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Do you feel your health is declining?

Do you struggle in knowing which supplements are right for you?

Are you overwhelmed with information that is more confusing than

Would you like to regain your true birthright – Health and

How would you like to ...  Never Be Sick Again!

Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Get what you have been missing for your health right now!…

World Renowned Master Herbalist Rev. Susan Hutchins has some proven
answers for you!
Now you can benefit from Rev. Susan’s 30 years of experience in
the natural health field.
The real reasons you may not be getting well...
I am not here to give the sad statistics on our country's health - I
am here to keep you from becoming one.

We all know heart attacks, cancer, diabetes are plaguing our
society. Are you really ready for information that can prevent you and
your family from creating these conditions?  Yes, you are creating
them and I want to show you how to prevent these conditions from
taking over your life...
I never want any of you to receive bad news… that is why I am
making this information available to you.

Click on the play button below to listen to Rev. Susan Hutchins
introduce her new book, RECIPES TO WELLNESS.
When both of my parents died of cancer and my brother died of a
heart attack, I said enough. I am going to make sure this never
happens to my family. I am the mother of 7 beautiful children that are
now adults. I have three grandchildren. All of my family has benefited
from my knowledge about health. They have not had diseases. If they do
get sick, they get well naturally. You can’t afford to wait another
minute…this information could save your life or that of a loved one!
Let’s make NOW the time you reclaim your health and vitality!

How Recipes to Wellness Can Help YOU…

No more confusion about what supplements to use..
Learn the secrets to Master your health conditions…
Learn the secrets doctors don’t know or won’t tell you about
your health…
Learn how blood chemistry balance affects your health & well-being
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How much time does the average medical student spend learning about
ways to prevent illness and disease? According to recent studies, most
4 year medical curriculums spend LESS THAN ONE HOUR OF CLASSROOM TIME
teaching medical students how to prevent illness and disease!
The Facts About Western Medicine:
Most doctors are not allowed to speak the truth about drugs. After
all, most large medical schools are funded by grants and gifts from
Big Pharma. Medical doctors have two ways to get you well, drugs and
surgery. If you don’t need either of those things there is very
little they can do to help you.
“One of the most common complaints that my clients have is they
are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired and they want
answers.  Now my question to you is... are you really ready to take
control of your health? ”


The design of this book is for your ease in identifying certain
conditions from the Table of Contents. I have included a step-by-step
process for you to access the information and know what you need for
each condition. There are over a 130 health conditions for you to
access.  A total of 146 pages laid out in this manner below. 

1. Possible causes and their effects: What has been found that
causes the health condition.
2. Possible emotions relating to the condition: The thoughts and
feelings that create the health condition.
3. Suggestions on Supplementations that bring you and your blood
back to wellness.
4. Targeted Supplementations: Specific supplements that have been
proven to support that health condition.

This practical information was brought to you by my years of
research, my personal clients, lots of prayer and the testimonies of
those that achieved wellness from following these recipes. I call them
recipes because they each contain the natural ingredients that
resonate to your body’s frequencies, allowing your body to heal

Each page will inform you about the possible causes and effects of a
particular health condition and the emotional links that also play a
significant role in your healing process. Then you are provided with a
step by step health plan in creating wellness.  I want all of you to
be the benefactors of this information I am providing. I am your
friend and I promise to share the information I have been providing
for my clients for 30 years.
I truly hope so because you are about to receive the most powerful
book that will do just that...

As your friend and confidant I will provide you information to
improve your life and maybe even save your life. This information has
proven results that have been consistent over and over again for years

What I have been sharing for years, doctors don't even know about or
can't talk about without fear of losing their license. What a scam we
have going to keep you from the truth about your health. You will know
more about healing yourself and your families from this point forward.
I am not here to slam doctors; they are subject to laws that prevent
us from gaining the whole truth.

