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Be the Next Online Star!

Attention Future Celebrities: Becoming famous is easier than you
think, especially when you know... NEW: "The Secret Celebrity Fame
Blueprint That anyone can use to become famous overnight, regardless
of talent, connections, money or looks...(Including YOU)" And yes,
it's hard to believe. But if you're looking to break free from
boredom, obscurity and lack of respect in your life, the truth is that
there's a new life of fame waiting for you, just keep reading to see
how shockingly easy it is to obtain...

If you're looking for the good life of easy money, fast cars,
designer labels, power and respect through fame and popularity, then
what you're about to read will not only excite you, but could be
responsible for your break into a lucrative career as the next adored
celebrity of our modern times

Sounds like a joke doesn't it?

Well keep reading to see the reason why becoming an overnight
celebrity could be easier than you think...


You can compete with Hollywood with ease because...

The face of fame is changing. The ranks of the world's celebrities
used to be dominated by millionaire actors, athletes and musicians,
but the Internet has levelled the playing field.

A kid with a video camera has access to as large an audience as the
biggest Hollywood star. A mom with a blog can attract more readers
than a best-selling author. And an opinionated entrepreneur can become
a guru to millions.

And if you're sick and tired of:

* Feeling unpopular/unwanted

* Being ignored/unnoticed

* Not having your voice heard

And you'd like to have

* More attention/appreciation

* More money

* Lots of loving fans that would do anything for you

Then you're about to see...

how shockingly easy it can be to reach what once seemed an
impossible dream:

In order to understand how easy it is to become famous, you need to
realize that modern culture is changing and thanks to technology and
the internet, ANYBODY (including you) can become famous

it's just a matter of knowing _which_ buttons to push and _when _to
push them .

In fact, to become a celebrity or to find fame in the past you would
have needed to be found by a talent scout, or to have the right

but these days, becoming famous can actually be boiled down to a

Allow me to me explain...


* Jessica Lee Rose

To millions of online fans, she was first known as Bree, a
16-year-old, home-schooled American teenager. Unusually self-possessed
and literate, Bree recorded her private thoughts into a digital video
camera and posted them on YouTube under the name Lonelygirl15, where
she attracted millions of fans.

In August 2006, the videos were exposed as scripted fakes, and Bree
was outed as 19-year old New Zealand-born actress Jessica Rose.

But the news only served to increase her fame, and in the media,
Rose became the poster child for the phenomenal success of YouTube and
user-driven Web content. Rose's star continues to climb: she's landing
movie deals and recorded a commercial for a United Nations
anti-poverty campaign

* Perez Hilton

Hollywood stars fear the wrath of Perez Hilton, a controversial
gossip-monger with a poison pen and hugely popular Web site. Hilton,
whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, styles himself "The Queen of
Mean" and has earned a rabid following thanks to his snarky voice and
irreverent habits--like doodling rude captions on paparazzi photos.

Critics say he plays favorites, particularly Paris and Nicky Hilton,
who are rarely portrayed in a bad light. And Hollywood photo agency
X17 is suing him for copyright infringement, claiming he posts its
photos without permission.

But the blog is still a hit, and Hilton has even gained a measure of
offline fame: He's frequently cited as a source or appears in person
on television programs ranging from ABC's Good Morning America to
MTV's New Year's Eve special.

And the list goes on and on...

* Markos Moulitsas Zniga
* Matt Drudge
* Seth Godin
* Jeff Jarvis
* Glenn Reynolds
* Robert Scoble
* Harry Knowles
* Hosea Frank
* Jimmy Wales
* Harry Knowles

...from experts to regular bloggers telling the world about their
experiences in life, anyone can become famous. And with right tools
and tricks, you could become the next...

* Amanda Congdon

Amanda Congdon rose to fame as the host and co-producer of
Rocketboom, an irreverent daily video blog. Viewers responded
favorably to her quirky humor and good looks, and during her year and
a half as anchor, the show became one of the most downloaded programs
on the Web.

