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 “Learn How You Too Can Maintain
A Sparkling Blue Pool Using The Least Amount Of Time & Money”

A swimming pool can sometimes seem like a bottomless time and money pit.  Taking care of it yourself can be very frustrating.  By the time you've got one problem under a control another one pops up and each problem requires it's own expensive chemical or equipment..

   Hiring a expert to do the dirty work is a convenient solution, but it ends up costing you a lot more. I know, I was a professional pool maintainer for over 21 years and it was very lucrative.

   The truth was that I could of taught any of my clients how to maintain their pool themselves with very little time, effort or money. The problem was it would of put me out of a job.

  Maintaining a pool is very simple once you know some tricks-of-the-trade. Pool dealers and professionals often make maintaining a pool far more complicated and expensive than it should be so that you buy their pointless chemicals and equipment.

   Now that I'm semi-retired (I still maintain my own pool) I've decided to write a tell all eBook on how to maintain your own pool. I've called this eBook "Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets". It contains everything you cold ever need to know about maintain your own pool in a step-by-step easy to follow guide,

Introducing Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets

Save Money - By by using far more effective cheaper and natural solutions that pool professionals and sellers don't want you to know about

Save Time - Once you know my simple tricks you wont need to spend hours using different chemicals, adjusting the water balance, fixing your filter or trying to get rid of algae.

Easy To Follow - I've written this guide so that anyone can use it - even if you've never cleaned or even owned a pool before

Here's just a sample of what you'll find inside:
How to make an extremely effective pool cleaning solution from products you have right in your home and save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. Discover the most common problem, by far, I find with pools - it affects most in ground pools and ALL above ground pools. Learn why you can not trust pool dealers when it comes to buying a pump for an above ground pool Find out which type of sand you must buy if you want to ensure your filter works effectively – this is something that can make a huge difference, yet most people do not realize this Discover how you can effectively create a salt-water pool that won’t leave your skin feeling dried out after you come out of it like typical swimming pools do Learn how chlorine can have very unhealthy side effects and discover the simple alternative that NASA invented Come to understand what pH ranges are best for which conditions and what will happen if your pool water falls outside of this range Discover what the alkalinity of your pool means and how it will work with the acid found in the pool to impact the pH value Get information on water hardness and what is going to be best for your pool Se why you should NEVER take a sample of your pool water to the store to be tested What chlorine generators can do for your pool and how to choose one that works properly for your needs Gain knowledge about the different electronic water purification systems that are available today See what type of water purification system can clean the entire pool in three to five seconds – if you’re looking for a time effective option, this is it Discover the what causes stains, discolorations and scales of the pool surface and how to fix it
Learn what factors are going to impact the amount of work on your part that is needed to keep up your pool and complete all the maintenance that is need to keep it safe to swim in
Discover my favorite method that you can use to add chlorine to your pool on a regular basis Discover the simple and quick overnight solution if you are suffering from foaming water See what you should be doing to your pool on a weekly basis in order to prevent contamination from occurring Learn the critical steps to take at the end of the swimming season to close your pool and prepare it for the next year Find out what causes a pool’s water to turn ‘green’ and what you need to do to make sure you avoid the headaches associated with this occurring Discover the very first step you should take when you want to re-open your pool after the winter months are up Find out the procedure for checking the chemical levels in the pool after the winter season Learn what you must NOT do if your pool is becoming very dirty and has water that is no longer clear in color - this one will seem counterintuitive Find out the underlying cause of your algae problem and which method to be best to treat it Discover what it means if you have cloudy looking water and what you can do to stop this from occurring Learn exactly why your pool filter is passing dirt and what to do to fix it Discover how you can spot a torn filter grid easily so you can replace it as soon as possible to avoid future problems from developing that could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace Learn the difference between a sand, cartridge, or D.E. filter Gain the necessary knowledge about All - and I mean all - the problems that can go wrong with your filter and how to fix them Learn why bubbles form in your pool and how to remedy that situation Learn how to fix the problem of having no pressure - even when your pump is running Get to the bottom of why your electric bill might be jumping sky-high after adding the pool and how to bring it back down to a more reasonable level Learn how you can locate an air leak and fix it in a cost effective manner
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Risk-Free Guaranteed

If for any reason whatsoever you feel that Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets  is not a worthwhile investment, simply let me know within 60 days and ! will promptly refund the full purchase price.

It's our trusted 3rd party retailer ClickBank's policy to honor all requests within in 60 days. So you can be 100% assured your purchase is risk-free.


Make A Small Investment Now That
Will Pay For Itself Year After Year

  When you compare the cost of my eBook to that off hiring a pool professional, it really is a no brainer.

  My usual charge was $15o per month to maintain a pool. That's $900 a year, and that doesn't include chemicals or initially starting the pool.

  This eBook will pay for itself 3 times over within the first month, and that's not even including the savings you'll make by not buying pointless chemicals that those 'pool dealers' tell you that you 'need'.

It's So Quick And Easy To Get Started

   I've made getting started so easy and quick that any one can do it. All you need to do is click the red order button below. You'll then be taken to the 100% safe and secure ClickBank® order form. You don't need to sign up for an account, simply fill out your credit card or PayPal® details and follow the prompts.

  As soon as you've made payment you'll be directed to our secret members only page where you can instantly download Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets and start reading your copy right away.

   Wishing you many days of enjoyment with your pool,

Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets

Download Your Copy Now

Yes Mike, I want to try Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets risk-free for 60 days.

I understand that I can request a full refund at anytime during this period If I think that Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets is not worth my small investment of $29.95

OK, I'm egger to get started...


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PS. Can I ask a small favor? Once you've used my manual, can you please send me your feedback so that I can share it with others on this site. It would be very much appreciated by both me and my readers. Thanks.


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