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Never Again Feel Unsure Or Intimidated When Ordering Wine
In Front Of Friends And Loved Ones (or Snooty Wine Waiters!)

From:  David Derby  

Dear Fellow Wine Enthusiast -

As I am sure you will agree, good wine is one of life's greatest pleasures.
Unfortunately, many people find wine and how to select and serve it more intimidating than enjoyable.

Have you ever wondered why it is that we are unwilling to allow someone to dictate our taste in music, art or fashion, or even which book is most appropriate for us to be reading at the moment, and yet at the same time we start panicking at the mere thought of selecting the right wine for a special occasion or - heaven forbid - being called upon to order a bottle from the wine list in a restaurant?

We feel intimidated by the choice, uneasy with the fact of being unable to make an accurate prediction of whether what is inside the bottle will be delicious or disastrous. Is the waiter being honest about his recommendations? Is it acceptable to send it back if it’s a bad bottle? ...

We live in fear of being asked to bring the wine to a friend’s house for a dinner party and making the wrong choice. Red wine goes with beef, right? If I stick to that rule everything will be fine, won't it?

The main reason we are afraid of wine is because we believe that it holds the power to make us feel foolish or appear stupid. In reality, it is simply that we must learn something new.

Perhaps you have "sophisticated" friends who appear only too happy to confirm your lack of knowledge about wine as they look down their long noses and indulge in polysyllabic obfuscation while extolling the perennial virtues of that magnum of Chateaux Latour '53 Pauillac they picked up in the south of France last summer for a steal of just $1,500.00. "Very big-boned" they say, "and just starting to ease into a long final straight. We simply must find a place for this in the cellar."

What the ...?! Wine is a beverage you say and therefore made for drinking not worshipping - and I for one would certainly agree with you whole-heartedly. (Did they bring the Latour with them for dinner? No? Didn't think so!)

Now, just because you're ready to expand your knowledge of the oldest drink known to man does not mean that you have to become some wannabe wine snob or enroll yourself at the local sommelier school to appreciate the subtleties of fine wine. On the other hand, there are a few things you will need to know if you truly want to become an authority on the subject ...

Like discovering the proper serving temperatures, understanding the reasons for decanting, appropriate pairings of your wine with your food, and knowing which wines to lay down and which to drink now are all important keys to unlocking the mystical world of red wine.

Most reference books, courses and magazines assume a certain level of understanding about the basics of wine. But everyone has to start somewhere and here at RedWinesForBeginners.com is where you will gain practical information from general wine basics to discovering the more esoteric knowledge of red wines in particular.

How To Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of Red Wine
Quickly And Easily - 100% Guaranteed!

How many times have you wanted to ask someone about something and just were too afraid to ask for fear of being considered dumb or stupid? Many of us have done that, myself included, many times. Until I realized that often the person I was asking did not know the answer either, or worse, pretended to - and presented me with false information.

If you've ever glanced at a restaurant wine list or browsed the wine aisle of the grocery store, you know there are a lot of different kinds of wine out there. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Several hundred grape varieties are used to make the world's wines, resulting in different flavors, personalities, and qualities. The sheer variety can make choosing just one bottle more than a little overwhelming.

As I set out to explore the exciting world of red wines, I was unsure about where to begin. Should I take a class? Join a wine-tasting group? Visit a winery? Buy a variety of wines and start sampling?

Well, as Nani Amy used to say, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well ...

So I hit the books, read the magazines, took the courses, joined the groups and (of course) went a-tasting!

Let me tell you, the amount of information out there is quite simply mind-boggling - even for the most eager wine connoisseur. With friends, teachers, books, magazines, newsletters, and web sites offering opinions, evaluations, criticisms, and historical perspectives on everything from winemakers and vineyards to wineries and growing regions ...

