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The secret to KILL your betting competition it's about to be revealed...

"Professional Punter Discovers A Way To Finally Get Back At The Bookies And Make A Profit EVERY Single Time!"

And He's About To Show YOU Exactly How To Do The Same, No Matter If You Never Placed A Bet In Your Life..." 

You are about get access to my secret, incredibly easy and yet extremely profitable system that I use to milk £100's per day (EVERY Day!) from Betfair and other bookies -- without knowing anything about horse racing what-so-ever.

Today, I am willing to share this dirty little system -- which I came across by mistake during my first weeks trying to exploit any possible Betfair loopholes -- with a *limited* amount of smart punters who have been invited to this site.

But, as this system has quickly become my only source of income, I can only let this out to a very limited amount of people. And this is not your usual "sales hype", after getting your hands on my secret you will soon discover why it *truly* cannot be shared with the rest of the world.

Are you ready to join this small elite circle? Because here is what I am going to give you:
A guaranteed way to profit from horse racing without actuyally knowing anything about horse racing at all... Just like myself! Forget about hours spent at the computer studying forms, watching races, analyzing data, etc. etc. etc. I am going to show you how you can make money without bothering with all that mumbo jumbo that the "PROs" talk about...... A way to NEVER lose money. You will always profit, the gamble has been taken out of the gambling! I wouldn't even call this a "betting" system, because you are risking NOTHING. This is a way to legally make an income at the unaware "gamblers" and bookies expenses.
A 60 days satisfaction guarantee. I know for a fact that you, like myself, have tried a lot of betting systems in the past that promised you the world and failed to deliver. And I am prepared to show you that this is NOTHING like you have ever seen before, by giving you 2 months to try the system risk-free!

From: Robert Bank, a betting novice laughing behind the "betting gurus" back.

Re: The Most Powerful Betting System Ever Released!

Date: , 08.34 a.m.


Dear friend,

I hear from punters every day who only want one thing - a simple and easy step-by-step system that guarantees long lasting profits!!

They want FIVE simple things in a betting system... They want a system that:
Does not require any previous experience or special skills. Doesn't involve any risks. Does not require hours in front of the computer. Does not require much money to get started. Most Important: Makes a lot of money for years to come!
And you know what? I cannot blame them. People like you and me DON'T want to risk their hard earned cash, they want to have the freedom to make money anytime they wish and they never want to work a poorly paid 9-5 job another day in their life.

But let me tell you the truth, I have never found anything like that before. That's exactly why I knew that I had to get the matter in my own hands and find the perfect system by myself.

Probabily like yourself, I've tried out betting systems and software that promise to give you everything you need to make long lasting profits on Betfair. I've joined every so called "professional gambler" tipster service out there. I've even given a couple of shots to those slick-looking betting bots that supposedly will take care of everything for you (some costing me over £200 per month!).

And like you...

I've found that NOT one system is actually giving you what you REALLY need to truly be successful betting online!

If you've looked into betting forums, read reviews, read books, used software, bots, tipsters services etc, you will know by now that there are system for all sort of markets such as Betfair games, horse racing, football, baccarat, tennis and more... And you know that for each and every market on Betfair there is literally tons of systems created by people ready to take your money for practically nothing in return...

...Leaving YOU with hours of hair-pulling frustration and an even emptier bank account!

And that's if you are lucky. Sometimes you are also left with massive credit card bills to pay because you have tried to give this or that system "one final shot"...

But that's all about to stop, you are about to finally get hold of that one system that will allow you to pull out money from betting sites EVERY single day for years to come. Let me introduce you to.........


The Serial Punter System

"The ONLY system that guarantees you profits and has zero risks..."

[Click Here to Try The Serial Punter System Now!](http://serialpunter.com/order)


Until now, you either had to be a professional gambler who has spent years studying different betting markets on Betfair, a mathematical whiz, or have really deep pockets to get to use a betting system that will actually make you money.

But starting from today, you too can access a very easy, risk-free system which you can operate at any time and any day of the year you wish, whenever you need a cash injection into your betting accounts...

