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Accidents and Insurance - how to use 12 strategies for cost
effective auto repairs


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Having an auto accident is a traumatic experience to say the

What to expect in an auto damage claim. Answers on auto repair

insurance.This Accident e book reveals twelve strategies that can

you money and increase the settlement amount on your car.

Do you know how to obtain a rental car when involved in an

* Can I choose my own auto repair shop?
* What happens if its a bad car accident?
* Who is going to perform my accident repairs?

* How can I tell what auto body parts are being installed?
* What do I look for after repairs are completed?
* What happens if something goes wrong after I have picked up my
* Who decides if my car is a total loss?
* Will my car repair insurance go up if I report the claim?


ALL of these questions and more are revealed in the " Accidents and

Insurance - How to use 12 strategies for cost effective repairs"

What happens if the estimate of car repair costs are more than the
vehicles value?

Frequently asked questions about auto body repairs

* I want the factory paint put back on my car
* I dont want junk parts put on my car

* I want the whole car painted because it will never match
* The frame is damaged it must be a total loss


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Automobile Accident Repairs and Claim Procedures

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