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For Strength, Mobility, Flexibility and Endurance

Athletic, Lean and Agile


Dynamic Flexibility

can help make it so.


But let's face it, regular static stretching can be boring.  Dynamic Stretching on the other hand can be fun, highly energetic and performed anywhere.  Performed properly you can...


Increase the benefit you receive from any workout ...


...with an accessory you already own!


It's true, your gym towel, if used properly, is actually one of the most effective and versatile pieces of exercise equipment you own - and you just use it to wipe up sweat?





Athletic Gym Towel Workout


by Greg Finn and Stephen E Alway, Ph.D., FACSM


An eBook introducing a unique device and workout technique allowing you to train practically anywhere with numerous full-range-of-motion, muscle-balancing resistance exercises to help bring

more flexibility, strength, symmetry, coordination and

muscular definition to your body. 






Whether you're after the Classic Athletic V-Shape and 6-Pack of an Olympian Athlete...










... or the energy and endurance to get you through your busy day, you will find practical, valuable and usable information in this book.




Presenting "The Athletic Gym Towel Workout" a strength and flexibility enhancing technique based on converting the common everyday towel into a highly versatile and effective piece of kit for a cracking workout.  Once you learn the many secrets of using this specially modified towel in your workouts it could just become your favorite piece of training kit. 


No other pervasive and highly portable device on the market today brings together the same level of simplicity, convenience, versatility and effectiveness as an ordinary towel for physical fitness training. 


The Athletic Gym Towel Workout will show you how to make the most of this piece of equipment that already exists in every home and hotel room.  And, so that you get the most from the exercises (described and illustrated) the book will show you how to make an "Athletic Gym Towel" from an ordinary towel.  Your "Athletic Gym Towel" will aid your ability to perform the wide array of exercises so you can concentrate on your exercise maneuvers. 


Your "Athletic Gym Towel" will allow you to train practically anywhere with numerous full-range-of-motion, body-balancing resistance exercises to help bring more flexibility, strength, symmetry, coordination and muscular definition to your body - what more could you ask for? 


The Athletic Gym Towel Workout exercises and techniques can be integrated in any other training routine to enhance your strength, dynamic flexibility and endurance - it will teach you how to:

Carve deeper cuts for more muscular definition in your: Abs/Core Chest Back Shoulders Arms Legs

Build your:

Flexibility; and
Endurance all at the same time.

Implement Short Intense Energizing Circuits, Sports Specific Workout Routines or Full Body Blasts

50+ exercises and stretches to work your entire body
20 different dynamic stretching exercise routines and practical training applications


In the Home, Gym, Office, or Anywhere...   You control the resistance.  The dynamic tension you place on your muscles forms the basis for the active stretching and balanced functional strength training all at once.

Yes, you can workout anywhere.
No, you don't need a room full of equipment.
No, you don't need a lot of time or space.
Yes, you can spice up your existing routine and easily add more body balancing and flexibility oriented exercises.


You'll be thrilled to know you don't need any new equipment...


...because this book will show you how to convert your own gym towel into the versatile and highly effective exercise accessory it is capable of becoming.


The fitness equipment industry makes millions and millions of dollars selling junk equipment by convincing people the easiest way to reach their goals is to buy their junk.  The fitness industry doesn't want you to know that the human body is perfectly capable of getting the exercise it needs with very little extra equipment.  For instance, a simple towel can be used as one of the most effective and versatile fitness accessories for strength and flexibility training, period.


Do you think the early Greek Olympians used clicking plastic devices to build their abs? 


Of course not.


That ideal Greek Olympian athletic shape came from strenuous levels of balanced exercise activities (along with proper nutrition, adequate rest and a good genetics).  The Athletic Gym Towel Workout shows you how to perform a multitude of body balancing exercises and stretches in the home, office, or gym for a more balanced, healthy and attractive physique.


Fitness is about living...

There are no true short cuts.  The only true things that will make it easier for you achieve your desired levels of fitness is your knowledge, your decisions and your levels of enthusiasm and dedication. 