Western medicine is designed to create “the quick fix”. We want
to go to the doctor, get a prescription, and wake up with the problem
or condition gone. This is not allowing us to reclaim our true
birthright, which is health and wellness. Until we get educated about
preventative care and helping ourselves we will continue to receive
toxic drugs that claim to save lives, but instead are killing us.
Prescription drugs are now the 4th leading cause of death in America.

“FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are killing at least 100,000
Americans a year right now. Dr. David Graham, a senior FDA drug safety
researcher, reported that just one diabetes drug recently scrutinized
for its health effects has likely killed more than 80,000 Americans!
That's more Americans than died in the entire Vietnam War, and this is
from but one drug.”  -- Mike Adams, Health Ranger
Were you aware that more than 100’000 people die yearly from
prescription drugs? That's more than we kill in our wars. Do we ever
hear about this on the evening news? We are letting a trillion dollar
Pharmaceutical industry deceive and prevent us from learning the real
truth about our health. They have no financial incentive to heal our
diseases; there is too much money at stake. Every time you get well,
they loose money. So they continue telling us that there are no cures.

If you agree with what I am saying we are on the same page. You will
be happy to know that RIGHT NOW, TODAY there is information available
to help to you!  If you’re still not convinced maybe a few comments
from my colleagues and clients will change your mind.


"Susan Hutchins is a great, inspiring teacher, who’ll help you
feel better, look better, and do better. If you or your loved ones
have any health issues, don’t miss this opportunity to hear Susan
and gather her information. -- Mark Victor Hansen, Master Motivator
Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul -- Newport Beach, California
"Susan creates a simple way to understand how to create a health
program that works. Anyone who has ever spent money on Health
Seminars, books, products, or services would greatly benefit from
Susan's books and health programs. With her, you have access to
thousands of resources." -- T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Best
seller “Millionaire Mind” -- Scottsdale, Arizona

"Susan has more knowledge about natural medicine and the human body
than most doctors do. Susan is the most valuable resource that every
human being should experience. I consider her a friend and a source of
powerful health information." -- Dr. Barry May, OB-GYN -- Orange
County, California
"Susan is a 'Wealth of Knowledge.' Her expertise and willingness to
share her knowledge has been incredible help to me and my patients. I
truly appreciate all of her help and support." -- Dr. Hillary Storm,
DC -- Oyster Bay, New York
It is such a joy to find a “master” in the health care world.
Susan is a wellness data base. She consistently has the solution to
each and every problem. It is a privilege to have her and her wisdom
on your team. -- Dr.Bob Hoffman, DC -- Oyster Bay, New York
"A truly enlightening and informative seminar that was not only
inspirational but double the people came the next month. People keep
asking. “When is the Herb Lady coming back?” -- Susan Nork, The
Natural Body -- Charlotte, North Carolina
"Susan Hutchins is a master teacher. She is dedicated and caring,
and her knowledge of herbs and natural health is unsurpassed. She is
articulate when discussing any health issues and her explanations are
so clear that even a layman can understand. Susan is a wonderful
resource for those who want good health." -- Tom and Sandra Rosseter
-- Atlanta, Georgia  

For years now my clients have written to tell me their incredible
stories of healing, based on what they have gained from knowing me and
reading my book. I have clients fly in from Canada and all over the
US, just to learn from me. I am not here to brag, I am here as a
concerned friend offering you information that will change your life

I am offering a full 8 week 100% money back guarantee if you are not
completely satisfied with “Recipes to Wellness” for any reason
whatsoever just send me your request by email and you will receive a
FULL REFUND. NO QUESTION & NO HASTLES font-family: trebuchet
ordering now!)

Download your “Recipe to Wellness” NOW for just $37.00. 

You will also receive a 10% discount on your first order of
HealthQuest International products from . 

AND... you can choose to receive free monthly Health Reports
emailed to you with latest health information on Anti-Aging by Rev.
Susan Hutchins.


Sending you love, light and healing!

Rev. Susan Hutchins
Content copyright . Susan Hutchins. All rights reserved.

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