It took me a LONG time and cost a LOT of money - but you know what? It was worth every hour of research and every dime I spent, because with this knowledge I now

• Enjoy Nights Out Without Worrying About Being Put "On The Spot"
• Pick Up Wine Lists With Renewed Vigor And Energy
• Become Recognized As Reliable Authority On Red Wine
• Save Money And Time By Knowing Precisely Which Wines To Buy (and which to avoid!)
• Have Much More Fun In Life
• Teach Others About The Value And Benefits Of Wine
• Hold Dinner Guests Spellbound With Interesting Tips And Anecdotes

I discovered that, as with many things in life, a little knowledge goes a long way. Just as a concert is enhanced by knowledge of the composer or the piece, a bottle of wine is much more enjoyable if you know something about it.

Let's face it: It makes little sense to pay the premium for wines of character only to swallow them unconsciously. Each wine has a unique personality just waiting to be discovered. By learning to taste the story in the wine, you will also transcend the intimidation you once felt.

Discovering the finesse of fine wine is a noble and very personal endeavor. Responses to different wines are as individual as fingerprints. An aroma or flavor that you find pleasing may not be so attractive to another. The trick is understanding how to translate your preferences into words. When you begin to truly understand, taste and evaluate what's in your glass and be able share your knowledge with others, you will add amazing new dimensions to your life.

In many ways, beginning your quest as a wine aficionado is like journeying into a whole new universe - A new language to learn, new techniques to master, and so many wonderful selections of wine to sample, plus developing an understaning of how to:

• Sample Wine And Record Your Impressions Effectively
• Gain Confidence In Choosing And Evaluating Different Wines
• Uncover The Hidden Aspects Of Red Wine And Wine Tasting
• Understand The Differences Between Various Varietals
• Discover How To Properly Taste And Appreciate Fine Wines
• Debunk The Myths Between "Old World" and "New World" Wines
• Store Your Wine In Optimum Condition

There is an old saying that if you want to know what lies on the road ahead then ask the person who is walking towards you. To make your journey into red wine as simple and enjoyable as possible, and avoid the many pitfalls, I have selected the very best of everything I have learned about getting started with red wine and put it all together in 28 step-by-step lessons.

There are many rumors and myths surrounding wine and this comprehensive e-course will take you by the hand through the maze and clear the fog of doubt once and for all by slicing through the nonsense and giving you all you need to know and understand about becoming a true red wine aficionado.

Red Wine For Beginners:
28 Easy To Follow Lessons On How To Become
A Personal Authority On Red Wine!

Starting with an introduction and history to red wine, Part One explores the chemistry and composition of red wines, styles and even discusses the fundamentals of how we taste so that we are better able to appreciate our red wines.

From there, we venture into answering questions you might have about elements of the wine world you might never have thought to ask!

Reading each section will allow you to visualize the simplicity of storing your wines and uncork the mysteries of understanding all of the information offered on a wine label and find yourself learning about the definition of vintage.

Picture yourself deciding how to choose the proper wine glasses, and being able to comprehend the intricacies of decanting, serving, and preserving an open bottle of your favorite red varietal.

Delight in traveling to some of the best known red grape growing regions in the United States and lands afar - all from the comfort of your own home. You will even catch all the highlights which create each unique characteristic of each regions wines.

Red Wine For Beginners will enable you to fully engage all of your senses while educating yourself about the prominent flavor profiles of the most popular red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, the Merlot (made famous by the movie “Sideways”) and the full-bodied Zinfandel.

Travelling through to the Final Sip where we will examine the basics of food and wine matching, the benefits of drinking red wines and have revealed to you - in plain English - the answers to your nagging uncertainties about how to purchase a bottle of wine in your local wine shop.

Discover the real secrets of what you will actually be doing when you take a sip from a glass of wine and really taste it, are studied in simple and straight forward language. Brief yourself on correct tasting room etiquette and be fully prepared to host your own red wine tasting at home!

By the time you have completed this comprehensive e-course, you will be fully informed on how to tackle ordering wine form any wine list with complete personal authority. It's time to let go of your fears about storing, serving and aging red wines and reach for the perfect wine to complement any great meal, whether plain or fancy - anytime, anywhere.

In addition, you will be able to share your observations about wines in a confident way that will impress even the most seasoned wine drinkers. Your friends and family will find it quite unbelievable how you’ve mastered the basics of red wine with focus, enthusiasm and interest and in such a short space of time.

