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My name is Paul McCann and I have just completed the leading book on selling vehicles and parts on eBay Motors.  The information (some of it only know to a few eBAY experts) presented in my book comes from my 9 years+ of selling vehicles and parts on-line and on eBay Motors - so its based upon experience not theories - BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  

I am a car enthusiast and an expert on selling cars on eBAY Motors.  In fact I have sold MILLION$ worth of cars on eBay Motors.   Some of my qualifications; 
eBay Power Seller,  eBay Certified Internet Sales Manager,  eBay Trading Assistant  eBay Educational Specialist (trained by eBay). Internet Sales Manager - certified by Chevrolet, Acura and Hyundai motors. Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals member Automotive Sales License - California
  I say all this to let you know that I am recognized as an expert in selling vehicles (and parts) and selling vehicles (and parts) on eBay Motors.  I am both formally educated thru eBay and thru the school of hard knocks.  Its my goal to help everyone that is looking for a fun and safe way to make $$ in these challenging times. I know how it feels to look at the future and not see a light at the end of the tunnel.  So thru my ebook "Complete Easy Guide to Successful Selling on eBay Motors", my home study courses, my members only web sites (filled with eBay, eBay Motors and selling secrets) and even private, one-on-one coaching I want YOU to see the LIGHT AT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

eBay Motors is the most visited automobile sales site on the web. Over 3,000,000 cars have been sold on eBay Motors. This year eBay expects that their automobile sales will be in excess of $6.5 Billion. eBay Motors is consistently ranked the No. 1 automobile site on the web by Nielsen/NetRatings. 37% of all online automobile minutes are spent on eBay Motors. A passenger vehicle is sold on eBay Motors every 54 seconds. A classic car is sold on eBay Motors every 4 minutes A part or accessory is sold on eBay Motors every second. eBay Motors has over 10 million unique visitors EVERY MONTH
When you are selling a product the best place to sell is where all the customers are.

In my book, available immediately, "COMPLETE EASY GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING ON eBAY MOTORS" I will show you all the hidden secrets of selling cars on eBay Motors.  100 pages packed with the secrets like; 
Where to find cars to sell: Find cars thru friends/acquantances; Dealers who have excess inventories; run inexpensive ads in local and car club publications; Local mechanics, etc....  How to easily get your first listing up in a very short time, even if you have never used eBay before - so its not that hard. 2 chapters just on how to get successfully started and keeping your eBay business moving forward. How to consistently generate profits, month after month. In the book you are trained how to provide a extremely valuable service. Selling parts can demand commissions in the 20% - 30% range. I show you how last year alone I sold over $1.4 Million. How to sell cars or parts even if you are not an expert. (I show you how most of the information to create compelling and creative descriptions is available to you on-line). I show you how quickly to become a top seller on eBay Motors even if you never sold a car before. I answer your questions like; how do I get noticed on eBay Motors (starting on page 62), What to do once I have a successful sale (pg 47), how do I deliver a car to someone across the country (pg 27 & 39), how to develop repeat business (pg 22),  people don't trust buying cars online (pg 40), I have no clue where to start (pg 17). Nobody's buying in this market. I show you how to find out what people are buying (vehicles and parts) and then sell them a product they want  NOW! I don't have tons of cash to get started; Listings start at $20. And finally I spent a lot of time helping you through the most important issues that can determine your success or failure. You will get a mini-course on digital photography - tricks you never would think of that will set you apart from the rest - MAKE YOUR LISTINGS POP!!
Lets hear what some of my customers have said;

"I don’t know where to start.  When I first contacted you I was not at all comfortable with trying to purchase a vehicle in the USA and have it shipped to Spain, but with your help I was able to complete the transaction without any frustration or errors.  The beautiful 1940 Lasalle Coupe is the hit of my home town and your help made it all possible.  I hope that you have been contacted by some of companions for similar help in making International on- line purchases.  eBay is great but you make it seem possible.  I have included some pictures of the car’s arrival here, notice the large crowd."

Your Friend in Spain,  

Ant. Alfonso  Rhoda, Spain

"Paul, you are my hero!  My husband John was so inspired buy what he learned in your class that he is now setting up a business dealing in classic auto parts on-line.  He has walked me through the information he gleaned from your class and I can even understand it and am inspired to help now that I understand more.  Your class has transformed our lives and we thank you for that.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.  We are on our way and it all started with your class.  We both plan to attend your next advanced class.  I’ll be watching for your class schedule on your website."

Helen. B

PS  The follow up information and your blog is very helpful.  Keep it coming.!!

"Paul, The information from your course has been the beginning of a new appreciation for the intricacies of successful selling online.  There are so many pitfalls and you made it all seem doable.  I am now well on my way to a successful part time income from being an eBay Trading Assistant.  Thanks again for your class and for your continued follow-up that was invaluable."  


J. Harder  Houston, Tx


What do I get??????

Because you have decided to purchase the only available "COMPLETE GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING ON eBAY MOTORS".  You will immediately have access to the book via a download link, sent to your private email box.  This gives you the opportunity to start generating CA$H in you bank account within 72 hours. 


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BONUS 1: You will presnted the opportunity to get 30 days FREE on our exclusive members only site that is packed full of secrets; + 101 free reports on how to be successful selling on online.

BONUS 2: Updates on eBay policies and strategies that are constantly changing.  I will update you immediately on any new policy or strategies that affects our selling cars on eBay Motors.

BONUS 3: Free monthly newsletter that contains helpful hints and tips that I am constantly finding.

BONUS 4: Free quarterly tele-seminars that will address your specific needs and help increase your income earning potential.

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BONUS 7: For 30 days, eMail access to me, Paul, to answer any of your questions.


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Paul McCann 

 Power eBay Seller

Trading Assistant

Educational Specialist

PS. STILL NOT DECIDED??: Are you thinking nobody is buying cars in this market?? Worlds Largest eBay Motors dealership - Texas Auto Direct - sold over 400 vehicles in one month in THIS ECONOMY.  

PPS. What do people do when there is a perceived contraction of money? - They either fix up what they got (vehicle parts) or BUY USED instead of new.  The "COMPLETE GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SELLING ON eBAY MOTORS" (key word "SUCCESSFUL") will show you in this market how to find what people are buying right now!! So you can make $$ right now!!! 
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