When she departed the show in June 2006, the move was covered
extensively in the mainstream media.

And now she's taking her celebrity to new heights: In December,
Congdon started hosting a weekly downloadable program for ABCNews.com
and launched her own independent show, Starring Amanda Congdon. An HBO
series is also in the works.

Or maybe another...

* Michael Arrington

A self-described "exceptionally average attorney" rose from
part-time blogger to one of the most famous Web entrepreneurs via his
highly popular internet industry startup blog, TechCrunch. In May 2008
Time Magazine named Michael Arrington as one of the world's 100 most
influential people.

Or perhaps you'd like to join the ranks of so many other world
famous online celebs, such as...

* Frank Warren
* Cory Doctorow
* Xeni Jardin
* Leo Laporte
* Merlin Mann
* John H. Hinderaker
* Charles Johnson
* Kevin Sites
* Mark Lisanti
* Jason Calacanis
* Om Malik
* Violet Blue

Plus, there are thousands of recording artists worldwide such as:

* Lily Allen
* Kate Nash
* Arctic Monkeys (UK)

And right through to...

* Tila Tequila
* The Devil Wears Prada
* Taylor Swift...

...and on, and on!

But the important thing you should know is this:

Fact #1

All of these people emerged from obscurity and launched an

Fact #2

You DO NOT need a special talent, skill or look to become famous,
you just need an angle...

Wouldn't _YOU_ like to have an angle? A way into the world of
stardom, fame and fortune?

WELL, NOW YOU CAN. However, there's a problem...

Your secret dream to become popular or a star may be doomed from day

Most people only dream about such fame, and it's true that in the
past it was super hard to gain popularity in masses but nowadays using
the power of the internet (social media, blogs, YouTube, etc) it's
available for everyone, including you.

However, it's not as easy as some people make out. After all, just
because you've got internet access doesn't mean you're instantly

And even if you work hard at networking, blogging and being
everywhere on Youtube and Myspace, you're still not guaranteed any
chance of become a celebrity.

That's because there's a formula to it.

So, if I told you that there was a way to get famous overnight,
without money or time wastedand without having to be super talented,
would you be interested in this formula?


What I am about to share with you has never been properly exposed
and documented...

Why? Because in the past people have assumed that fame and fortune
using social media on the internet was luck, or random chance.

During the time spent studying the world's most famous online
superstars, I've managed to formulate nothing short of a blueprint for
getting mass exposure using nothing but the internet

and how you can reach millions of people, get them following you,
talking about you and making YOU famous, within mere days from the
time you put this step by step plan into action.

This plan is so solid and foolproof, that I'm even putting a solid
guarantee on it, but more on that later.

First, let me show you what I am talking about


"Next Online Celebrity"

Here's how you can get exclusive access to a brand new website that

* 70 pages of detailed description how an average unkown,
unconnected person can become a well paid celebrity overnight

* Exclusive community waiting for you, in order to help you achieve
your own dreams


* You don't need to invest millions of dollars in marketing
campaigns anymore! With a few bucks and a couple of days of work you
can reach millions of people!

* Easy to understand language for everyone from age 7 to 99 (okay,
100 and above as well...) no matter how inexperienced with internet
you might be!

* Instant download after payment

* Easy Step by step guide

This is the blueprint that has taken several months to assemble. It
covers the steps that celebrities and other famous figure heads have
taken using the internet to become famous...

...and it also mixes some powerful and endlessly proven marketing
techniques that are used by some of the most influential people on


And just imagine if you could get a slice of his fame...

Ok, perhaps you're not gonna be THAT famous but by realizing that
the US president applies similar techniques and harnesses the power of
the internet to achieve his dreams, don't you think this might be
worth taking notice?

Good, because when you've downloaded this guide you'll soon be able

* Get rich without busting your butt until you're old

* Become popular and admired by millions

* Mingle with your idols

* Get inside access to special events

* Be first in line for new showbiz opportunities

* Experience life in the wild lane

Does that sound like the sort of lifestyle you want to live?

