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“Would You Like To Know How To Buy An Expensive Mattress, Sleep In Luxury And Not Spend Any Where Near Retail Price?...”

"Reality!  You can sleep in a high end, luxury bed without the high end price tag!  In fact, it's the secret the sales people don't ever want you to know."

RD J       


Dear Friend;

Let me ask you a question...

How did you sleep last night?




Was it a restful night, or did you toss and turn, wake up multiple times and feel worse this morning than you did last night?  Well if you did, please read on.

What type of mattress are you sleeping on now?

A mattress you purchased in college, a bed your Aunt Helen gave you, a mattress you could afford, but haven’t liked since the first night you slept on it…

Maybe you are sleeping on a Futon, or on an Air Mattress, or Heaven Forbid, THE FLOOR?


You DON'T have to spend one more night in pain, misery or sleeplessness.  Your new luxury mattress could be delivered tonight.

Have you been shopping for a new mattress?

Why spend one more night on the lumpy futon or a mattress you can feel the springs in?

This comprehensive eBook can save you money when buying a new mattress.  Now you get the secrets to saving you money, buying an expensive mattress, an easy solution, powerful discovery, proven to get you fast results.  You’re new bed could be delivered tomorrow.

Did you know you could be sleep on a mattress with a retail price of well over $5,000.00 for just a fraction of that price?

                       ORDER THIS INFORMATIVE EBOOK NOW!


Attention Savvy Sleeper! Don’t be fooled by what the sales people tell you.  Keep your money!

Just a few short months ago I was getting ready to hand over my hard earned cash, for an over priced bed.  Let me tell you, I have slept on the floor, an air mattress, and a bed I bought some 20 years ago.  No matter what I did, I was miserable.  My back hurt, ached, my arms went numb, and I tossed and turned in my sleep.  Is that you?

So I became proactive about my misery.

I set out to buy a new mattress, box springs, and sleep in heaven.  I was in for a HUGE surprise.

I thought I could go out, lie on a few mattresses and have one delivered within a few hours.


It became a mission.  Ever night I went home to my miserable worn out mattress.

I shopped for months and months.  I would lay on every mattress set displayed in the store.  I went from store to store, exhausted.

Perhaps you have been doing this too?  I hope you are reading this first.  After much searching and effort, I found out something which the sales people almost refused to tell me about.  I had to drag it out of them.

The secret I found out will help you pick a mattress, talk to the sales person, buy at a discounted price, and go home with a luxury mattress set, not spending anywhere near what the retail tag says.  And it doesn’t involve a going out of business sale! 


Imagine climbing into the most luxurious bed with cool sheets, a warm comforter, closing your eyes and falling instantly asleep.  Every night, snuggling down, drifting naturally off to sleep and waking up the next morning, rested.   The perfect night sleep, every night.  No longer tossing and turning, but resting, relaxing, pleasurably falling into a deep sleep.  Relief from your back pain, feeling fresh, revived and healthier.  How important is your night’s sleep?

It could be you; it will be you, without the headache of financing a mattress set, without a retail price tag of a small CAR!

You no longer have to drag around for several Saturday’s in a row, kids in tow, wondering when you will find just what you want, but without spending a fortune.

I have seen some of the retail prices on high end mattresses well over $10,000.00.  I didn’t spend anywhere near that.  I bought a Beauty Rest Black Temptation Mattress and I walked out of the door for less than $1,500.00.  Delivered!  Believe it!


Would you like to know what will happen if you don’t read this simple eBook?

You could potentially waste thousands of dollars

You could buy a poor quality bed

You could have a continued bad night’s sleep, even after you purchase a new mattress

You could incur significant, substantial debt

You could continue sleeping on a lumpy old mattress

You could pay years on a mattress

You could buy retail, where at some stores it isn’t returnable, and if it is, there is a 10-15% restocking fee

You could have to buy a lesser quality mattress, you know the kind where you can feel the springs

You could continue to suffer back pain, toss and turn all night, or wake up tired

You take one look at the price of those mattresses and you can’t afford to buy anything at all

And much, much more...

Buy getting this introductory offer, this new eBook could save you thousands.  When I figured this out,             
I simply had to pass it on to all of you.  I hate not feeling informed.  I hate feeling taken by stores,             
especially in our current economic times.



This eBook is guaranteed to inform you.  Deliver enough information for you, the savvy consumer, to             
make an informed purchase.  Honestly, money saving tips to effectively save you money, discounting to             
be able to spend your well earned money, where it will help your family NOW!




P.S. You don't want to miss out on this limited time offer.  For just $19.97 you can instantly download your copy of this informative eBook and we'll send you our FREE 100 Money Saving Tips, just for your purchase.

P.S.S.  Order now and we'll also send you our Money Saving Shopping Guide, FREE!

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