... Even if you're not a betting whiz, you don't speak the language, and you have a very little bank to get started! The only real downside of the Serial Punter is that...


Only 200 people can access the secret...

Yes, I can only share this "secret" method I have discovered with a very selected amount of people. As I said before, after getting your hands on one of the 200 copies I am distributing today, you will quickly find out why we MUST keep the system for ourseleves in order to keep cashing out BIG time from online betting sites.

The Serial Punter system is NOT some betting software or system that you'll be left to figure out on your own, and it's NOT some betting package that will sit on your shelf and collect dust.


Serial Punter is the equivalent of having your own 24/7 cash machine,  it will generate £100's for you in as little as 5 minutes from now... for years to come! And I am talking about profits like mine, shown below:


Let me show you *full proof* of the money generated with this system so far...

Whilst I don't want this letter to become too long by showing a full sequence of screenshots from all my betting accounts, please allow me to email you the link to check every single bet placed since the beginning of 2009. I want to give you even more solid proof that this system is totally risk-free and can make YOU £1,000's per month so easily, that you will almost feel guiltly about pushing your betting account "withdraw" button.

Simply enter your first name and primary email address below to receive the link to all my accounts screenshots for the year 2009:






But Rob, can *I* make £1,000's a week like you do?

I know what you are thinking. Ok Rob, you have shown me that you make £1,000's per week placing secure bets on horse races, but can *I* be just as succesful? My simple answer is "YES, you can!". I know that for a fact and I am about to proof it to you in a video below.

You see, there is actually a LOT of money to be made betting online, even if you have no experience what-so-ever. You simply need to pick the right markets and the right system... And today YOU are going to get both.

But I couldn't be 100% sure that you could replicate my exact level of success unless I let the secret "out" to an average punter, that was the only way I could really see if anybody can put the information found in my eBook to work. That's why I went ahead and posted a request to "trial" my system on a forum.

My only condition was that the person that I was going to give the "Serial Punter" eBook to had absolutely NO experience with horse racing and betting in general, but was willing to make a nice and secure extra second income. I didn't actually made the post on a betting related forum, because I wanted to make sure that the guy I picked was a total novice.

So I let the guy trial the Serial Punter system for a few weeks before its official release, then asked him to shoot a small testimonial video for the people reading this page... Here is what he had to say...


Watch my "case study" testimonial

Joey from Reading, England

So you now have solid proof that not only this system has made me £1,000's upon £1,000's without taking any risks, but have you also seen that anybody else can make easy money using it too! And it gets even sweeter...

To make sure that you don't miss out on the opportunity to give Serial Punter a try before all the 200 copies have been grabbed (it could happen any minutes from now!), I am also willing to throw in some time-sensitive bonuses worth over £312.00 -- That's if you are one of the people who [grab a copy to test now](http://serialpunter.com/order), before :


Super Bonus #1

"Developing Success Secret Report"

(A £97.00 Value, Yours FREE!)

This can easily be the most important thing you need to learn in order to make money betting online!

I am not kidding you when I tell you that this is the "biggest secret" of the PROs.

No matter how good any system, software or strategy really is, if you don't know about this you will fail to make consistent profits and will eventually lose it all...

You absolutely NEED access the information on this report to become a successful horse racing investor!


Super Bonus #2

£215+ Worth Of FREE Bets!

This is a very special report containing information that very few punters are aware of.

I am going to teach you how to get started using none of your money, by showing you step-by-step how you can get over £215.00 worth of FREE Bets!

When you use this system combined with the Serial Punter system, you are basically not only making sure you will never lose money -- but you won't even need money of your own to get started!!!

You now have everything it takes to get started with £0 and build your income to up to £1,000's per week.

 These are my gifts to you worth over £312.00, but FREE if you:

[Claim your copy of the Serial Punter eBook NOW!](http://serialpunter.com/order)


As you’ve seen, the Serial Punter system is going to change your life…

... Imagine being able to do whatever you wish at any time you wish. Imagine your betting accounts growing hour after hour, day after day, month after month -- consistently and without any risks. And imagine doing that for years to come, easily and from the comfort of your own home or whilst travelling the world.

