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You are going to find invaluable information on how to help your child overcome two of the most challenging periods of his/her growing-up years here - Potty Training & Stop Bedwetting.

"Are You Sweating The Small Stuff On Potty Training Children Like Me?
Potty Training Is Child's Play, Really. I Know because I'd Been There Before, Ya." 

The Moment Has Finally Arrived.



From the work desk of Kelly S. Monroe.

Dear Fellow Parent,

This is an exciting time in your life and your child’s life too because your little tot is growing up and It’s time to start thinking about potty training. If you are a busy parent trying to juggle all of the responsibilities that are expected of you, how do you fit in potty training?  If the mere thought of it strikes fear in your heart, rest easy. 

The Answer Is Easier Than You Think! 

Don't ever start thinking of it as a chore or raking your brain thinking of where to start or how to go about it. That's half battle lost and your children are going to have a field day resisting it. Get into the mood by thinking of it as a fun thing that you and your child are going to have. Make this journey enjoyable with barrel of laughs along the way but without deviating from your objectives of training your child on toileting sucessfully.

When you start to potty train your child, everyone you know will be ready and willing to offer up their own experiences and expect you to follow their every word.

Let Me Tell You Right Now….This Might Not Necessarily Work!

There is no one or two solutions that fit all for potty training. Just because your best friend’s kid responded well to potty training rewards and treats during potty training doesn’t mean your child will.  Some kids just need praise and nice words.  Others require simple attention and there are those who responded well initially and start regressing not long after. 

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone has to say. You only know too well when some potty training tips and advice that you take up does't quite turn out to meet your expectation or on the contrary making your child more resistance to toileting rountine. This can be nerve-wrecking if you fail to start on the right footing!

There Is Another Challenge That Most Parents Are Likely to Face And Worried About .........Bedwetting In Children.

When one of your children is a bedwetter, it can be a very sensitive issue particularly to a afflicted child. It could be part of growing up you may think and want your child to know that there's nothing wrong with them. However, when it persists longer than what's acceptable or beyond early childhood, the situation can be rather stressful, tense and distressing to both child and family.

Of course your immediate action is you will try to make sure they don't drink too much liquid stuff and use the toilet before bedtime. Still, accidents happen.

What is actually the cause of the problem?

Is it normal?

Is it due either to an undiagnosed medical condition or due to psychological effects?

Can anything be done to help your child?

Do you need medical opinion from a doctor?

Though Potty Training & Bedwetting might seem like a common problem and are part of growing up in children ..... they can be troublesome, stressful and distressing to families who do not know how to manage them.

Here's a glimpse of the SOLUTIONS to 2 of the Hardest Problems families face in children during their growing-up years.

It's WORTH every minute of your time to have a look....

End your hair-pulling days with this Whopping 120-page Guide of Actionable Tips, Advice & Strategies on potty training and stopping bedwetting in children that parents can't wait to get their hands on!

Part 1 - A generous-serving of easy-to-follow workable methods on potty training children that can help lessening the stress and discomfort that your child will experience.

I'll teach you how to create a happy potty training environment at home with your child instead of a battle ground. Happy child equals happy parents. It's that simple!

Part 2 - Another full section entirely devoted to Overcoming Bedwetting in children ('cos bedwetting can turn into a problem that can adversely affect the child's psycho-social development causing anguish, embarrassment, social withdrawal, shame and low self-esteem that parents simply cannot ignore anymore).

You'll have my amazingly simple and bountiful 97 Tips of ready battle plans spanning from page-to-page all at your fingertips to help you. It's a cinch! Every morning will seem much pleasant when you and your child are well rested without any disrupted sleep. You'll have calmer wake-ups.


Let Me Give You A Into The Pages Of This Amazing Book!

  Many people struggle with wondering if their child is ready to start potty training. 

When Is A Good Time To Start Potty Training?

Ask Yourself These Questions

Does your child:

Tell you when his or her diaper needs changed?

Stays dry after taking a nap?

Understand the words poop and pee?

Watch you or family members use the toilet and then asks questions?

Pull his or her pants up and down by themselves?

Want to please you?


This Book Will Tell You What To Look Out For!

But even more than that, we’ll give you advice on how to encourage your child with praise and rewards without going overboard.  Kids need encouragement and motivation. Often, that means treats, gifts and prizes. Some parents will over-do this aspect of potty training –but you won’t.

I will show you how to shower your toddler with praise and rewards without the temptation to do more than you should.  It will also show you some of the best terminology around that will appeal to your toddler without inhibiting him or her to use the potty themselves.

