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EasyTreats.Net- 5000 Recipes for All Your Favorite Treats

Learn How To Make Your Favorite Treats With Over 5000 Recipes!

Tired of running out of ideas for sweets and treats? You've found
the right place. With our collection of "5000 Treats", you'll always
have new sweets and treats to make. Finish off a meal in fine style
with one or more of our collection of delicious and easy snacks. Cakes
and frostings, delicious candy, scrumptious cookies, desserts, pies
and tarts: there's a delectable sweet to suit everyone. Want something
rich and indulgent? Try the Black Midnight Cake. Kids will really go
for the Criss Cross Cookies. Dried and fresh fruits come together for
a lovely Layered Japanese Fruit Cake. Whether you choose the fun
Double Chip Cookies or the Coconut Cream Pie , with the "5000 Treats"
package, you'll win raves from family and friends.

Imagine a kitchen warm with the smells of sweet vanilla, fragrant
cinnamon, and fresh butter. On the kitchen counter is a cooling rack
piled high with fresh-from-the-oven delights filled with chocolate
chips and crunchy pecans. Ah, the age-old comfort of cookies. "5000
Treats" tempts everyone back to the oven with a library of delectable
home made treats recipes , all of which begin from scratch. With 5000
recipes, this book contains the broadest range of recipes for treats
that is unavailable elsewhere.

The "5000 Treats" package includes the following books:

"1000 Cake Recipes" "1000 Candy Recipes" "1000 Cookie Recipes"

"1000 Dessert Recipes" "1000 Pie Recipes"

5 Books

5000 Recipes In Total

$99.99 Value-Yours for $34.95

Want an "adult" dessert? Try the Angel's Food Cake or Almond
Cream Confections. Delight the kids in your crowd with fun and
delicious treats, like Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies or our various Ice
Cream varieties. Create show-stoppers for all ages with a Banana
Delight, a Strawberry Supreme, or classic Snickerdoodles. Any time of
year, there's nothing cooler--or tastier-than our collection of "5000

With these simple instructions, you'll be on your way to making
batches of some of the more than 5000 treats found in this package in
no time. Don't waste another calorie on store-bought, mass-produced
treats--learn to make your own and never look back.

5 Books

5000 Recipes In Total

$99.99 Value-Yours for $34.95

"My family and I absolutely love the candy and cookies we learned to
make with this book..."

--- William and Karen Jacobs
Houston, TX

Make treats such as these and thousands of others!

Cupcakes Honey Buns Apple Pie Ice Cream

"These books are just what I needed, now I'll never run out of ideas
for dessert! Thanks!"

--- Lisa
Los Angeles, CA

When You Get the "5000 Treats" Package, you will:


Never run out of ideas for Cake, Candy, Cookies, Dessert, or Pies.


Take pride in knowing that YOU know all these recipes and your
friends don't.


Make each treat taste the way it should.

* Browse the largest library of sweets and treats recipes around.

"These books are a steal for the price...so many recipes to choose

--- Ruth
Denver, Colorado


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Books come in PDF Format and compiled to a ZIP archive

To extract the ZIP archive, use WinZip (WinZip.com) or WinRar

For support send emails to: twestica@gmail.com

Please note that EasyTreats.Net is not sponsored, endorsed, or
affiliated with any recipe source. EasyTreats.Net disclaims using any
copyright or trademark. These books do not come with photos or table
of contents.

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