So you get an effective, long lasting way, to make a full time living with only a couple of hours of your week AND the one chance to quit any boring and badly paid job you are unhappy with. You are, indeed, about to proof wrong to every person who ever said to you that in life, if you want more, you need to work more!

And while the Serial Punter is easily a £997.00 value, when you consider that it's a *revolutionary* way to invest in horse racing and the fact that you could make that money back within a week from now --as part of this very special launch celebration, I’d like to give you the opportunity to access the Serial Punter secrets and start generating lifetime profits for only £97.00…

[Click Here to Try the Serial Punter Now!](http://www.serialpunter.com/order)


My 100% no-risk moneyback guarantee

But that's not it, as I am also ready to back every single word I said so far by giving you 2 full months to prove to yourself that Serial Punter is the most powerful system to make money on Betfair that you have ever seen, that Serial Punter is NOTHING like you have ever seen before.

If, at any point during the next 2 months, you aren't absolutely thrilled with the amount of money you are making using this system and you think it didn't live up to my words, simply send me an email saying “no thanks, not for me” and I’ll promptly refund your money. NO questions asked, you get every single penny, as simple as that.

You don’t have to take my word for it... Serial Punter comes with a no-risk 100% money back guarantee and there’s absolutely no risk in giving it a try, you got 60 days to test the system at my own expenses.


WAIT! Get Serial Punter before  for £97.00 ONLY £39.95!

I am so excited about being the developer of a betting system that is going to provide a risk-free massive income to the next 200 people (nobody has ever achieved that before, especially considering that I am not even one of those self proclaimed "betting gurus"...), that I am willing to cut an extra £56.95 from the already heavily discounted price. In fact, if you order before midnight of , you can get your hands on the Serial Punter system and its over £312.00 worth of bonuses for only £39.95.

And as I said before, there’s absolutely NO RISK. Try it for 2 months. Prove to yourself that it’s the easiest, yet most powerful betting system you have ever used or even seen. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, simply send me an email saying “no thanks, not for me” and I’ll promptly refund your money... Plus you will still keep the over £312.00 worth of FREE Bonuses that I am going to send you!

The ball is in your court now.

Will you continue struggling with your daytime job or waste your money with complicated systems, spend the whole day at the computer and still not making a fraction of what Serial Punter can make for you?

Or will you access my "secret" system to make guaranteed profits from every bet you will ever make? 


100% Secure Order Form

 YES... I want to be one of the very limited 200 people who is going to access the secret system that you have been using to make £1,000's a week from horse betting, without any risks.

And because I am taking action before midnight of , I will have the right to get on board for only £39.95, whilst the others will be paying £97.00 or more.

I fully understand that the Serial Punter system comes with a 2 months no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee, making this purchase absolutely risk-free.

I also understand that a one time only £39.95 fee is ALL I ever have to pay to make secure profits for years to come, and on those premises I am rushing to the 100% secure checkout page by clicking the link below:

[Click Here to Get "Serial Punter" Now!](http://www.serialpunter.com/order)




Important: Your order is placed safely via the Clickbank 256bit secure server and will be redirected to the download page straight after payment, even if it's 3 a.m.!


To your success,

The Horse Racing Expert Novice making £1,000's a week betting on horse races!!!


P.S.: Remember... This is your only chance to turn online betting into your own cash machine. After the first 200 smart punters get hold of this secret system, I will stop distributing it in order to protect me and the other elite members investment!

P.P.S.: And there’s absolutely NO RISK because the Serial Punter is backed by my solid 100% money back guarantee for the next 2 months. But you need to [get on board NOW](http://www.hilomiracle.com/order), as this opportunity will not come around a second time and spaces are getting filled fast, so [get your copy now](http://serialpunter.com/order)!



[Try it NOW and start making £100's within hours!](http://serialpunter.com/order)

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