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Dear Rogue Entrepreneur,
I am going to show you exactly how I Hold Websites For Ransom (Legally), and how I make a Ton Of Money by doing it.  This money grabbing strategy requires very little work (just smarts) and the monetary rewards are in-a-word MONUMENTAL.  If you have been combing the streets for a real, legit money-making system that you can genuinely say that you are proud to be involved with, than you absolutely must give this a look.
Over the years my eyes have seen every kind of Internet money-making scheme that there is.  I have looked at them all.  Some I swear by, and some I swear at; but, the most meaningful thing that I can relate to you is that I have personally learned how to scratch out a steady income from the Internet, and yes, I can show you how.  Actually, and for the record, making money online is my full time job, and I do pretty well at it.  No other $100,000 a-year plus job is worth looking at as far as I am concerned because I know deep down in the marrow of my bones that as long as I put my mind to it I can surpass that figure any time, and with minimal effort.
I used to think that any system that tells you "No Website Needed" was full of it.  That was until I discovered (quite by accident) how to claim unprotected websites and Hold them For Ransom.  How I was able to do this will be gone into in minute detail in my materials, but suffice it to say that I was in the process of implementing an entirely unrelated strategy when suddenly the idea for this method landed on me like a piano falling out of a window.  What happened next totally blew my mind.

Smart, precise & powerful... If the online industry needs a
money-making guide, this is it. Tapping into the core of what EVERY website in the world is based on, it hands you the keys to "legally steal" from your competitors and get PAID for it. A lifetime of income awaits you with this deal. Deadly genius!

Natraj J.
I started out one day working on building backlinks as I usually would do an any normal day.  I was expecting to spend a few hours developing content as I usually did working for those incremental, but important results.  Then it just happened.  Within a few hours, I received email from another webmaster begging me to accept money from him.   I had something of his that he wanted to get back like he wanted air, so I sold it to him. He paid me that day, and I made a whopping 200% profit on my original investment.  It all went down so quickly, I did not have a chance to think about what happened.
I thought to myself for sure that this must have been a fluke, but I had to investigate anyway.  After a few months of grinding it out and a few hundred dollars in costs, I was able to repeat the process and make another 150% profit on another deal.  At that point, I knew I had something.  All I needed to do was a little adjustment and fine tuning.

I learned how to weed out the non-profitable deals and capitalize on finding hidden treasures, believe me they are there!  Once I was able to perfect my system, I then realized that the market was much bigger than I thought, there was much more there than I anticipated, and any given day is a day which could result in me garnering a Ransom Payment from another trapped webmaster.  To make it all that much more sweeter that it is, I also figured out a way to make good money from counter parties that REFUSED TO PAY.  It was a classic win-win situation!
This system is so powerful that even if you only bag 3-4 deals a week you can still live like a King. But trust me, this market will be around until the end of the internet. At this level your clueless competition isn't planning on entering this arena or playing this card.  They do not know it exists!.   Only you are in control, and only you know 100% of what is needed to know to make this investment pay off.

Hold Websites Ransom And Collect Big Cash Easy To Understand And Implement Extremely Low Investment And High Returns Quick, Easy, and Effective Strategies Guaranteed Success With Fail-Safe Backup Plans No Computer Skills Needed


The Website Ransom System is totally legal and 100% ethical.  In reality, you are doing your counter-party a great favor by doing business with them.  In some cases you will be saving their bacon, and getting well paid for it.  This system is transformative.  It grants you the power to change your life.

Limited Time Discount!

Since We Just Launched, We Will Be Offering A Limited Time Special Promotional!
From Now Till May 1st, You Can Snatch This Package Up For $39.99..
On May 2nd, The Permanent Price Of $47.99 Will Take Effect.

Go Ahead And Call My Bluff! Wait Till Later And Regret It.... Pirates Word...


Your purchase will come in the form of immediate download and all instructions will be included. Some products are inside a zip file and some require acrobat reader. We provide download links to all necessary programs. All purchases subject to our terms of use and come with a 60 day money back guarantee.



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