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Lead Generation Secrets! Stop Paying For Leads And Learn How To
Develop Your Own High Converting System!



I’ve been generating leads online for several years now.
During that time, I’ve discovered 7 critical elements
needed in order to establish a high converting lead
generation system. The system works with any industry.

Up until now, I’ve only been sharing my techniques with
my clients and I typically charge a minimum of $2,000 to
build a high converting lead generation system.

I’m now sharing my techniques with anyone who would
like to learn. Buy my guidebook for $19.99 and I will
teach you how to develop an effective Online Lead
Generation System.

Before you buy, I suggest you sample the guide by
entering your information into the form. I will give you a
free glance at some of my suggestions and you can
determine for yourself whether or not I know what I’m
talking about.

Oh, and read the testimonials. Those are from actual
clients that I’ve helped expand their businesses. “Chris
has been generating leads for me since 2008. My previous IT guy spent
over $8,000 of my money and failed to generate a single lead! Chris
redesigned my site and within one week I started getting leads! Now he
runs my PPC campaigns and I get new leads every day. Thanks Chris!”
- Jann

“When I first talked to Chris, he told me how he developed a lead
generation page with a 45% opt-in rate. Naturally, I didn’t believe
him since most marketing companies think a 5% lead conversion rate is
considered high! I eventually hired Chris to design a lead generation
page for one of my products. The very first day we generated a 24%
conversion rate! And that conversion ratio has steadily climbed higher
and higher since then. If you’re considering hiring him to develop a
lead generation system for your business, all I can say is TRUST HIM!
And then get out of his way!” - Kelvin

“Chris has a solid reputation on several well respected marketing
forums. New marketers and seasoned marketers seek marketing advice
from him every day. If you allow him to do his job, he’ll get you
the leads you want and help you expand your business.” - Eric For
questions about my ebook, you can reach me at
contact@christopherortiz.com. | | | | |

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