The Red Wine For Beginners e-course is packed with absorbing and essential information for any wine enthusiast, designed to instruct and guide you without intimidating vocabulary or stuffy know-it-all preconceived attitudes about domestic wines, as well as wines from Australia, South Africa and Chile.

Here is an overview of the complete Red Wine For Beginners e-course:

Part I - The Inside Story Lesson 1: Introduction to Red Wine
Lesson 2: Wine's Exquisite History
Lesson 3: Composition and Chemistry
Lesson 4: Wine Styles
Lesson 5: Anatomy of Taste
Part II - The Bottle Opened Lesson 6: Storage Basics
Lesson 7: What's on the Label?
Lesson 8: How Old Are You?
Lesson 8: The Opening Move
Lesson 10: Breathe and Decant
Lesson 11: Choosing a Proper Wine Glass
Lesson 12: Serving Your Wine
Lesson 13: Preserve the Bottle
Part III - Wine Regions Lesson 14: Wine Regions Defined
Lesson 15: California Wine Regions
Lesson 16: Pacific Northwest Wine Regions
Lesson 17: New York State Wine Regions
Lesson 18: Australian Wine Regions
Lesson 19: South African Wine Regions
Lesson 20: Chilean Wine Regions
Part IV - Varietals Lesson 21: Cabernet Sauvignon
Lesson 22: Merlot
Lesson 23: Pinot Noir
Lesson 24: Syrah/Shiraz
Lesson 25: Zinfandel
Part V - The Final Sip Lesson 26: Food and Its Wine
Lesson 27: Wine and Your Health
Lesson 28: Purchasing Your Wine

With Red Wine For Beginners you can go through the entire course in just a few hours if
you want to, or jump to a specific section to learn exactly what you need to know,
or sit back and savor each new level you uncover like a warm classic vintage.

There is NO Reason For You Not To Become An Expert
When These People Do It So Easily ...

"I couldn't believe how easy it was ..."

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for all your help. I believe solid practical skills are necessary to support theoretical learning and I believe a good teacher can bring these important theories to life.

Your Red Wine For Beginners e-course does precisely that.

From start to finish I couldn't believe how easy it was to put my newly-acquired knowledge into practical everyday use.

I now have a much better understanding of red wine and my friends contact me all the time when they need solid, reliable advice.

Your course is a functional, practical, very well written and up-to-date guide to red wine and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to gain more clarity in the wonderfully diverse world of red wine.

Thanks again!
Anne D'Arcy

So, who is this course specifically designed for?
•   Wine novices who enjoy red wine and want to learn more about particular styles •   Wine enthusiasts who want to increase their knowledge and master new techniques •   Anyone who wants to enhance their experience of red wine tasting and broaden their selection and enjoyment of wine styles
By following the Red Wine For Beginners e-course, you will discover proven tips, tools and tactics and develop an excellent understanding of red wine and how to enjoy it. You can do this course by yourself, at your own pace - or perhaps with a group of friends at your next dinner party!

Don't Wait Another Moment!
Download Your Complete Course Immediately
And Banish Your Intimidation Forever ...

If you’re ready to become your own personal authority on red wine and hold your head up high the next time a waiter hands you the wine list then download your Red Wine For Beginners e-course immediately (even if it's 2 in the morning) and get started right away!

This course is filled with so much value you are
GUARANTEED to appreciate all the useful information
or get a FULL 100% REFUND – no questions asked!

Just to ensure that EVERYONE has a chance of getting direct access these easy-to-learn lessons and tips, we have decided to offer a Very Special Deal to the first 100 people who invest in the course ...

Sign up today and we'll knock over 40% OFF the price! That's right - if you order right now you pay only $47 $27 for the Complete Red Wine For Beginners Course - PLUS we will also send you our SPECIAL 32-PAGE REPORT: Twenty Value Wines Under Twenty Dollars and Recipes to Match - with our compliments!

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Red Wines For Beginners is a digital e-course
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May Your Quest Be Fruitful!

David Derby

P.S. - Remember, if you are not entirely satisfied with your course - for whatever reason - just let me know and I'll refund every single cent you paid plus you get to keep the Special Report just for trying out the course!

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