people are already doing to make money from it. 

Will this program work for everyone no matter where you live and what computer skills you have?

Yes, my program will work for anyone no matter where you live.  All that is required is that you have computer access at least a few hours per week.  You don't even have to login to your computer every day!  If you know how to read English(currently we are working on producing everything in other languages) and if you can turn on a computer, you are set to go.  Our program is simple and has very clear instructions you will follow. 

What makes this program different than all the others available out there?

My program was written to help the most basic computer user.  Most other programs out there are written to make the person selling the program rich.  With our program, our support network uses up most of the expense our clients pay.  I make my money from using my program, not selling it.  My 8 week no questions asked money back guarantee will show you that I am serious to your success. 

What support do you offer?  How will you help me get started?

We offer 24 hour support.  My primary support is via email and I guarantee that I will respond personally to every email with 24 hours.  I do not use any kind of autoresponder service.   I feel that every question is unique and I address every concern personally.  I also offer weekly seminars that we hold online so anyone can attend and I will cover a portion of the program each week along with a question and answer session that way everyone has the ability to ask questions and seek advice from other users and my support staff.  I will guarantee that no other program offers this service!

How do we contact you with our questions?

I can always be reached at info@bigweeklyearnings.com  That is my public email address I use.  This email box will have a longer wait time for answers back as it receives over 500 emails per day.  Once you become a member, you will receive a private email address that I use for my members only.  Also, you will receive my phone support number.  That will give you the ability to call my support department with your questions as well. 

So lets recap a few things.  What you will be doing and what this is all about.  One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a quick answer to your financial problems or concerns, this could be your answer.  I do not advertise that you will get rich quick from this program.  What I teach will help you build an income that in time could make you well over $100,000 per year if you follow our steps.  If you are in need of $10,000 by next Tuesday, you might want to either gamble or pray because my program will not solve that problem for you.  I can assure you that with my program and your determination to be successful, you will never be broke again.  Not having to worry about money is one of the best feelings.  I am not talking about being rich, I am simply talking about not having to worry about how you are going to pay your bills each month! 

Remember, you will not have to selling anything yourself to anyone!

You will not have to build websites!  You will only have to answer a few emails and complete a few transactions with the help of major corporations.  Remember, major companies need your help to survive.  Most people are not even aware that most of the major companies use the help of the "average joes" more than their own employees!

You will not need a loan to get started either.  My program will show you how to use my resources and connections that I have created in the marketplace to get started for next to nothing.

So what does my program cost?  My fees are based largely on your success level.  What this means is if you are using my program and making money, you will be billed my low fees for the support network and resources.  If you decide this is not the program for you, it will not cost you anything! 

I charge $59.95 per month for our program to make sure my clients are serious about getting started and becomming successful.  This will allow my support staff to really focus their time on helping those of you that wish to make the change in your life that you came here looking to do. 

There is nothing more I can say other than I hope you make that choice to change.  You came to this website looking for something.  Now that you have found it, I look forward to working with you soon!  By the way, for the next 9 participants, you will receive access to our extensive network of internet resources that will save you hundreds of dollars each and every month!

This site is deemed accurate and reliable as of May 9, 2009.  Any pictures have been used with consent of the rightful owner.  All pictures are for illustration purposes only.  All income claims have been verified to be accurate.  These results are clearly attainable by the average user.

The Big Weekly Earnings program will teach anyone how to make money online using a very simple and proven formula.  The steps needed for success are clearly addressed and all support from this company will be performed by this company, not an outsourced agency.  Learn how to make money from home.  This will be the only job you will need.  This home based internet business will make a difference in your life.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at info@bigweeklyearnings.com

Here is my money back guarantee to you.  I honor our money back guarantee anytime within 8 weeks of your initial purchase of our program.  I sincerely want you to be successful.  If you read our program and still do not make money, we will refund your full purchase price with no questions asked.  I do as that you really put the effort in to be successful.  Remember, you came here looking for a way to make things different in your life, this is that difference.  I personally stand behind every guarantee my program makes!  I look forward to working with you soon and make today the first day of your new life!  With our 8 week free trial, what do you have to lose?

Have questions, please feel free to contact me at [info@bigweeklyearnings.com](mailto:info@bigweeklyearnings.com)

*Clickbank reserves the right to change their policies and procedures at any time without notice

I was on a desperate search for a real way to make money from home since my retirement savings was nowhere near what I needed to retire.  I have tried program after program with some success but not enough to label myself as making money from home.  Most of the issues I came across was not having enough experience in what the programs were about. 

I quickly started to realize something, I have learned a lot of information but I wasn't really applying my skills to anything worth while.  Then I grabbed a pad of paper and started writing down all the good points from each program I had tried.  After a few hours I started seeing a common dominator, I was not putting all the steps together! 

Then it hit me, if I put all of these steps I have learned over the last few years together, it would work wonderfully and I could really make money.  It took me a few days of playing with the structure of the program but it finally came together.

Within my first month, I had made over $2400 profit and I knew I had figured out something that could and would work for anyone.

[Not convinced?  Click here to view the proof of what I made with only 3 of my accounts!!!](Earningsproof.html)

Now, lets try to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.  I have been doing this for years so yes I would consider myself an expert when it comes to making money online from home.  Here are some of those questions that either our clients or website visitors have asked us in the past.

I have tried many different websites out there to that promise to make money but it always seems as though I end up spending money and never making anything.  I can tell you that I am not the brightest at this whole computer thing but this program actually made sense to me! 

I am now officially making over $8800 per month and having the time of my life.  I used to dread retirement but now my family and I travel almost every month and we are truly living life.  Hope all is well with you and special thanks to Nathan, he was very patient in helping me and will never be forgotten.

Jim L, Phoenix, AZ

I was definitely one of those skeptics out there.  My wife and I have never tried to use any program out there to make money from home because we thought is wasn't possible.  When we signed up for your program Evelyn, we were taking our first leap of faith.  I have to admit, in the beginning I never thought we were going to make any money until I received my first training session from Amber.  She was great.  She walked us through each step and within 2 weeks we were making money and never have looked back.  It has been 3 years now and we are making about $180,000 per year using your program.  Thanks again and God Bless!

John & Michelle, Brisbane, QLD

We never realized that once we retired, we would have so much time on our hand.  We were starting to realize that we had not planned for the future as we should have.   Joe started working part time at a local department store and I was left to find a way to contribute something.  I started working with this program in 2007 and I can tell you that I wish this was around 20 years ago.  Joe and I are truly financially set and couldn't be happier.  Thanks for actually delivering what you promise!  From our family to yours, THANKS!

Joseph & Patty, Evansville, IN











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