The Athletic Gym Towel Workout will give you the knowledge tools you need so you can stay in better shape no matter what your busy life throws your way.



The "Athletic Gym Towel" and The "Athletic Gym Towel" Workout were invented by an athletic business traveller, who found that the typical hotel room towel could be used in a multitude of ways to aid and assist strength, endurance and mobility training on the road.  He also found that easy modifications to this ordinary towel further transformed it into a superb fitness accessory.  Together with Dr. Stephen Alway, Ph.D., FACSM, The "Athletic Gym Towel" Workout was compiled to capture these strength/flexibility exercises and present them in such a way that anyone from a fully conditioned athlete to rehabilitation patient could benefit from the techniques.  



Develop lean strength and mobility for action & adventure sports.












Develop functional strength and flexibility for everyday life.



The fitness applications and the workout routines you can perform with an "Athletic Gym Towel" are practically endless...


In the book we present over 50 different exersises and stretches and 20 different workout routines to cover a full range of situations:
 sports-specific  complementary moves to enhance aerobic conditioning    fast full body morning energizers  body part specific routines  upperbody/lower body routines  free-weight workout enhancers for more advanced trainers

Used on its own - or in conjunction with free weights, aerobics, martial arts, Pilates, yoga or any other physical activity or training regime - your "Athletic Gym Towel" and the secrets within The "Athletic Gym Towel" Workout will prove to be an indispensable part of your active lifestyle.


An "Athletic Gym Towel" is not a fitness gimmick or quirky machine.  This uniquely designed towel makes a robust, comfortable, adjustable and reconfigurable exercise aid (UK patented, other patents pending) that enables a full complement of self-resisted strength, mobility and endurance enhancing exercises that can be performed at home, in the gym, in the office, on travel, or just about anywhere.

The level of control provided by ones own body and the ability to work in resistive directions that are not limited by gravity, or attached cords provides numerous alternative exercise options to benefit any fitness program.  Together with the various exercises and exercise programs that were developed in conjunction with Dr. Stephen E. Alway, Ph.D., FACSM, the system will teach anyone to perform a wide variety of physical fitness training routines with tremendous effectiveness, comfort and control. 




Complementing any other exercise routine, or as the basis for a standalone fitness routine, the Athletic Gym Towel's rugged and stylish simplicity will fit into any athletes sport kit and training agenda.
Walking and running - Body balancing upper body routines to complement these lower body activities for general overall conditioning. Swimming - Strength, aerobic and flexibility development away from the pool. Aerobic machines - Complementary routines for full body activity and muscular balance. Weight Training - Integrated with weight training routines either before, during or after your exercise sets, the Athletic Gym Towel will provide the finishing touch for workouts while hitting many smaller stabilizer muscles for added muscular control, balance and definition. Callisthenics, Yoga, and Pilates - Add depth and balance to these functional body weight exercise routines with further flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning activities. Sport - Regardless of your sport - golf to rugby - sport-specific strength conditioning and dynamic flexibility development can enhance game play and injury prevention. Ab Workouts / Core Training - Many of the dynamic stretching exercises and all of the workout routines strongly work the abs and core enabling you to create a stronger and more functional 6-pack.

Follow the suggested exercises and routines in the manual (50+ exercises and dynamic stretches for the Back, Chest, Arms, Legs, Abs/Core, Shoulder and Neck) or make up your own exercises and routines the number of exercises and stretching manoeuvres made possible with the Athletic Gym Towel allow for an infinite number of workout routine possibilities.




Simultaneously opposing and balanced concentric and eccentric exercises applied through full-range-of-motion movements under continuous, yet controllable applied resistance provide both muscle strengthening and dynamic flexibility at the same time.  This dynamic tension challenges one muscle against another providing a large amount of resistance control and angle variability that is not achieved with free weights, elastic bands or cable systems.


Functional strength is developed through controlled free-form joint mobility and core strength is developed through the continual torso adaptation and abdominal stabilization employed through many of the exercises thus allowing your 6-pack to develop in a natural way and without situps.