I hope so, because you only live once and you deserve to leave your
mark on this planet

and will so many people wanting a leader, you now have the chance to
be their inspiration and guide.

(Who said it was all about money anyway ;-)).

WARNING: you Will Need to act Fast

If you hurry, I'm also offering these special gifts to the serious
fame seekers only:

* VIP Community Membership

* Access to the exclusive member's forum

* First 30 customers will receive your very own NextOnlineCelebrity
Blog for free (a blog is an essential tool for getting early
exposure), that we will promote thus jumpstarting their online

I'm offering these bonuses because I want to test demand and because
my success on the internet has brought me lots of money, I can pass
the wealth on to you through these special extras.

So, the real question is this: what is fame and fortune worth to

Imagine what it would be like to:

* Get special deals,
* Get access to private exclusive parties,
* Get free meals at restaurants,
* Be able to speak your mind and let the world know your views,
* Help people less fortunate than you,
* Buy a new Audi and think nothing of it,
* Live in a 5 star luxury apartment downtown
* and mingle with your idols like you've been best friends since

How much more fun do you think life would be? Do you think you'd
ever need to worry about money, respect, or self confidence again?


The doors to fame are ready to swing open, you just need to know
Where the handle is

So if I told you that I could show you where the handle is and how
to swing those doors open to fame, respect, fortune and freedom for
_just $147_, you should be pretty excited at how such a small
investment can make a huge difference to your entire life, personality
and bank account

But right now, as part of a prelaunch marketing test I am happy to
announce that the price of this guide is currently discounted so that
more fame seekers are let through...

(...this gives me a chance to collect more testimonials and trial
the entire process for a short period of time)

Therefore, if you're one of the early birds you can get access to
this entire wealth building, fame finding package for a one time only
investment of _JUST $47._


Just think, most people toss that away on a meal for two...but you
can use it to literally change your life through internet fame!

_And don't forget..._

Earlier, I mentioned that I was so confident about this online
celebrity blueprint that I'm willing to GUARANTEE your success.


If you're unhappy with the Next Online Celebrity guide for any
reason, just click the mouse and request your refund...no hard
feelings and no silly hoops to jump through.

I'm happy to offer such a guarantee because I am so confident in
this product, and I'm sure you'll be even more confident in the fame
and success you'll get from using it.

If you're not famous or on your way to celebrity status after
following this guide, then I want you to demand a refund right away.

Sound fair? Great!


With your purchase you will eligible to acces the private Next
Online Celebrity 2009 Community where you can discuss, learn and use
the knowledge you buy.


To successfully use the tricks we share you in the course you will
need a starter material pack what you can use to create downloadable
content. In this pack you get wallpaper schemes in various sizes what
you can customize and use any way you want.


To start the course we assure you a starter blog to start the course
in maximum efficiency. The starter blog contains a custom made design
with installed plugins and mods to help you finish the first stages of
the course! It's a unique bonus content you get for FREE!

Here's how to get Started

Simply click here to make your secure online payment. You will be
redirect to a checkout screen.

Once the payment has been made, you will get immediate access to the
Next Online Celebrity guide and you'll also be given details on how to
access all your exclusive limited time only bonuses (the forum, the
blog etc.)

But you need to act fast, because the more people that start using
this, the more competition you'll face!

Here's how to order: Click HERE and proceed to the checkout screen
to get instant, risk free access

P.S - Imagine if you only become "a low class" celebrity. You can
fire your boss, become know and loved by thousands upon thousands of
people, and you can live a life of relative freedom and easy money

and that's only if you do this with half the effort.

The truth is, this stuff is brain-dead simple and anybody can follow
along and get mass exposure using this exact system.

With a 100% Money Back guarantee, what have you got to lose, except
your stuffy life of being un-noticed?

Click here to get started on your fast track to fame and fortuneit
really is easier than you think!

Yes, I WANT to CHANGE my life

Yes, I can handle the life of a celebrity

No, I don't want to be poor

Yes, I WANT to download this e-book instantly

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