What I Am Offering Is A Practical, Easy-To-Use Guide

Everyone has advice for you.  I’m no different, but after reading this book, you will realize that this could be one of the effective and handy advice around on how to start potty training your child.

Part of the guide also shows you how to overcome a challenge of potty training multiple children of the same or around the same age. It's going to need more of your attention, more training time, more mess, and more patience. You are bound to come up against many roadblocks. 

But you don't have to fret or start gritting your teeth, this is where this ebook on potty training techniques comes in, providing the solutions and helping you to work around the "hurdles" and still lets you break a smile at the end of the day.   

Look at some of the information contained inside this book:

What videos and books can help make the potty training process easier.

Critical aspects to consider when picking out the perfect potty chair and why is it important that your child must have a say in it. Don't take this matter lightly.

Training while traveling, is it going to be a hazzle? Not exactly if you know how and I'll tell you what to expect to make your trip less "bumpy".

What time is the right time - when is a good time and when is not? There are circumstances that will reveal to you tell-tale signs that your child is ready. My ebook has the answer and tells you why it is advisable "not to miss the forest for the tree".

Altering your child’s diet for better bowel control. What dietary changes you need to make to help your child gain better control of his/her bowels thereby reducing discomfort.

Addressing physical complications that might be present. Is it serious? Or can it be treated? I have suggestions for you on what you have to do.

This book also tells you about:

Training a special needs child. What you must pay attention to and the processes involved.

Potty training multiples. Is it going to be triple the mess and headache? You'll be surprised by what I'm going to reveal to you.

Ways to help boys adjust to the potty. Why boys? What innovative ideas to lead your boy child to the potty?

What to do when your child regresses & refuses to use the potty after months of success.

How to show your child good hygiene habits.

And much much more!


You Owe It To Yourself To Give This Book A Read!

Better than that, you owe it to your child.  This can be an emotional time, but it doesn’t have to be.  Potty training is a big step for both you and your child which is exactly why this potty training made easy ebook can help you more than you ever know!

Potty training is a very personal time for both parent and child. 

Listening to your child and watching for those tell-tale signs that they are ready for the big potty will determine your success or failure.

Plus, this book takes potty training methods, tips and facts from real-life people who have been through potty training.  That means real advice from real people.  But we want to stress that not all of this advice will work for you.  The best part is that some of them will!

Remember, with the right touch, all things can go right and this ebook will hold you by the hands and lead you step by step teaching you how to gently help your child take control of the situation. It may not be a breeze frankly but with a little help tips, suggestions, methods and the right approaches, things will start to look sunny side up. 


Within the 2nd section of this ebook is a compilation very useful and enriched 97 tips that can equip you with the tools and knowledge to help your child overcome bedwetting. It is informatively organized into tips so that you can easily read the book fast all in one place and try several ideas that may be effective in stopping bedwetting.

Plus, this ebook will reveal to you factual point-blank information about bedwetting, and the latest research and information you need to make educated choices that can help your child stop wetting the bed.

If bedwetting is getting frequent and no control is in place to help a child overcome it, then it is likely to cause anxiety and emotional tension in the following ways :

resentment and anxiety in parents and family members.

self-imposed restriction on outdoor activities like overnight camping trip or sleep-over and traveling due to embarrassment and shame.

causing weariness, disrupted sleep and fatique to parents and siblings.

can negatively affect the psycho-social development of children.

there's always the lingering fear of what's going to happen while the child is asleep. And it's not a good feeling.


Here Are Some Of The Information-Packed Topics You Will Find Inside The Section On Helping Children Overcome Bedwetting....


6 signs that you need to look into the problem seriously.

How your behavior can effect your child's bedwetting. Are you making it worse?

What to tell your child to make him or her feel better about the situation. It's important that you talk to your child and deal with these issues. You'll know exactly what to say when you read pages of my guide.

Is it time to go to a doctor?

How to make "bed time" less stressful for your child.

Does your child really have a problem? Or is it normal.

How to make it easier for your child to let you know there was an accident.

10 signs that you need to seek more aggressive treatment.

Why making your child get to sleep earlier can actually help him or her to stop wetting the bed.

6 steps to making sure your child doesn't contract any skin irritations.

The worst thing you can do to try and stop bedwetting.

How to give your child hope.

How to implement "night lifting" to keep your child dry.

3 bladder control exercises for your child.