Gym etiquette dictates toting a towel -- the Athletic Gym Towel and the knowledge to use it to its full potential delivers so much more -- making your time at the gym more productive -- not a bad deal.  The Athletic Gym Towel is equally adept outside the gym as well -- use it on the road, in the home, office, or dorm room to replace that trip to the gym when time is tight.




Maintain the gains you've made in the gym while your on the road.  The Athletic Gym Towel was designed by a fitness conscious traveller for fitness conscious travellers -- this extremely lightweight and packable training apparatus will travel anywhere.  With the knowledge you will gain you can always use the hotel towel if you forget to take your own.



You will be able to find convenient and effective uses for the material in The Athletic Gym Towel Workout...

No matter what type of physical training you participate in
No matter what state of physical condition you are in
No matter how much space you have in which to train
No matter how much time you can find to train
No matter how often you travel



In the Gym it is the perfect complement for the perfect workout:
Replace your usual carry towel with the Athletic Gym Towel you make yourself; Apply the dynamic stretching techniques to your warm-up and cool-down sessions for added flexibility; Implement a body balancing routine along side your favourite aerobic activity; and/or Perform dynamic stretching and strengthening sets with it between your usual weight sets or while you are waiting for a particular piece of gym equipment.

At Home or on the Road stay fit regardless of travel, time, or space: 
Carry out early morning stretching, strengthening and full-body energizing workout routines; Replace skipped trips to the gym with full-body balancing exercises that require no additional weights or breakable elastic bands; Simulate a variety of free weight exercises; and Execute high rep exercises for endurance and aerobic development or perform intense low rep exercises for strength development.


As the perfect training accessory, the "Athletic Gym Towel" and the workouts possible are essential for athletes of any age and physical ability looking to tone and condition the body for muscular balance, symmetry and functional strength.  The human body was designed for movement the Athletic Gym Towel Workout is designed for you to put it through its paces.


The Athletic Gym Towel Workout is perfect for men and women of any age.  Sport fans, travelling executives, military personnel, students, holiday makers, or anyone interested in redefining their body without sacrificing their routine to travel, time or space will benefit from the Athletic Gym Towel Workout system.


The book was developed in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Alway, Ph.D., FACSM, and it features over 50 distinct VTS exercises and stretches that will help you work every major part of your body.  It also describes numerous complementary exercises and stretches that require nothing more than your body itself.  In all, there are over 65 exercises and stretches that can be performed practically anywhere.  The manual also contains various sample routines that combine these various exercises in different ways to achieve different goals.  This section will help guide you through:
body balancing routines for runners/walkers, stationary cyclists and machine rowers; a fast morning energizing workout of stretching and strengthening the whole body; separate upper body and lower body circuit routines; 4 sample sport specific routines for golf, racquet sports and others; integrating the VTS exercises and stretches into your present weight training routine for added muscle definition and flexibility; and small individual routines that focus on specific body areas that can be used as building blocks for more comprehensive workouts.


The Athletic Gym Towel Workout is usually only  $14.95

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help you keep your Summer shape and fitness levels.

For less than the price of a T-shirt you get a 25 page eBook in PDF format packed full of information, photos and sample exercise routines to get you on your way to looking better in anything you wear.  This book could easily have been formatted to possess 50+ pages but since we fully believe you will want to print this book as a readily available reference material we decided to cram all the information into the 25 pages to help you save paper and the world's resources.  Included in the information is:
Easy-to-Follow Instructions: How to make your own Athletic Gym Towel 50+ exercises and stretches to work your entire body 20 different exercise routines and practical training applications


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Greg Finn & Stephen Alway, Ph. D., FACSM



Go On...

add the secrets of

The Athletic Gym Towel Workout

to your training sessions


your extra energy, vitality and mobility

will certainly show!



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About the authors:


Stephen E. Alway, Ph.D., FACSM, is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Division of Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University School of Medicine.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a former Canadian bodybuilding champion.  He is also a regular contributor to peer-reviewed medical journals as well as Muscular Development and the FitnessRX magazines.


Greg Finn, M.S., is a high tech businessman with a passion for fitness and solutions that fit busy lifestyles to enable a better quality of life.


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