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“The Time Has Come To Regain Your Health And Stop Shaving Years Off Your Life
By Smoking Yourself To An Early Grave!”
"Rest Assured, After Your Exposure To This Paramount Formula Developed By The World's Leading Hypnosis Authority, Your Mind Will Be Left With No Option But To Bring Your Smoking Habits To A Screeching Halt!"

Date: Dear friend,

Are you tired of smoking but just cannot find the power within yourself to stop?

Is quitting smoking virtually impossible for you no matter how hard you try?

Have you quit before only to go right back to puffing your life away?

If so, that’s good news; because Steve G. Jones is always up for a good challenge.

The terrifying statistics about what happens to people who smoke are nothing new. But just in case you haven’t heard them, I’ll take a moment to go over them with you.

Fact: Almost half the people in America are smokers. Fact: Almost half a million people will die this year from smoking.

Fact: The majority of those deaths will be caused from heart disease and lung cancer.

Fact: Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is the same as taking in a cup of tar.

Fact: Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde (used to make explosives), ammonia (used as a fertilizer and household cleaner) and hydrogen cyanide (in large exposures can kill a human being in less than 10 minutes).

Fact: Smoking causes erectile dysfunction in men and decreases fertility in women.

Fact: Second hand smoke takes about 50,000 lives each year.

Fact: Smoking costs on average about $3,000 per year.

Fact: Smoking has no health benefits whatsoever.

Fact: If you are smoking, you need to quit ASAP.

Fact: Steve G. Jones can help.

But you know all the statistics right? Even if you don’t, you know that smoking is extremely dangerous and in most cases fatal, correct?

So why haven’t you stopped?

Why do you continue to shave years off of your life and increase your chances of an early death everyday by continuing to smoke?

I’ll Tell You Why: It’s Because You’ve Never Been Exposed To A Program Like The One I’m About To Introduce To You.
Every decision that we make in life is fueled by our perception of how that decision will bring us reward or consequence.

If you take a certain action, it’s because you associate more reward with taking that action than not taking it.

If you avoid certain actions, it’s because you associate more consequences with taking those actions.

Simply put, if you are smoking cigarettes, it’s because you associate more reward with smoking and more consequence with quitting….PERIOD.

In reality however, there is more reward with not smoking and tons of consequences with continuing to smoke. And that’s where most people who are unhappy with where their lives go wrong.

They get their associations all mixed up and begin doing things that they think bring reward but in reality bring consequence.

You would think the answer is pretty simple then. Change your associations and the rest is history. And that is a pretty simple answer. The only problem is it’s also extremely hard to do in some cases; especially when you’ve already formed a habit.

Repetition is an amazing thing. The more you do something, the more natural it feels. Combine that with the fact that you already associate reward with what you’re doing and you’ve got yourself a full blown habit.

The only problem is that a habit like smoking will eventually rob you of your life!

Today, however, will be the day that you start adding more years back on to your life.

Today, You Will Attain Smoke Free Power!
With over 25 years of hypnotherapy experience and over 4,000 hypnosis products under his belt, Steve G. Jones M.Ed is ready to help you regain your health with Smoke Free Power.

Built on a platform of hypnosis (the most powerful catalyst for positive change) Smoke Free Power includes a two part learning system which will reprogram your mind to stop smoking forever.

Part One – Consequential Reprogram Module

In this module, Steve will completely reprogram your subconscious mind to associate more consequences with smoking and more rewards with quitting.

Using his powerful hypnosis, methods, Steve will clear out all of the mental misconceptions that you have about smoking that are ultimately preventing you from quitting.

You Will Discover:

• How Your Mind Was Programmed To Smoke Initially
• The Secret Sources That Are Influencing You to Smoke Without Even Realizing It
• How Diseases Caused By Smoking Literally Destroy Your Body
• The Unseen Dangers of Smoking
• The Negative Effect Smoking Has On Your Entire Lifestyle
• How Parents Who Smoke Preprogram Their Children to Do The Same
• The Destructive Impact That Smoking Has On Your Physical Appearance
• And Much More!

Part Two - Banish Smoking Forever Module

In this module, Steve will use his covert hypnosis methods to install the tools needed to actually stop smoking into your mind.

You Will Learn:

• The Secret Step That Is Essential To Quitting That Most People Never Take
• How To Control The One Factor That Causes People To Smoke Even After They’ve Quit
• The Truth About Nicotine Patches
• How To Identify And Eliminate “Smoking Triggers”
• How Cigarette Replacement Techniques Can Save Your Life
• Why Steve’s Smoking Pattern Interrupt Techniques Are So Essential
• How To Shatter Your Cravings
• How To Effectively Overcome Withdrawals
• How To Stop Weight Gain From Quitting
• How To Eliminate The Idea Of Smoking From Your Mind Forever

But Wait There’s More!
Knowing that people learn and absorb information differently, Steve is stopping at nothing to ensure that whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic thinker, you will take the information and use it to stop smoking now.

That’s why he’s created a learning system specifically designed to deliver the key benefits and results to anyone regardless of the type of thinker they are.

For the auditory thinker, there is the 2 part module system that you can listen to.

For the visual thinker, there is a “Smoking Awareness” Power Point Presentation that will clearly outline everything covered in the program.

For the kinesthetic thinker, Steve has included a workbook that will serve as a catalyst for results by actively engaging you in the process of achieving your goal.

And aside from that, Steve is even throwing in his Stop Smoking Gold Hypnosis Recording which will you can use a supplemental form of fuel for breaking your deadly habit. Think of it as the icing on the cake.

Actually, you think of this as the icing on the cake……….

Make no mistake, no one else on the planet has dived into the mechanics of the human brain and studied why habits are formed like Steve G. Jones has.

And that’s why he has created a program that will enable you to quit once and for all regardless of what your habit forming mechanisms you have within you.

If You’ve Tried Other Methods To Stop Smoking In The Past And Still Have Not Been Successful, Don’t Worry……
Every failure brings you one step closer to a victory. At least now you know what doesn’t work.

Now, begin using a proven system that does work and stop wasting time that will add up to years subtracted from your precious life!

Steve G. Jones has helped thousands of people stop smoking including Tom Mankiewicz who wrote the movie Superman. Here’s what Tom had to say about Steve’s formula to stop smoking.

Now you can join the millions of people around the world that will no longer be part of the grim statistics associated with smoking.

Take your self-control as well as your health back right now.

You deserve it!

Equip yourself today with Smoke Free Power!

To your good health,

Paul Mascetta
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