Which liquids to keep your child away from in the evening. You know, not all liquids are created equal. It's ok to let your child drink certain drinks in the evening time but definitely you must also know what other drinks and even foods to avoid. My guide will tell you more.

What type of medications can help and are there any side effects?.

10 things you might want to write down in a journal every time your child wets the bed to help find the problem area.

What your pediatrician needs to know to form a good opinion. And when you should think about getting a second opinion.

4 places to start doing more research.

7 extra resources that can give you more information on your child's specific problem.

5 things to consider before you pick up your own bedwetting resources.

What are moisture detector alarms and why do they make a big difference?

13 ways to evaluate a moisture detector to make sure it's right for your child.

The special product that can make cleaning up a breeze.

The magic product that can keep your child dry and odor free at sleepovers.

Why your child's school bathroom and drinking habits may be the problem.

What to do if you're preteen or teen is still wetting the bed. Is there a more serious problem?

How to handle a possible infection caused by wet sheets.

Is "Dry Bed Training" right for your child?

How to handle your child's thoughts when they are embarrassed, confused, ashamed, and discouraged.

How to help your child deal with teasing at school.

How to help your child cope with his or her "secret."

How to calm your child's deepest worry, "What will others think?"

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!


.....And There you have it! 2 SNEAK PEEKS into the guide that have all the answers. Finally your child and you can beat the problem together. One step at a time with the right approach and confidence.

You could spend hours and hours surfing the Internet looking for this information.  You could buy hundreds of dollars of books on the subject. But Now... You Don’t Have To!

This book has it all by putting together advice from experts like doctors, psychologists, and real-life moms and now I’m offering it to you in one complete guide that you shouldn't give it a miss! 

Let me start by saying that I'm not one of those hyped-up systems that promise you can train your child in an hour, a day, or any time frame at all. Would you believe it when such high-sounding claims are thrown at you?

Every child is different, what works for some, may not work for others. And all of these so called foolproof systems are not for everyone.  Sure they might work sometimes, but again, not all the time.

There are tons of how-to books out there that will cost you a pretty penny and then you find that none of their advice works after you’ve already spent your money. The "know-how" of doing it right without frustrating you and your child is very important. There will be instances that you are truly not aware of what you don't know. But rest assured that the tips on potty training & stop bedwetting book I’m offering you offers practical advice that has been tested by real life people – just like you.

You've Got All The Tips To Save You From Needless Worries.

What this book does is take all of those tips, strategies, facts & advice and puts it together in an easy-to-read manual for everyone!  Really mind opening!

You can refer to the guide time and time again.  If you have more than one child, you will always have this book to refer to. 

I won’t tell you that if you do this, it will definitely work.  That’s because I don’t know if it will.  But what I will do is give you a lot of the information that exists on the subject and let you make your own decision on what's the appropriate approach to make the first move because only you know your child better on what he or she will respond best.

Always be flexible and creative.....

...as no single approach might be the right one. The objective of this book is to make potty training easy and overcoming bedwetting for your child without much of the hazzles and stress.

When you order my ebook, you’ll get the most comprehensive guide around whether it's for potty training girls or potty training boys or even helping family members overcome bedwetting, you'll experience with a minimum of stress and a maximum of satisfaction!

"...a good source of vital information for parents who are uncertain of when and how to start their kids on potty training."

I must say this is a concise and complete guide to potty train children. It is a good source of vital information for parents who are uncertain of when and how to start their kids on potty training. Of course, with this guide they don't have to worry about what to do when children "shy" away from the potty or at times when circumstances prove to be a bit too challenging for parents. It's a handy guide with good practical advice found. If bedwetting is encountered in children, there are measures and resources in place to help in those situations.

Well done!
Leia Lam

"....how to overcome the challenge during the process of potty training. It also does make a difference between knowing and not knowing what to do when your child is a bedwetter."

I was under the impression that to potty train children is a no-brainer kind of thing and it's certainly no big deal to lead your kids to it. Well, it certainly proves to be a challenge when you actually get into it. Reading this guide gives me insightful information on understanding children better, what to anticipate ahead and how to overcome the challenge during the process of potty training. It also does make a difference between knowing and not knowing what to do if your child is a frequent bedwetter. Good piece of written work.

Best regards,
Carrie Chao

"Parents will certainly need all the help they can get out of this ebook."

This is one essential book that is good to keep at home especially when you have children that are in the process of transiting from diapers to potty. You just can't turn to a neighbour or friends for help all the time as every child's behavioural aspects towards potty training is different. The earlier you get children involved in potty training when they are ready, the better and sooner they can adapt quickly into this habit. This ebook has all the ready-to-use tips on hand when you're at a lost of what to do during challenging times either in potty training or bedwetting or both. Parents will certainly need all the help they can get out of this ebook. Thumbs up for this!


Patrick Sinim F


Why Should You Order This Book?

Well, first, because you are spending a ton of money on diapers and that needs to stop sometime before your child starts school!  Pull-ups are expensive too.  What you spend in one week can buy this book and stop that added expense!  Most people think that diapers and pull-ups are part of the expense of raising a child.  They might be right.

However, this book tells us that pull-ups and diapers need to be discarded once you begin the potty training process.  Get rid of them and get started right now!  Use that extra money for something YOU want and for other useful purposes, like buying more educational kits or vitamin supplements for your child! 

Finally, immediate action has to be taken to alleviate the suffering of frequent bedwetters as prolonging it might adversely affect their self-esteem and social life. Your child needs your help and complete dedication.


Get Your All-In-One Copy Of 
Avoid the most common mistakes that most parents made and use the correct ways to Potty Train your child. Get to know the effective tips on overcoming Bedwetting as well!


My Price To You...$47, $37

Your Special Buy $19.70 Only 


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"That's right! Try this fabulous ebook for a full 60 days, RISK-FREE. If you feel that you didn't get your money's worth, even with all the time & diligent effort put in, I will give you a full refund PLUS I'll allow you to keep the product and the bonuses."

There's absolutely no risk to you with my 100% Money back guarantee. To prove everything is absolutely true, here is my offer again to you: Use the information and techniques in my ebook and if it isn't everything I say it is or you aren't satisfied in any way, please contact us for a prompt courteous refund. No questions asked. Yes, I'll give you 100% of your investment back. You are well 100% protected - what could be fairer than that?"


Where Else Do You Get A Guarantee Like That?

Nowhere!  You will receive this amazing book, have two months to look it over, and if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back!  And you get to keep the book!  That’s how confident I am that you will find what you need inside these pages.

This ebook provides all the top tips to help you overcome potty training & bedwetting problems that you may encounter with your child. So delay no longer and get your copy Now!

I Have Gift-Wrapped


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Get this fantastic ebook in all its entirety detailing interesting and insightful information to enhance your parenting skill. Just when you thought you know it all, you're going to discover vital parenting skills you're not aware of that could make your parenting task easier for you. 

It's a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED guide if you're a parent yourself!

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Positive Thinking - Mighty Food For The Mind

You would have probably come across many great books on how positive thinking can bring out the best in a person. Add this one to your collection and take a leaf from it to learn how you can keep up with it without wavering.

Having a Positive Thinking brings positively charged energy around you. You'll discover how this "miracle" in your mind can work wonders to your outlook in life. Keep it and use it.

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Fun Recipes For Kids

This is one book you shouldn't miss with 120 fun & delicious recipes for kids you can look forward to even if you have picky eaters at home. The guide comes very handy when you are out of ideas of what meal to prepare for your children everyday. There are new foods to whip-up and introduce anytime!

Spend more time with your kids by having them join you in the kitchen, creating fun foods that they will love. This "fun food adventure" is going to make any meal and snack time fun while inspiring creativity for children. Kids will enjoy a good time!

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The "Must Own" Guide For YOU & Every Parent To Create A Happy Potty Training Environment & Stop Bedwetting At Home.


The Nitty Gritty Of Successful Parenting. $47.00 Positive Thinking - Mighty Food For The Mind. $37.00 Fun Recipes For Kids. $37.00 Get 3 downloadable dazzling Original Composed Mobile Ringtones that I bought licensing rights for distribution to you. $350.00
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 Purchase Online with a Credit Card by Secure Server 
 Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain!  


Once your credit card is acknowledged and approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will have instant access to the ebook and all the bonuses promised to you.

Take 60 days to read it and then let me know what you think!  I’m pretty sure it’ll be everything you want and need!

I am happy that you have taken time to visit my website and I am certain that the information in my ebook will further enrich and serve your needs purposefully.

Thanks for your time!

Kelly S. Monroe


P.S.  Remember that guarantee, dear parent.  You are taking absolutely NO RISK here!  I’m that confident.  Take your 60 days, put the advice in these pages to work and you’ll be well on your way to successfully potty training your child and helping him/her overcome bedwetting!

P.P.S. If you know anyone who can benefit from this website, please let them know. You can add value to their lives by sharing. Thanks a lot..

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